July 24, 2013

SAL # 4 Puppy Love - (Almost!) Complete

We're nearing the end of July so I thought I'd check in and show everyone how my Puppy Love SAL is progressing. I'm pleased to say that I've finished stitching all the puppies I'm going to use in my design:

Next step, I need to stretch the linen and mount it for framing. I found a cute 4 X 10 inch frame on sale over a year ago, and it's been waiting for my Puppy Love every since. So, don't count me as "finished" yet. I still want to get the piece in it's frame and post one more photo of the fully completed project - hopefully sometime in the next couple months!


Stitching Noni said...

Fantastic finish:) Love your cute little puppies. Can't wait to see them all framed :) Great job!!

Angel said...

You did a good job, they are sooo cute!

Valma said...

adorable =)
I can't wait to see them framed
I love stitching on linen, so I may say you chose the perfect fabric hehehe =D
Very well done

cucki said...

Looking so cute x

Babs in Alabama said...

how adorable they are, and great find on just the right frame :)

♥ Nia said...

Well done sweetie! :D
Looking for to see your finished piece! :) Congrats!!

Our photos said...

So cute!