June 29, 2011

My june kitty:)


she is real fun stitching :D
with love

June 28, 2011

Cute dogs!

Hello Girls!
I loved making these dogs. They are cute, are simple, are so special! Who knows that there are bad days are near those cuteness. The tail always balance the slightest sign of our presence! Party is always guaranteed. While embroidering still remembered the lesson that no one ascends alone in life! =) Embroidery is also culture. I love it!
=) Ana

June 26, 2011

my scissor fob:)

hello all,
here is my scissor fob..i made it some time ago..i so much wanted to share it with you all.i love it so much.it is my fav fob.
with love

June 23, 2011

3rd finish!! uhuuu :D

Hello ladies! :)

I've finished all my pieces with my Culinary Cats from our SAL :D
I have an apron, a recipe card binder and a box filled with cookie cutters!

This set is a gift for my 6 y.o. goddaughter/niece Carol =)
Mission accomplished!!! ;)

My "Best of Margaret Sherry" book came in the mail today!


June 16, 2011

Purrfect Partners

Recently displayed during my engagement day. Last Saturday.
Using thread colors whatever i like as long they are similar with the chart.

Please see original post :

June 14, 2011


Hi everyone, I haven´t finish my SAL but I started 2 Cats, I will try to finish them until August :)

These are my 2 Wip :

Hope you like it :)


hi its me cucki :) and my recent finish..

Dear nia,
hi, i am so happy.thank you so much for having me in MS lovers..i am so excited for it.i so much wanted to share my recent finish with you all.
here is my Archie..i stitched it recently and now he is gone to framer.i stitch it for my hubby and i know he is going to love him.
he was real fun stitching:)
with love..
cucki xx

June 10, 2011

I started, so I will finish... eventually!

I may be slow but I am persistent!

I had some time off last week and did manage to get some stitching done on my MS SAL.  Culinary Cat number 1 is now finished and number 2 has been started!

Fingers crossed cat number 2 gets stitched alot quicker than number 1.  Besides stitching a birthday card this weekend, I have no more deadline stitching to do other than finish my culinary cats.  So watch this space!!!

Margaret Sherry Culinary Cat No. 1 finished!
I should also get my "Totally Tropical" cat finished in the next couple of weeks so will post a pic once that is finished.

Pop on over to my blog for further stitching updates!

Til next time,

Stitching Noni

June 7, 2011

Love Quilts Contribution

Hi guys!

All finished cats are so cute. Congratulations to all!

I just finish and send a contribution to Love Quilts Brasil.
Is for a boy named Andrew Achiles and he asked for dog´s.

How does it looks like?

new bookazine!!

Some of you probably have seen this on twitter or facebook but I had to share it here! Brand new book from Cross Stitcher:

Filled with 116 charts from Margaret Sherry's designs and it goes on sale next Friday, 10th June! (Price: £9.99)

June 4, 2011

SAL 2nd finish

One more done! :D

It's a box with cookie cutters of different sizes and shapes, that now has my jelly cat on the top and matches my recipe ring binder :)

You can read a little more and see other pictures on my blog ;)
I'm working on my last piece!