November 28, 2012

Winter exchange - deadline alert!!

Hi ladies!!
I want to call you attention to our deadline, all parcels should be posted until the end of November, please, do you best and try to post soon ;)

Until today:
Exchange Parcels Sent: 14/22
Exchange Parcels Received: 5/22

I've been receiving emails telling me about parcels that have arrived, I hope everyone is writing to their partners :) so, I'm not posting names here, I think it's nice if everyone writes to their friend saying 'thank you' first =) But don't forget to post here too, share it with all of us :D

I must say it has been very gratifying to receive your emails, makes me so happy to know that you're having fun!! Thank you all for making this awesome exchange :D

Juttas Little Snowman .....

My little snowman is ready, too. I love the the pattern from Margaret Sherry soooo much !!!!


November 24, 2012

Autumn Cat

As this ornament had reached the new owner I can now show you. It is out of calendar 2004  I think.

It was a pleasure to do it.

Now I am working on several ornaments   ( all secrets) So you will have to wait until you can see.

Hoping that all have a nice weekend
Love Judith

November 19, 2012

SAL #3 completed too =D

Hello everybody

I'm coming today to show you my Winter cat =)
SAL #3 is now finished for me....
What a pleasure it has been to stitch those 4 fellows, even if they are cats =D
I must admit that MS cats are really cute and easy to stitch

I'll update my blog with the finish I chose for this cute guy

Hope everybody is fine and not too cold for those who live in this part of the world =)

Happy stitching girls
Big hugs from France

Winter Cat - SAL #3

news update #20

Winter Exchange
Packages are travelling through the globe! :D
Is everyone on track?? Is your parcel almost ready to post? November is almost finishing, please, don't take too long to post your parcel because Christmas is coming soon ;) Looks too far away but time flies! :p

Exchange Parcels Sent: 10/22
Exchange Parcels Received: 2/22

SAL #2
Yeah!! One more done! I'm happy to see that Annette finished her SAL :D
Even if you didn't have the time to finish last year, don't give up! We'd love to see some more finishes :) Keep it going!

SAL #3
I'm feeling the cold... anyone stitching Winter Cat? Or, if you live on the side of the globe, are you stitching Summer Cat? I wish I was the one wearing those sunglasses ;) heheheh

Two more from the alphabet.

The M and the E from the alphabet!
Hugs, Angele

November 18, 2012

Christmas Mouse

Hello!  Just a quick fly by post to let you know that I am still here!

I have been busy stitching secret MS things... as have a few of us... one of which I can reveal to you.

I recently stitched a Christmas Card for the MS Yahoo group exchange and now that it has arrived at it's USA destination I can show it off here and also on my blog.

A quick update on my other MS stitching - Spring kitty is nearly done.... this is the third Cool Cat.  And most importantly my Christmas/Winter Exchange package is already packed up and ready to go in the mail tomorrow.

That's all for now folks!  Pop on over to my blog for further stitching updates!

Til next time, happy stitching

Stitching Noni

November 17, 2012

exchange received

A big smile was on my face this week when I received a wonderful package from Valma.   I received a pretty red wooden tree ornament with MS penguin centered in it, with a beautiful bell hanging at the top with a 'handmade' hand attached to the ribbon.  And Valerie  made it special with the penguin holding the present which looks like the French flag - blue and red and white.  What a great way for me to remember that it came from Valma in France!!   Also she sent me some red edged aida banding which is really pretty along with a piece of heart designed fabric.  I will have to find a special design for this.  A cute white wooden tree ornament with an aperature in which I will be putting a small Christmas stitching, and some Christmas stickers, which I have already used three of them.  :)   And a red fabric bag filled with Christmas ribbons and buttons.  I love it all!!   Thank you again Valerie. :)   This makes my Christmas spirit even stronger, and I want to wish everyone at MSLblog a very Merry Christmas even though it's early!!  :)

November 13, 2012

Santa and reindeer

Happily stitching and I finished this little guy.  Santa and Reindeer from Christmas cards designs in Christmas Cross Stitch Favourites  Christmas 2012.  I changed the white dmc for beard and mustache to white Whisper thread.  It's fluffy to touch!!  :)   

November 11, 2012

My Snowman

Hello all,

It has been a long time since I posted here.
Last year I entered the SAL, but I didn't finish it ;((((
But This year, it was on my todo list and in 3 evenings I finished :O
So  ..........  Now they are both finished
I can't wait to finish them off.
Ill be back.. hihihi =))))))))

Hugssss Annette

November 8, 2012

my SAL#3 is complete!

Hi everyone!
I've been busy managing our Winter Exchange and totally forgot to post my winter cat, finished last week :)

My 4 cats are all stitched, my SAL#3 is complete :D
Back in February I finished my Spring Cat into a pillow, now I will do the same for the other three, each pillow with a different fabric to match the season ;)

How is everyone doing?? :D

November 6, 2012

Cat and Robin Christmas Card

On Friday I bought 'Cross Stitch Crazy', issue 171.  From there I got a bit side tracked as I had to stitch the lovely freebie by Margaret Sherry of a "Cat and Robin Christmas Card".  I've just finished stitching the card, and here is a picture of it.

Christmas Cat and Robin by Margaret Sherry

Until next time, Happy Stitching Everyone

I have Margaret Sherry 2013 Calendar :)

Yeyy!! i am so happy and excited when luckily bought magazine with this calendar!
I upload several overview pictures at my Yudastitch blog already.
Lets see my original link. HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Autumn Cat

As the parcel had reached the new owner I can show you my little pillow. ( No person in this blogg) I am sure I will do the other cats very soon.
At the moment I am doing the Christmas exchanges .
Have all a nice day

Love Judith

November 5, 2012

Winter Exchange - in progress!! :D

Great news!!!! :D The first parcel of our winter exchange has reached its destination! Posting has officially started and packages are travelling the world :)

I'm keeping track on all packages sent and received so, please, don't forget to send me an email saying that you have posted your gift and attach a photo too. I will write a flashback post in the end but everyone can post their gifts, feel free to write here on the blog anytime ;) I won't say who was the first one to receive, you will read her post soon :D hehehehe

Managing our exchange requires some time, please, be patient if I don't reply to your emails right away. I promise I will read and reply to everyone as soon as I get the chance, I won't forget anyone :) And almost every week I'll be here updating ;)

Pay attention to the calendar, don't take to long to post your gift because we want everyone to have their stocking filled before Christmas ;)
Have fun ladies!!

November 2, 2012

Little Archie and cute panda!

From the cutest cross stitch alphabet ever!

I'm curious, did anyone made the whole alphabet?

hugs Angele

Quick message :)

Hi ladies!!

I have news on our Winter Exchange, I've seen a few emails on my inbox so I know you have started to post your parcels! Good job ladies :D

I will be back later to update things here and I will reply all emails ;)
Have a great Friday!! :)

November 1, 2012


Just completed this little cutie!  He will actually hang on my tree this year, as I'm a Scorpio.  Completed on 14 ct white aida, backed with red felt, in size of 5" x 5".  He is from November 2004 pg 95, Britains Cross Stitcher mag.   :)