March 31, 2013

From Annette to Olli

With our easter exchange I have a cute little ornament received - Easter Egg. The package of gifts is not long been on the road, because Annette and I live in the same country. Dear Annette thank you for so nice and helpful presents: ribbons, fabric and threads.

Happy Easter to all!

Little Cutie - New Haircut completed

Just completed this little cutie tonight.  I did use DMC threads instead of Anchor so I see a bit of difference.  I haven't decided how to finish him up yet.   :)

March 29, 2013

After all these years!

Well, here's a pic of this adorable EMS-RR pillow from 2008 that I use every single day.   I love it.  Not sure if you can make out the names who stitched it, so they are Lesley-UK, Julie-UK, Susan-Canada, Nicola-Australia, Vikki-UK, Susie-UK, Ylva-UK and me-Canada.  This cute piece was all over the world.  They did such a wonderful work of it all!! I often wonder if they are all still stitching or have blogs,since I didn't have a blog back then and didn't know about them at that point.  lol   This pillow is why I love doing an RR!!   Happy stitching everyone!!  (I'm going to post this on my blog today too, same)! Maybe these people can see that it is still so loved!! :)

March 28, 2013

Puppy Love

I just wanted to tell you I bought the Puppy Love design from ebay yesterday from UK,  $8.50 CDN which is alot but I have been looking for the ezine it was in and couldn't find it.  So looking forward to getting it and starting sometime in the near future.  :) 

March 27, 2013

Exchanges information!!

Hello ladies :)

I've been updating my post from March 18th, where I wrote the list with all info about our sent/received exchange parcels.
Please, check the list and let me know if I missed something, ok?

There are many parcels travelling around the globe but I'm still missing posting confirmation from 2 friends... Easter is next weekend already!! I hope they posted and just forget to let me know..

I really wish our exchanges could go fully on time!! There's always someone who missed the deadline, someone who didn't receive a gift on time.. those who post on time, should also receive on time. If this would work, everyone would have their gifts for Easter!!! I've asked for this so many times, once again, please, fulfill your commitment.

I have something else to share with you, something that makes me a bit sad..
As you all know, on our Summer exchange, there was a problem with Lu's parcel to Eleana. It started badly because at first Lu took too long to post her parcel. When she finally did it, mail was lost, no one knew where it was.. and this was already by the end of 2012. Yes, I did mention it was a Summer Exchange.. from June.
2013 started, Lu had sent a second package to Eleana, again no one knew where the mail was..
Many of us got together and sent Pixie Parcels to Eleana :) To everyone who did it, I thank you for your kindness and friendship ♥ Eleana has received a few parcels but hasn't posted here, I hope she at least has written to you! Meanwhile, Lu's package also arrived to Eleana. Again, Eleana didn't post anything here, Lu hasn't received any email back..

Also from our last Christamas exchange, I sent a package to Tracey, on behalf of Brenda (who couldn't do it because she was having health problems). Tracey should send to Gislene and guess what? My package arrived and I never heard anything back from Tracey, Gislene also never received anything from Tracey...

I think I don't need to say much more.. we can all see this is not very nice, this is not how I would like our exchanges to go. The only reason I'm sharing this, it's because I'm going to be more restricted with who signs up for our exchanges and I wanted you to know why I'll do it.
One last request...

Be nice. You have received your friends package? I bet it made you smile :) So write to her, let her know her package has arrived safely, let your friend know that the gift she made with love won your smile =) Write back, say thank you, be nice. You don't have her email? You do have mine, ask, I will send. Takes 2 minutes of your day to return a smile to another freind :)

Let me clarify that this isn't a post to everyone, almost everyone has been awesome on our exchanges and I'm truly happy for it :D thank you ladies, you are amazing stitchers and friends :D But for those same people who make an effort and put their heart on our exchanges, I feel that it is my duty to "pull some ears" to those who haven't been there for them too. Try to make better, please. Thank you!!!!

March 25, 2013

Karate Dog


Here is my weekend of stitching :-)
I finally got around to starting and finishing Conor's Karate Dog for his Yellow Belt.

