July 2, 2013

SAL #4 - July update

I reached my goal :D I started my SAL later than I wish I had but I did manage to catch up! Half year is gone and half my puppies are done uhuuuuuuuu!! :D

Now my goal is to stitch another puppy until the end of August, another until the end of October and finally the last one until the end of the year... or maybe sooner! heheheh I'm really in love with these adorable puppies, I want to stitch more!! =) But I have to manage time between other projects too.. So, at least I have a goal for each couple of months, if I do it sooner it's ok too :) eheheh


cucki said...

aww sweet x

Светик said...

Nia, you outstripped me, I too finish the third puppy!:))))
They really very lovely and as it is difficult to operate the time.

Valma said...

they are the sweetest =D
Great neat stitching on this incredible fabric, I love
very sweet and so cute
enjoy the other puppies =)

Stitching Noni said...

Oh, aren't they cute :). You did indeed catch up... I am just behind you with puppy number 3 finished this week :)