November 30, 2011

Christmas all wrapped up!

Hi all,
This is my first posting at the MS blog.
 I stitched this MS Christma's cat - "Christmas all wrapped up!" -  maybe 2 years ago, for another group. Some stitchers decided to help shelter cats for a local animal organization and we stitch a dinner towel with MS cats.
It felt great to help with stitching, it was very rewarding helping and besides, I loved to stitch that cat.

First apron finished....!

Hi everyone,

I finally finished my first apron !
I chose one of the Culinary cats as father in my family :D

Culinary Cat
And the whole apron looks like.....that :D

My first apron finished
Let's start the second one...after my Xmas card of course :-)

last call!!!

Ladies, last day to sign in for our Christmas Card Exchange!!!
For more details, click here to read the post :)

Come on ladies, lets have some fun mail for this Christmas season!!! :D

If you are looking for patterns to stitch, remember to check our freebie section! "Waiting for Santa" would make a lovely card =)

UPDATE!!! 12/01/11
We have 11 stitchers at the moment, waiting for one more to make pairs! :)

Click, click goes the camera (not the shears!)

Hello again!  I just popped in to say hi and to show off my latest Margaret Sherry finish.  I haven't shown you this one before as I have been waiting for it to arrive at it's destination... but as it still hasn't arrived in the USA I thought maybe I could hurry it up by showing you all a picture.... that probably won't work but it sounds like a good reason to do a post!!

Anyway, I recently stitched the photographer cat for the birthday of an online friend of mine in the USA- Maribeth.  This card was part of the Craftbubble "Crazy for Kitties" group's birthday exchange.  Maribeth often tells me about the trips that she does around her home state of New York and I thought that the photographer cat would be the perfect fellow to stitch for her.  Plus he is a ginger cat as is Maribeth's kitty!  So two ticks in two boxes... can't go wrong!

The design has been published in one of the cross stitching mags but in this instance I stitched the design from the bumper Margaret Sherry Collection design book.  I so love that book - all those designs in one spot!

Stitched photographer cat from Margaret Sherry Collection

Finished card for Maribeth
Now all I have to do is wait for this lovely fellow to land on Maribeth's door step!

Pop on over to my blog for further stitching updates!

Til next time, happy stitching

Stitching Noni

November 28, 2011

and it is ready :)

hello dear friends and folks,
  ME again..with my hanger,,
it is ready..
i hope you will like it too..
me happy with it so much..
love for you all..
until next time..
keep well
happy stitching
cucki xx

November 26, 2011

my christmas kisses xx

hello dear friends and folk,
its me..cucki..back again..
here is my recent so happy for her..

now i am thinking what to make with her..just watch the space..i will soon come up with something..
love you all.
cucki xxx

November 23, 2011

SAL #2 deadline extension

We have new friends joining our group, also willing to stitch our SAL so...
...deadline extension!! :D ehehehe I think this will be good for many of you who are still a bit behind ;)

There's no punishment if you don't make it on time! No way!! Deadlines are just to motivate everyone, also so we can stitch along with our friends, it's fun to see everyone's works. That's the important word: FUN!! :D Don't worry if you don't make it on time, just make sure that you have fun while you're stitching ;)

But... It's true that I would love to see everyone finishing our SAL this time! :p LOL
So, let's make it until de end of the year, December 31st :)

Don't forget to check our previous post! I hope you'll join the party for the Christmas Card Exchange!! :D

November 22, 2011

Christmas card exchange!! :D

Is it too late for a Christmas exchange?? :p Here is my idea:

What to stitch?
Whatever Margaret Sherry design you'd like! You pick the design, choose the size, feel free to make your card as you wish! :)

! Do not post photos before your partner receives your card, in your blog or here (let it be a surprise)
! Let me know when you send your card and also send me a photo to:
! Also, tell me when you receive your friend's card. Make sure to say thanks to your partner too ;) Lol
! As soon as you get a message from your partner, you can post pictures everywhere! :)
! I'll keep track of every card posted/received and on December 24th I'll post here all photos from our exchange. So, if someone doesn't get it on time, come here and see your 'present' :)

You can sign up until November 30th
I will randomly make pairs and post them on December 1st (but you can start stitching today if you'd like)
Everyone has to post their card on the mail until December 10th (cross your fingers for goodluck and hope that the postman will take your card to your friend in time for Santa!! :D hehehehe)

Who's in:
Nia ⁂ Caixinha de Pirlimpimpim
Olli ⁂ Olli's Blog
Valma ⁂ Fée le point
Svetlana ⁂ записки курицы
Eleana ⁂ Yo y mi Blog
Judith ⁂ (no blog)
Noni ⁂ Fireflies & Cats in the Garden
Rita ⁂ Il Mio Mondo a Colori
Isabela ⁂ Get Crafty Now!!
Malena ⁂ Ponto Gato
Laura ⁂ Con le mie manine
Rafaela ⁂ Pink baloon

November 21, 2011

My apron

Hi girls

My first apron for Xmas is progressing !
I just finished 'Mum' :D
It's Domestic Goddess from the 2008 calendar (October)
I didn't stitch the crown because it wouldn't have suited with my apron and the idea of a family of cats I wanted to give :D
Let's start 'Dad' and then I will be able to start the second apron for which I still have no idea of which designs I will stitch......
Hugs from France

Domestic Goddess - Calendar 2008

My blog :D
If you want to see the whole apron.....

is everyone on track? :)

Hello ladies!! How's everyone doing?
Ten days until the end of November, time flies! Did you all enjoy our SAL? :)
I'm loving too see all your finishes, so many good ideas and beautiful works! :D Congrats ladies!!