The next grading Conor will be doing will be for his Orange belt so yes he wants an orange Karate Dog lol
He already has a red Belt Karate Dog.  As I was typing that I realised that Conor started off with a white belt so does that mean I have to do a white belt dog too? ahhhhh lol

I really must do some more on my SAL #4

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Love Heather

March 22, 2013

SAL #4 - Puppy Love Update


Thought I'd just drop in quickly to say hi and show you where I am up to with SAL #4 "Puppy Love".

I have started the first puppy and he is now almost done... not quite though - he is still missing an ear!

This is just the cutest design to stitch.  I am really enjoying seeing this puppy come into being...

Here he is so far....

I love seeing all the gorgeous packages that have started to arrive for our Easter Exchange.  Mine is still winging it's way to it's destination and as yet the postie hasn't dropped anything into my mail box... but I am sure that it won't be long before two more mail boxes have a nice surprise :o)

Til next time, happy stitching

Stitching Noni

March 18, 2013

Easter Exchange Update!

Sent parcels:
1. Lentochka - Posted!
2. Joey - Posted!
3. Cucki - Posted!
4. Eleana
5. Annette - Posted!
6. Olli - Posted!
7. Nia - Posted!
8. Heather - Posted!
9. Angel - Posted!
10. Valma - Posted!
11. Judith - Posted!
12. Noni - Posted!

. I sent an email to Eleana, waiting for reply

Received parcels
1. Lentochka
2. Joey
3. Cucki
4. Eleana
5. Annette
6. Olli - Received :)
7. Nia - Received :)
8. Heather - Received :)
9. Angel - Received :)
10. Valma - Received :)
11. Judith - Received :)
12. Noni

Am I missing anyone? Anyone else has received their Easter gifts? :)

Last update at 9:18AM March 30th

March 16, 2013

From Valma to Judith

I was overwhelmed when receiving Valma's mail.She made my day with it. When I received it I was in a very bad mood because of my daughter and with the mail Sun came to my heart. Many many thanks for this, Valma.
Now I found the time to minimize the photos and I can show you what was in the parcel.The mail was these cute Easter serviettes and an Easter box.
The next photo shoes you the box alone.
Inside I found: 2 very nice candles, 3 wonderful ribbons , a lot of nice buttons and charms ( I do like these)
an 2 Easterornaments .
THen to the cutiest Easterbasket I ever had seen . Valma thanks so much for your work and  I do like this kind of basket.I#LL try to do one in the same shape when having a bit more of time.
And what was in this  basket.? Have a look to the last photo. 3 pieces of flower cloth .I have always an idea for which finishing I can use them und 3 sticks with little eastereggs.

As I wrote at the beginning I was overwhelmed of this all. Thanks again for your post,Valerie.I can't tell in word how my feeling is when unpacking all these nice things.

My mail is to its way and I hope that it will reach his aim  just in time. Nia ,I hope that I can send you a photo of this on Monday.
Hoping that all of you have a nice weekend
Love Judith

March 14, 2013

The bookmark from Heather!


Because i wanted to make this bookmark for a while i could not wait any longer when this gift arrived at my home last friday.
I just had to stitch it right away:-)
And because it has been very cold it was good excuse to stay warm inside.
Thanks again Heather for you lovely parcel.
I hope you also will receive something beautiful!

hugs Angele

March 13, 2013

#1 March update

Hello ladies!
I'm a little behind on updating our blog, sorry!
I just finished replying all emails, so let's share information!

Summer Exchange Pixies
Eleana received more parcels, mine has arrived but there were more on the wait.. waiting to know more from Eleana!

Easter Exchange
1. Lentochka - sick =/
2. Joey - Posted?! waiting for pics
3. Cucki - Posted!
4. Eleana
5. Annette - Posted! waiting for pics
6. Olli
7. Nia - Posted!
8. Heather - Posted!
9. Angel - Posted!
10. Valma - Posted!
11. Judith - Posted!
12. Noni - Posted!

1. Lentochka
2. Joey
3. Cucki
4. Eleana
5. Annette
6. Olli - Received :)
7. Nia
8. Heather
9. Angel - Received :)
10. Valma - Received :)
11. Judith - Received :)
12. Noni

. Lentochka is sick so she's a bit behind, as soon as I get news I'll share with you. For now, just sending my best wishes to her!

. Joey comment here on the blog, I think she posted but I didn't receive an email so I'm not sure yet..

. Still waiting for pics...

What about everyone else?? Who's late? Anyone posted and forgot to send email? Please, ladies, it's almost mid March!!! Hurry up! :p

March 18th: UPDATED!

