April 30, 2013

Another close up;-)

Hi everybody,

I saw the message of Valerie and i thought it was a good idea to also post a close up of the pixie for Annette.
Glad she loved everything!
Hugs from the Netherlands

Easter pixie for Annette

Hello girls =)
I hope everybody is fine...
Here is a close up on the needle book I made for Annette as a pixie parcel for the Easter exchange.

Annette is nicknamed 'Petite Anne' in French (when we add -ette to a word it means small / little)
It's a mouse I picked up form the Xmas scene All that glitters
I found it in the MS best of magazine, she is the mouse on the top of the sewing machine =)
A delight to stitch
Big hugs from France

April 26, 2013

My Easter and spring finishes

Today I show you my last finishings.

And I have another idea of the same patterns- but havn't done yet.
Then I can show you my Easter stitching.I do liketrying to do the several finishings.And you've seen my cushion für Noni. This was my first attempt to do such a cushion.

It's always a pleasure to see how the characters become lifly when I do the BS. I do like these pattern as the brighten my day just through the stitching.I can't have a bad mood when doing them, can,I.
All the best

April 25, 2013

I'm still smiling

Just came the postwoman.. yes here she is a female.. lol.
And I hear something fall.
Run to the door.. and a package from France  .... why????

I looked a the back, opened it fast and there it was ... another Pixie gift.

OMG Valarie!!!
She knows I don't have a needle-book,
I love it.. thank you so much sweetie
I love it
So in love!!!Two beautifull Pixie gifts!!

Hugss petite Annette

I'm so happy!!!

Can you all see my BIG SMILE????
It's even bigger then my face.

I'm a membre here for more then 2 years, all beautifull piece I see, so I thought lets enter a Exchange, my first one.
Then my sender is AFK... no problem because all the kind words of Nia are to sweet!!

But then she asked for Pixie gifts to send.. I thought who would send me something..

I got my first in the mail..

So so so so so so sweet Angele.. I'm so happy.
Thank you so much.. I'm so happy with it all!!
Your really too sweet
Look at al those lovely things.. so happy.. the cardholder is so beautifull, always wanted one!!!

Thank you Angele.. and you too Nia..
Both you are the best..

I'm still walking with a very big smile!!1

Hugs Annette aka Petite Anne

April 24, 2013

SAL № 4 begin

My first puppy is ready, decided to embroider everything but while business goes not too quickly. And how at you?

Washing line

Hi girls =)

I hope everybody is fine and is enjoying sun & Spring as we're enjoying here
Last year I received Washing line as a birthday present from Hubby =)
Some weeks ago I decided to start it and it's now finished...
Over cute little mice don't you find ?

They are really tiny, I think they are the smallest one ever stitched !
I made or more precisely customized my basket for clothes pegs with it  =D
I'm in love...
If you want to see more pictures don't hesitate to have a look at my blog =D
Have a great day my friends from all over the world

April 22, 2013

SAL#3 Spring Cool Cat

I completed my SAL#3!!!
Here is my Spring Cool Cat:

I decided to finish all four cats into pillow cases.
Here goes the first one:

Honestly, I like how the fabrics match the stitching;)

April 19, 2013

Pixies to the rescue!!

Hello ladies!! Thank you for all the pixies who sent me emails already :)

I waited a couple of days to gather friends and split them between both our friends. Those who can send to both girls it's great!! But if sending 2 packages is too much for you, it's ok too :) Don't want to overload you!!

There's no need to make it a big parcel, send as you can, if you send a few supplies in a small package (threads, ribbons, buttons, threads or a bit of fabric for example) I'm sure it will make our friends smile :)
Those who have the chance to make a handmade, it will be lovely!!
All together will make a big gift!! :D

Thank you for your friendship and kindness ♥

April 16, 2013

#1 April update

Hello ladies! It's about time for an update, right? ;)

Easter Exchange
I've been waiting for news on our Easter exchange but.. there are none! Nothing as changed =(
Please, check the status list on our exchange page and let me know if there's something missing. Any other parcel as arrived to destination??

Still no word back from Eleana... by now I think there was enough time for Eleana to take a minute and write to someone. Write here on the group, send me an email, send an email to Annette, send something to someone!! I think I've waited enough and I don't want this to continue for longer than it should! So, 2 weeks past Easter, I would say Annette needs some Pixie magic ;)

Christmas Exchange
I also need to go a little back to the Christmas exchange... Gislene didn't receive anything either, Tracey is MIA. It was Christmas so I waited, mail to Brazil takes too long so I waited, Easter has passed and I've learned my lesson. 2 weeks is how long I will wait for our friends to receive their parcels! Doing that for Annette and now catching up with Gislene too.

Let me also say, I won't accept Eleana for any other exchange. I've warned here on the blog, our exchanges are made for fun, I did not apply for a police job :p Writing an email is the only thing I ask, if people can't find the time to do it.. I'm sorry, I can't let this happen again, I owe it to all of you.

Summing up, we need to send some pixie parcels to our friends, Annette (Netherlands) and Gislene (Brazil). To everyone who would like to apply to the Pixie job, please, send me an email ;) heheheh Let's keep something a surprise, we won't publish here who will send, let me know by email ok? ;)

You don't need to send a big parcel, if you have the chance to send an handmade item, that's great! If not, you can still send some treats that will make our friends smile :) All parcels together will make a big parcel to make up for the missing exchange! :D
So, if you have the chance to send a gift, there's no rule, no number of items, just send something from your heart =)
Any other questions about the pixie parcels, write on the email, I will reply to all :)

Thank you ladies!!

