July 30, 2012

Hello, my first post

I am Maria Elena and I live in Italy and this is the first time I write in this blog even if I joined you more than an year ago...
I love Margaret Sherry, off course, or I wouldn't be here LOL. I have many work in progress and have done several patterns in the past.
Yesterday I found 2 small penguins I stitched in 2006 for a Christmas project. On that year I stitched almost 20 of them, but these 2 remained in a box until yesterday when I decided to make two Christmas decorations of them:

What do you think about them?
My work in progress (ok, my UFO's, let's be honest! LOL) Are the 2006 Calendar Cats and the 3 stitching mice (I don't remember the name of the pattern right now).

Summer exchange

Hi girls!
I came to show the goodies I received from Dinny, Indonesia.
Everything is beautiful!!
Take this opportunity to tell you that I contacted the Eleana, my partner in this exchange to apologize for the delay in shipments of pampering. I sent on Friday and I believe that in ten days she receives.
Kisses and up!

July 25, 2012

Summer cat

Sophie is the daughter of a good friend who lives in Costa Rica, taking advantage of the outstanding work organized by MSLovers always SAL, I sent my Summer Cat and this completed the 2nd phase of the project.

The idea is to hang on the wall, the frame is under the little picture, taking the concept I've seen a lot of vintage stores virtual Pinterest and of course the bloggers to whom I am fond.
And you, a cute kitten with melon ice cream.


July 24, 2012

My summer cool cat - SAL#3

I did it! With a one-month delay I finally did it:)
Here is my lovely cool cat!

I am not sure if it is ok to post lots of details her, so you are welcome to my blog.

By the way, ladies, are you going to make a bag with your cool cats stitchings or you have other brilliant ideas?
Please share with your SAL-mates:)

Wish you all a great day!

Summer exchange:: Update!!

Hello ladies!!

I'm happy to see that all our exchanges parcels are travelling safely. Simone is waiting to receive from Dulcinella but this was the last package being posted and mail service in Brazil is very slow :p I'm sure Simone will receive her goodies soon :)
Lija and Dinny also sent to Cris and Lu but I didn't get any feedback from them yet, I'm assuming both parcels arrived to their destinations too!

The sad part is that (more than one month from our deadline) there are still 3 friends missing to post their parcels or to tell us how things are going =/
I want to let everyone know that I'm giving my attention to that, I've writen emails to Eleana, Cris and Lu (more than once..), I hope to close our exchange soon!! Very, very soon!!
I think everyone should post their packages until the end of July, too much time has passed already.. Let's give it until July 31st. Marcinha and Francesca, do you agree with me? Would you mind waiting one more week?

Thanks to everyone who joined this exchange, made something special for their friends and also made an effort to post it as soon as possible. You make the exchanges fun to the group! :)

UPDATE July 26th:
. Eleana posted her parcel - list updated!
. still no reply from Cris or Lu

UPDATE July 30th:
. Lu posted her parcel - list updated!
. still no reply from Cris

July 22, 2012

Summer Exchange from Olli


You will not believe what I received in the mail from Ollie.  She has so spoilt me!
"What's in the box?"
Firstly I opened the mailing box to find inside a package wrapped in lovely orange tissue paper and a box of Dutch orange tea.

Then, when I unwrapped the orange tissue paper I found the most adorable fabric covered box with a lovely MS design on top.... the design is simply gorgeous and it is one that I don't have..  So sweet and so cute!

But... it doesn't finish there...  when I opened the box look what was inside!
 And more....

Ollie, I absolutely love my summer exchange gift.  Thank you so very much.
The little tea holder is going to sit next to our kettle to use when we make a cuppa, and the lovely orange tea is going to work with me to enjoy when I need that extra special pick me up :o)

Our exchanges are getting better and better and yet again we are all being spoilt by our exchange partners.  Thank you lovely ladies for yet again another wonderful exchange - everyone's exchanges are fanastic!  And thank you Nia for organising yet another great exchange.

