May 28, 2013

May update!

Easter Exchange
Joey still waiting for her parcel.. Lentochka, please, track your package, let us know where it is!

Blogversary Exchange
Coming soon!!

I've updated our list with all the friends who have sent pixies parcels for our exchanges - except for Gislene and Annette, packages are still travelling ;)
I think I just need to complete who sent to Eleana...
If you have ever been a Pixie on our group, please, check our list and let me know if your name is missing, ok? I'd like to keep a record of everyone :) Thank you!!

SAL #4
Is everyone busy stitching?? :D I sure am!!! Trying to catch up, Marcinha is to ahead from all of us!! hahahah :D
I'd like to ask everyone to make an update post next week, is that ok? During the first week of June, post a photo from your work, no matter how much you've done. There's no month goal, nothing like that, it's just to see how everyone's doing. And I hope those who have more progress will motivate others to catch up too ;) That's the beauty on SALs :D heheheh

New Author
New friend on our blog, please, welcome Maria from Russia :)

May 26, 2013

Easy ABC craft cards

Hi ladies!

I've made this craft card using some letters from Easy ABC. Did you remember my project? If you want to know how to make it, I've just shown this on my blog.

I hope you like it! Have a great week!

May 24, 2013

SAL#3 Summer Cool Cat finishing

One more pillow case is made.

I used simple patchwork the same to previous one.

Wrapover flap is made on the back side.

Thanks for your kind comments on my previous post! They really inspire me:)

Best regards, Nastenka-Anastasia.

May 23, 2013

waiting for an email?

Hi ladies!

If you are waiting for a reply to your email, please, give me just a few more days for the weekend ;) I got sick last week so I didn't get the chance to spend some time on my laptop and update the group, work hasn't given a break this week either :p Please, bear with me just a little more =)

This weekend I will update everything and everyone ;)


May 10, 2013

Gifts from Noni!!!

I'm so happy, so happy!!! Came to me a wonderful gift of Noni from far away as Australia!!! Making riding a long time more than 2 months. But the gift is not too late, because Easter is celebrated in Russia on May 5. We now go to the Easter days, and gifts from Noni brought to my house a lot of joy, happiness and fun!!!

Look what a beautiful cushion with the bunny! So neat and wonderful job! And the cute bunny so funny.))) In Russian his name ZAICHIK.

 There was still a lot of bright sunshine gifts! Delicious chocolate eggs and bunnies, Easter ribbons, stickers, chicken in a basket, cloth, fragrant soaps and scissors with the hare. That's how many rabbits and chickens sent me Noni!)))

 Dear Noni, thank you so much for your kind letter, and for the wonderful gifts for the holiday!!! I really enjoyed it!!! I am very happy!!!)))

Many thanks to Nia for the organization of our wonderful Easter sharing!!!


SAL#4 Puppy love

Hello girls, just look over a puppy. This was easy to do ... where are your puppies?? My go to feel a bit lonely.


May 9, 2013

SAL#4 update!

How is our SAL going? Is everyone stitching???
I think we have only 4 stitchers actually working... shame on all the rest of us! hahahah Yes, including me!! :p

Last update from...

... Noni :)

... Heather :)

... Svetlana :)

... Marcinha :)

If this was a race, Marcinha would be on 1st place! :D heheheh
Well done! Well done ladies! :)

A few friends started later because they were still looking for the pattern, they need some time to catch up and show their starts ;)
But is there anyone else stitching? Have I missed any post here?!

About my piece, as I told you before, I started stiching back in February but I wasn't happy with my fabric.. then I devoted my time to finish a big LK piece, if you follow my blog, you already know about my snowmen hehehe It was a big project, I wanted to finish it and then be free for everything else.. like our SAL :) So, now I'm starting to work on our puppies again, I promise I will start showing my updates at the begining of each month ;)


exchanges - info update

I've been updating all info about our previous exchanges on our list here :)

2013 Easter exchange
. only Joey's gift hasn't arrived yet. I received a reply from Lentochka, she has a tracking number so her parcel won't be lost :) It's late because there was a strike on their mail service, in Russia, now it's on customs office in Singapore waiting to be released. So it should arrive soon!! It's on the way!!
. pixie gifts to Annette are still travelling

2012 Christmas exchange
. pixie gifts to Gislene are still travelling

Red names = people who unfortunately won't be able to join any exchange here on the group

2012 exchanges
All our previous exchanges are closed but I'm missing some info about our pixies. I sent emails to Francesca and Noni, I'm still missing names to complete the list with all friends who sent gifts. Since Eleana isn't replying emails, I need to ask everyone about pixie parcels sent to El Salvador. Please, if you have sent any gift to Eleana, let me know, so I can add you name on record, ok? :)

Thank you ladies!

Easter Exchange - checking!!!

Pixie parcels are arriving to Annette, soon Gislene will receive some surprises too :) But.. why is there always a 'but'?? =/

Well, as I was saying..
... But Lentochka and Joey are still waiting for their exhanges! Ladies, have you received something?? Please, let us know!! Here or by email, tell us something please!

Updated list here!

On the good news :) I know there a few more packages travelling and Annette has already received pixie parcels from Angele, Valérie, Anne and Olli!! Thank you ladies!!! :D

Two things that I'd like to mention here...
... Annette also volunteered to send a Pixie gift to Gislene :)
... Anne Fraser, who hasn't participated in any exchange yet, volunteered to send pixie gifts too :)

Thank you all for your kindness and huge heart!

Lentochka received Noni's parcel! :)
Only one missing to close!!!

May 8, 2013

Two lovely finishes

Hi all

I just thought I would show off the two finishes I have and I will say I am so upset I have to give them away!  Theses are for end of school year gifts for my childrens teachers :-)

Each child has picked something that they wanted stitched for their teacher and I will say that they took ages to choose!!  They know their teachers very well!

My 9 year old son says I have to stitch everything in the Margaret Sherry Bookazine lol!  I'll be stitching for at least 2 life times if I did that :-)

Have a great day all

Love Heather

May 7, 2013

Got spoiled again!!!

Sweet Olga and Anne sended me pixie Dust package!!
I feel like a little child again.
Lady's thank you so much.
Look at the pictures.. they spoiled me so much
 look at all those goodies
And this smells so great

I'm really the most luckiest girl a life.. with all this..
Thank you so much all you!!

I really don't now what to say..
thank you thank you..

Hugs Petite Anne

PS Anne you still need to get a email from me, but I;m waitng for your emailadress.
Nia is a bit slow.... kidding.. I just asked her, and as always busy crafting beautifull things