April 15, 2013

Puppy No1 Finished

Hello all!!

Here is my first puppy finished.  He really is a cutie :-)

One down ... a few to go lol!!

I am loving this SAL and the exchanges.

I am totally delighted to be a member of this blog :-)

Have a great day all


April 14, 2013

MS Alphabet Baby Quilt

Hi ladies!

My MS Baby Quilt is finally done! I would share with you the result because I'm completely in love. This was a gift to a baby boy, Victor, son of a sweetie friend, Joelise.

It's a soft quilt to play and rest. The colours, the fabrics and, of course, the wonderful MS Alphabet have turned this quilt in an unique piece.

'To Victor / From Aunt Simone': I think this idea is so cute!

I hope Joelise and her little angel have great and funny moments using it!

What do you think about this project? (See more details here.)

I would love to know your opinion. Have a sweet week, everybody!

April 11, 2013

Knock, Knock …A newcomer!!! :)

Hello dear MSlovers ! :)

Newcomer? No, it is not about a new Margaret Sherry chart. A new MS lover, of course!!!:)

I just popped in to introduce myself.

Known as ‘Preeti’, I have pretty much improved on my needlework after I left my full time job to enjoy my hobbies. I started my creative pursuits seven months back on my blog 'Creat-E-Witty Unleashed'. I came to know about the cute Margaret Sherry creations through a lovely friend from blogland, Nia, who then introduced and invited me to join this group. I haven't stitched any Margaret Sherry creation so far, but I plan to do so very soon. After all, the inspiration here cannot stop me from trying out those cool charts. I am glad and love to be here. Thank you for creating this beautiful group and making me a part of this! :)

Do visit me. I look forward to meet you all :)


April 8, 2013

Rec'd Puppy Love

So happy that today I received the pattern I ordered on ebay from UK.  It's Puppy Love!  So adorable, expensive, but worth it.  I will start on this asap, after I complete a few stitchings that I have to have done soon.  :)

SAL#4 Puppy Lovers

Hello girls, plus a puppy ready, are getting too cute, just look at all three together.

How's yours puppys?
Hugs Marcinha

April 6, 2013

Friendship & Easter Exchange

Hello!  It is time to reveal what the postie delivered this week... Two adorable packages from the other side of the world.

The first package to arrive came from Rita in Portugal.

Gift from Rita

Rita sent me a lovely handmade card, some postcards with pictures of Portugal and some lovely embellishments   Rita sent me the card and pretties as a thank you for the exchange package I sent her as part of our MS Lovers Blog Winter Exchange.  Such a lovely surprise - Thank you Rita, I adore everything that you sent :o)

The second package was my Easter Exchange gift which came all the way from Judith in Germany.

Easter Exchange from Judith
Close up of the gorgeous bunny pillow

The pillow is delightful.  I love the design - in fact I nearly stitched it myself for the Exchange but changed my mind at the last minute.  Also in the package is a book of cute Easter German cross stitch designs, a thread holder, a cute little bunny bag with some lovely embellishments and some choccies.  Aren't they all so lovely?  Thank you Judith, this is a lovely exchange gift.

As yet I still can't show you what I sent to Lentochka as part of the exchange as I haven't heard yet if it has arrived safely in Russia.  Hopefully we will hear soon of it's arrival and all will be revealed.

So now that makes two packages that I have sent that I am still waiting to show off to you - a pixie parcel to Eleana and my Easter Exchange to Lentochka.  Fingers crossed we will hear any day now that they have arrived and all will be revealed :o)

Thank you again Judith and Rita for my gorgeous packages - they really made my day :o), and thank you Nia for organising our Exchanges.  I love being a part of these exchanges - all the love and friendship that goes into the stitching and packages is wonderful.  I hope that the last couple of packages arrive soon and that everyone will be smiling.

Til next time, happy stitching


April 4, 2013

Easter Exchange update!!!

Everyone can check our status list on the page for all our exchanges, you can see it on the 3rd option of the top menu above ;)

So far:
1. Lentochka - Posted
2. Joey - Posted
3. Cucki - Posted / Received
4. Eleana
5. Annette - Posted
6. Olli - Posted / Received
7. Nia - Posted / Received
8. Heather - Posted / Received
9. Angel - Posted / Received
10. Valma - Posted / Received
11. Judith - Posted / Received
12. Noni - Posted

Total sent: 11/12 (not sure about Eleana yet)
Total received: 7/12 (this means about half the group... next time, we need to do better girls!!)

Anyone missing here? Is there any news to update?
Please, let me know ;)

Easter gifts from Olli :)

Hello ladies!
I hope everyone had a good time with your family last weekend. Unfortunately, for one of our friends, this year Easter was not a happy season =( Angel, our heart is with you, sending a strong hug on your way sweetie!!

Last week I received Olli's exchange parcel, sorry for not posting earlier but I got it just when I was about to leave for Lisbon. There wasn't enough time to take photos and post. But I did update the list on our blog and also wrote a thank you comment for Olli on her blog =)

I love this piece! We tie the corners with a bow and a little basket is mounted, I've been willing to make something like this for so long!! Now I got it as a gift, what a lovely surprise! Thank you Olli!!

April 3, 2013

Easter Exchange..thank you joey :)

Dear Joey and Friends,
i received my sweet easter exchnage gift from joey..she made my day with it :)
aww such lovely gifts...
i love everything so much from my heart <3
many many thanks dear joey for it..
the bag is a swetheart and all my goodies is a big treat for me...
yummy eggs...we all loving it so much...
everything is just so perfect ...thank you dear.
hugs and love
cucki xxxx