Pop on over to my blog for further stitching updates!

Til next time, happy stitching

Stitching Noni

July 19, 2012

Summer Exchange from Judith

Hi gorgeous ladies!!
It's me again....

Yesterday, I received my Summer Exchange package from Germany!! Yaaaay...!!!

Look at what Judith sent me...

And here's a closer look at the Margaret Sherry piece she had stitched...

It's stunning!
If I'm not mistaken, the design is the Picture Purr-fect from Cross Stitch Crazy #153 (correct me if I'm wrong).

Thanks, Judith!
And I'm very glad I took part in this exchange. It's been a great experience....

Happy stitching, friends!


July 12, 2012

My Second Cat - SAL#3

Hi gorgeous ladies!!

I finally finished stitching my second cat, the Summer Cat.
A bit behind schedule, as always... but very glad & relieved right now..!!


July 10, 2012

news update #14

Posting request!
Ladies, please, don't write on your blog and then copy-paste here. When you do that, your text settings will come from your blog and mix with this blog settings, then we get little letters, huge spaces.. =/ Please, make sure that doesn't happen. Thank you :)

Summer exchange
We are more than 2 weeks ahead from our deadline, please, if you haven't posted your parcel do it soon. Except for Dulcinella, who had some troubles with her health, I know her partner understands and it's all good! Dulcinella, I'm sure you'll send a lovely package when you have the opportunity :)

To all the other ladies who are behind: come on, move those needles and put some stamps on your work!! :p hahahah

Please, let me know if I'm missing someone on the list. You can check it on the right sidebar :)
. sent = posted the exchange parcel
. received = parcel from friend received
. ok = a bit behind but will post soon

SAL #3
Are you feeling the heat? It's Summer already! Your Summer cat wants to get out of the bag :p heheheh Show us some more Summer cats! :)

New designs
Another tip from Valérie!! :D
Cross Stitch Crazy has new designs on issue 167, a set of 14 brand new Margaret Sherry chart cards :) It's on sale since July 5th but the bad news is that we can't buy this issue online yet, we will have to wait a little more =(

New Author
And there's one more friend on our group!! Let's welcome Denise, from Canada :D

July 9, 2012

From Noni...to Olimpinpin

Hi girls

Last week I received my gift exchange from Noni.

I want to thank you for the beauty of her work and additional goodies, I post some photos...

My gift exchange looks in my sewing room, right now.

I hope Judith soon receive your gift exchange. And share it with all of us.
Finally, my thanks to Nia for organizing this wonderful experience and all of you for your participation.

Do you want to see the full story?, click here...

Happy week!

July 7, 2012

My summer exchange :)

I'm a little late to show because i already received my parcel a few days ago, but i'm not having free time at all!4So, i received my beautiful exchange from Simone (brazil) who sent me these beautiful things! Thank you once again my dear..i've loved it!:)


A gift just for girls =)

Hi girls

I signed on my French Facebook group of Xstitchers for a SWAP entitled 'Only for girls'
I chose for my partner Glamour Puss  which was for me one of the best designs..only for girls =D

Glamour Puss

I stitched it on a blue Zweigart fabric, because I knew my partner loves the blue colour
I made a little bag with her (blue of course)
I'm happy because my partner enjoyed my piece very much and it's a great reward to make someone happy =D
Have a nice weekend full of Xstitch

July 6, 2012

from me to Dulcinella =)

Hi girls!
Dulcinella is having some trouble with her internet connection but we know she received my Summer exchange :) Here it is was I made and sent:

Let's bee friends from Cross Stitcher 226
This design has a couple of bees but I decided not to stitch them because my fabric already had lots of bees flying around ;) hehehe

I'm very happy to know that my little gift made sweet Dulcinella smile :D That's the best return!!! =)

July 5, 2012

Spring Exchange flashback

In all our exchanges I always ask everyone to send me an email letting me know that your parcel was posted and also to attach a photo to your message. The reason for wanting a photo is to make this post, a flashback with all parcels from our exchange - and this way no one forgets to actually take a picture before posting ;) ehheeh

