July 23, 2013

From Netherlands to Brazil!

Hi girls!

I am very happy to participate in another exchange with you! And even happier because it seems that this time it is going to work very well! It'almost 100% Nia! ;-)

I received a lovelly package from Olli!

It was sweet and generous! I loved every little gift, especially the bag with a perfect cross stitch embroidery and the wool, besides candies, of course! ;-) And I already have plans for the wool!

I participate in a project called "Bonequeiras Sem Fronteiras" inspired by Dolly Donations. We sew dolls especially for orphaned children and old ladies throughout Brazil. We try to send them a little bit of love and confort. So this lovelly wool will turn on nice hair for some dolls, and maybe some gloves to warm hands of old ladies! Visit our blog! http://bonequeirasemfronteiras.blogspot.com.br/

Thank you very, very much Olli!




Preeti said...

Lovely gifts !:)

♥ Nia said...

That bag looks so fun!! :D Wonderful work Olli :D
Gislene, thank you for sharing with us! :)

cucki said...

Beautiful gifts x

Deborah Jochim said...

How wonderful! The bag is adorable! :-)

Deborah Jochim said...

How wonderful! The bag is adorable! :-)

Angel said...

A beautiful parcel of Olli!
Wonderful bag!

Fara Azmi said...

love the bag!!
great job Olli.. enjoy your package Gislene

Stitching Noni said...

Perfect design for a lovely bag :). Well done Olli
Gislene, gorgeous exchange package from Olli - enjoy :)

Valma said...

this is a wonderful piece =)
very well done Olli
I love this bag, this is really summer and the stitched part is lovely
that's so great you can use all the goodies (and Olli spoiled you =D)
That's really great, it seems that we haven't the same design twice =D
inspiration was with us =)

Our photos said...

Lovely gifts !

Rita said...

That's a beautiful bag and a wonderful stitch!! Great gifts;)**