Anyone has more to show? :)
Valma had finish in October and I missed her post =/ (sorry again sweetie!)
Please, check your name on the list (right sidebar), let me know if there's more to update, ok? Thank you ladies :)

Happy xxx'ing! :D

November 18, 2011

SAL #2 - Snowman finished!

Yes, the snowman is done!  Now all I have to do is the Santa.....

It took me some time to work out what to do for this SAL.  I thought about doing them as ornaments, then as christmas cards, or even little cushions... but nothing really grabbed me as the ideal "vehicle" to show the lovely designs off until the IKEA Christmas catalogue dropped into the post box.

Now I hear you asking what does the IKEA catalogue have to do with the MS designs.... not alot except for the lovely teatowels that were in one of the photos.  This started me thinking that maybe I could stitch them onto a teatowel and as we were going up to IKEA anyway to have a look at some storage cabinets to put in the craft room, the timing was perfect!

The teatowels came in a pack of two.. even more proof that this was the right choice!  The next thing to do was to raid the stash drawer and see what waste canvas I had hiding in there.  I found some 14ct but that would have been too small to stitch the design in the middle of the teatowel, so after searching a bit more I located some 8.5ct DMC waste canvas that I must have bought about 20 years ago and never used!  Perfect!  Nice big Snowman for the middle of the teatowel.

IKEA Christmas Teatowel - just perfect for stitching on!

So after measuring and basting the waste canvas onto the teatowel off I went.... Snowman took only a week to stitch, and then out came the waste canvas and, look at what we have...

Stitched using 4 strands of DMC for x-stitch and 2 strands for backstitch

Finished Santa Teatowel
(I really should have ironed this before taking the photo!)
A lovely big snowman (albeit without pom pom).  I did buy some little pom poms to stitch on the top of his hat but have decided he doesn't need a pom pom.

Now it's about time I started the Santa design on the other teatowel, but first I have to get a couple of small cards done and sent to the UK and the USA and then Santa is the next on the list.  Hopefully he will stitch up nice and quick too!

Pop on over to my blog for further stitching updates!

Til next time, happy stitching

Stitching Noni

November 15, 2011

"Christmas Kisses"

I will be finishing this into an ornament soon. This is from The World of Cross Stitching magazine, Issue #181, pg 8. The title is "Christmas Kisses". The bird is under the mistletoe which the mouse is holding waiting for a kiss.


November 14, 2011


Hello girls, for the first time I decided to post an embroidered cross stitch. I saw this chart here on the blog and could not resist, do you also wanted to offer to a friend. I think it was really cute ...

all done here too!! :)

It's official, I've joined the stitchers who completed our SAL!
My snowman is done :D

I forgot to mention on my precious post, to stitch the pompom I used Lana thread, by Madeira :)

I hope to see more photos until the end of November!! :)

November 13, 2011

Finished the November SAL

I've finally made up the November SALs.
There are two photos to show the two sides of the Ornament.

November 12, 2011

SAL #2

How is everyone going with our SAL #2 ???
Six stitchers have finished both charts and I'm almost joining them! :)

My Santa is ready and is buddy the snowman is coming soon ;)

November 9, 2011

Coffee and cuddles finished :D

Hi girls,

I finished Coffee and Cuddles on my first apron !
I'm a little bit late, I have the top to do and I still want to make two other cats.....
After what I will be able to show you the whole apron :D

Coffee and Cuddles

Hugs from France

November 4, 2011

November's Cat :)

Please meet Mr. November:

stiched on 32 ct Zweigart linen with DMC threads, design published by Heritage Stitchcraft in 2007

This Cat was my first project stitched on linen and I must admit I was a bit nervous. Also the project contains many "crazy" half stitches and I wasn't sure if I will manage to finish it.
Fortunatelly all my worries were unnecessary - I had great time stiching this little cat and I am sure I will enjoy as much making the rest 11 cats.

Few details:

I am planning to finish this and the remaining 11 Cats as pinnkeeps and enjoy this calendar for the next century or so :).

Have a lovely Friday all :)

November 2, 2011

Easy ABC Lunch Bag

Hi there!

This is an useful idea that I've sewed using the "S" from Margaret Sherry's ABC. I've called lunch bag but I'm not sure about the name... lol I hope you enjoy it!

Hugs from Brazil!

There are some things....

I just have finished stitching this amazing project. I must admitt it touched my heart very deeply since the moment I saw it for the first time. I was just waiting for the proper opportunity - and here it is - a "good bye" gift to a very dear person:

Stitched on 14 ct DMC aida with printed hearts with Anchor threads - project from one of the Cross Stitcher's magazine

Have a lovely day all :)