Our Spring exchange took a little more time to close because, as everyone already knows, one member is MIA (missing in action). We never heard anything from Lorraine, she's still a part of the group and we hope to have some news from her in a near future. Meanwhile, a few ladies put on their pixies shoes and sent gifts to Noni, instead of waiting by her empty mailbox we wanted our friend to smile :) Thank you ladies! Thank you all for your kindness and friendship, stitchers are the best!! ;)

And thanks to all of you who joined the fun and made beautiful gifts to share!! :D

Olimpia to Francesca

Francesca to Marcinha

Marcinha to Olli

Olli to Valma

Valma to Amber

Amber to Lu

Lu to Lorraine

Lorraine to Noni
--- ??? ---

Noni to Laura

Laura to Nia

Nia to Judith

Judith to Olimpia

゚・。.。・゚゚・。.。・゚゚・。 Pixies 。・゚゚・。.。・゚゚・。.。・゚

Thanks to Valérie, Dulcinella, Francesca, Laura and Nia (me too!! hehehe)

SAL Cool Cats - my first personal disaster.....

I am very sorry that I am so behind in this lovely project. I had a great idea - that's what I thought....
I wanted to make for myself a nice shopping bag. I bought a cotton bag and a piece of soluble (the one that should disappear in warm water) canvas.
And it was the worst idea of mine....
This soluble canvas didn't disappear, it actually in a way glued the threads and the result is completely horrible - what you can see below:

As you can see my project is ruined.... stitches are not even, and it just looks even worse in real :(.
Therefore I got very discouraged....
But after giving this matter a little bit of thinking I have realized that this is fun and fun it should stay :). So I have a new idea - this time it involves regular aida :) - and I will start stitching as soon as I will finish my "new baby born" project!
Just a little patience and hopefully this month I will manage to catch up with all you guys!!!!

Have a lovely day

July 4, 2012

news update #13

Summer exchange
Catching up for these last few days! I've seen beautiful works and lovely parcels received :D I hope everyone is happy and having fun! I know some of you are a little behind, I hope everyone will be able to post until the end of the week and soon all parcels will be travelling across the world!

Please, let me know if I'm missing someone on the list. You can check it on the right sidebar :)
. sent = posted the exchange parcel
. received = parcel from friend received
. ok = a bit behind but will post soon

SAL #3
What about those Summer cats??? :D
Half the group hasn't even started.. is that true? Come on ladies, grab your needles and stitch those Cool Cats!! We are missing some updates here ;)

New author
Please, welcome Melly (from Romania) to the group!! :D

New designs
Valérie just told me about the new releases!! Check it out on Margaret Sherry's website :D Thank you Valérie!! ;)
"You and me" is so cute =) And those "Elephants" are adorable!!! My heart is melting ehehehe Which one is your favorite? :)

'Christmas Kisses' - my first attempt at posting on this blog

My first attempt at posting on this joint blog so I hope it works.

This was a free card kit 'Christmas Kisses' that came from from the World of Cross Stitching Magazine Issue 181.

Christmas Kisses
[I wasn't sure how to link the picture ... but I used the caption as a link.]

July 3, 2012

summer exchange arrived!

Nia, thank you ever so much for the lovely presents you sent me. I was so happy with it. Lovely stitching, lovely things, it made me feel so much better all of a sudden:-).
I will post pictures later this week if my internet is working again properly and if I can use any computer that I want anywhere I want in this house.
My exchange package for Simone is now in hubby's car who will bring it to the post office first thing tomorrow. Sorry it took a bit longer, but hopefully there is a speedy service between the two continents:-) I miss you all, but I'll be back!

July 1, 2012

Summer exchange from Valérie (Valma).

On the calendar it is summer, but not inreal.  Before my trip to Latvia to visit my mum, I received a parcel from France with lovely summer presents. Dear Valérie, thank you very much! That swimming duck gives a real summer feeling.