March 11, 2013

Puppy Love

Hello girls, I'm really enjoying this SAL, I think these dogs so cute. Here is my second part.

Good  stitch

March 8, 2013

Heather to Angele!

Hello everybody,

I am so dancing a happy dance right now!
I received the best easter exchange package from Heather!

Thank you so much Heather for it it!!

Valerie i think i had a little mouse too in my house to;-)
A really lovely hanger with a easter pattern i had never seen before.
And wonderful gifts.
How did she knew i was looking for the bookmark she send me??
Now i don't have to look any further...truly a miracle.
And i always leave my needles everywhere and now i don't have a excuse to do that anymore(so my husband is also happy;-)

Everything is so perfect thank you Heather!

What a great way to start a weekend!

hugs Angele

Easter exchange - Angele to Valma

Hello girls,

I think I'm the first to post for this exchange =D
I received yesterday Angele's gifts and there's only one sentence to say : Thank you so much =D
Of course I need to add that I really love everything, that it is really cute, and perfect, and beautiful....
Everything was in a yellow bag with this cute chick on it

Inside a hanging with hens and a wonderful handmade card , and the gifts you can see on the picture

Once again thank you very much Angele.
I hope you will receive lot's of joy too. I also hope Judith will receive a lot hehehehe =D
You can go and see the other pictures I made on my blog.
Angele for sure had been a little mouse in my home last weekend when I prepared my Easter tree as everything she sent perfectly suits with it =D
Have a great weekend end my dear friends and happy Easter
Hugs from happy Valma

(PS for Nia, I can't put labels on the pictures for I don't know the names of the designs :-/)

March 7, 2013

Sal 1

Hello friends :).
There I enrolled at the time of your SAL #1 because I thought it would last a long time, since last year I embroidered this SAL because I was waiting for the time for me to buy the threads and arrive to my mail, you can check on my blog for my ufo already started embroidering 2 years I think.: (

Nia you can check my name in this SAL.:).
Kisses and hugs

March 5, 2013

Easter exchange * snail mail

Everyone read the title on this post? It's snail mail, takes time.. don't wait to long to post your partners gift, ok? ;)
There are 3 parcels travelling around the globe:

1. Lentochka
2. Joey
3. Cucki
4. Eleana
5. Annette
6. Olli
7. Nia - Posted!
8. Heather - Posted!
9. Angel - Posted!
10. Valma
11. Judith
12. Noni

Should I update this list with more names? Let me know! :)

Special allert to Cucki and Eleana, there's a strike in South Africa's post office so Cucki's gift will probably take longer to arrive and the same thing on the other way around.. her gift will take a bit more to be delivered to Eleana =/ We can't do anything about this, just wait and hope the strike won't get the mail too behind!

PS: Elena, did you receive more pixie parcels??

March 1, 2013

Cute cat with a lot of flowers!!


I started to post her long after the beginning of Sal2 but maybe Nia you also wanna put my name with the rest of the cross stitchers that have finished these two??:-)

I also wanted to share to you my latest ms cat.
Isn't she cute?

It was quite a job and a lot of backstitches but it was worth it!

hugs from the netherlands

Summer is done!

Hello, long time no post here!  I have been stitching away most nights on the Easter Exchange and alternating with Cool Cats Summer.

At long last I have something I can show you all, and by showing you I can put a big green tick against SAL #3.  Happy dance!!

I finished the last of the back stitch on Cool Cat "Summer" the other night!  Wow, that was a tough one (all that white and cream) but he is now all done.  And just in time for us in the Southern Hemisphere to finish Summer and move into Autumn.

Now that I have finally finished all three of the original SAL's I can start SAL #4 with a clear conscience!  Well, almost a clear conscience as I haven't made them all up yet... but that part will happen soon.

MS Cool Cat Summer - SAL #3
And here they all are.... stitched and waiting for some place to go!

Finished SAL #3 Cool Cats
Finished SAL #2 Christmas
Finished SAL # 1 Culinary Cats
I can't wait to finally start the next SAL - "Puppy Love"... this weekend is the beginning of a new stitching adventure.

Well that's it for this update from me.  I will be back with an update on the Easter Exchange and "Puppy Love" soon...

Til next time, happy stitching
Stitching Noni