July 19, 2013

2013 Easter exchange flashback

Our Easter exchange took a bit longer to close, all was delivered a few weeks ago but we were working on our current exchange. I didn't post our flashback earlier because I didn't want to mix things up here :p So, this is only a recap on our previous exchange, sorry for coming so out of time!

Blogversary exchange is going great, looks like this time we will close everything before the next exchange ;) heheheh

Lentochka to Joey

Joey to Cucki

Cucki to Eleana

Eleana to Annette
--- Failed! Pixies to the Rescue ♥ ---

Annette to Olli

Olli to Nia

Nia to Heather

Heather to Angel

Angel to Valma

Valma to Judith

Judith to Noni

Noni to Lentochka

゚・。.。・゚゚・。.。・゚゚・。 Pixies 。・゚゚・。.。・゚゚・。.。・゚
Angele, Valérie, Anne Fraser, Olli, Noni and Nia (me! hehehe)
thanks to all of you, for your kindness and friendship ♥

PS: Please, if I missed something or made any mistake, let me know ;)


Rita said...

So many beautiful things!!
Contrats to all of you!!:)

Deb Jochim said...

So many wonderful gifts for everyone! Great stitching! :) I have to say one of my favorites is the purple "egg basket" that Valma stitched..my favorite color is purple so I am a little biased but I love the stitched design! Beautiful work Valma! Love it and EVERYTHING! :)

Angel said...

Sooo pretty to see everything together!
Well done lady's (including me haha).

Stitching Noni said...

It's great to see all those lovely exchange pics again :)

Annette said...

Beautifull post!!

Valma said...

many thanks for your kind words Deb =D
I must admit that this basket is one of my favourite MS pieces I did =)
(with my basket for cloth pegs =D)
really, this Easter exchange was delicious
as usual there were many beautiful pieces ! stitchers around the world are sweethearts and I'm sooooo happy to be part of this small 'community' here =D
thank you for this flashback Nia
it seems that the next one will also be delicious