August 29, 2015

Hello,Ladies! :)

I know, I disappeared..and I apologize for all of you! <3
My son had Crohn-IBD syndrome,and we were in a hospital a lot.
But here I am ,if you don't mind..may I join with your blog again?
Nia, here is my new url ( my blog)

Aaand here is my new MS-mause: I love butter.

Hugs and kiss from Hungary:Monika :)

August 6, 2015

Send a smile - Valma to Nia ... part II ;)

Hello ladies!
You've already seen photos from Valérie but I wanted to write my post anyway, just to say thanks to Valérie and tell how much I appreciated everything! =) I'm sorry for being a few days behind - not that easy to take some time to take photos and post... when you have a toddler around who just wants to play and put his hands on everything :p heheheh He's discovering the world, touch is very important but not with coffee mugs ;)

Valérie posted pictures of her beautiful stitching and finished tray, along with the mug, but there was more in the parcel:

Do I need to say how perfect is that design?! I'm so in love with it!! =) It's so adorable ♥ and the finish tray.. all together, precious!! I'm trying to find the perfect place for it... where my boy's little hands won't reach ;) hehehehe But I want to look at it all the time! :)

Thank you my sweet friend
Hugs&smiles to you,

August 5, 2015

Send a smile exchange - Noni to Angel

Hi girls,

I have some great news to share with you!
The  parcel from Noni arrived this morning at my door.
And for sure i am dancing a happy dance.
Look at this pretty package with a sweet card, threads, nail file, chart book,the supercute souvenirs from Australia and super pretty MS cross stitch with a lovely frame!
Really love this cute little mouse!
Thank you soooo much Noni, you are making me smile big time!
Big hugs to you, and of course to all the other stitchers on this blog!

August 4, 2015

Send a smile exchange - Valma to Nia

Hi ladies :D

I take the time to show you the piece I made for her...
It took 2 weeks to cross France and reach Portugal ! Such a long travel !!!
We thought it was lost !

But anyway it seems I succeeded in sending a smile :D
This pattern I had bought on MS web store (what a pity that it has now disappeared !!!!) seemed obvious to me :D

The pity is that I totally forgot to take a picture of the goodies, except that mug to suit with the tray I choose as a finish....

But maybe Nia will find the time to make a post on her blog :D

Anyway, what a pleasure to participate to this exchange !!!
I had almost forgotten how exciting it is to join such an exchange....
Thank you again to Preeti for all the superb goodies I received and thank you Nia for having organised this exchange.

I can't wait to see all the other pieces....
Hugs from France

August 3, 2015

Send a Smile exchange - update!

Hello ladies :D
Last Friday was the deadline to post our parcels, I want to let you all know how things are going ;)

. Judith wrote here that she will post this week and I'm waiting to hear from Ysa, everyone else has posted.

. I don't have photos from Olimpia and Lentochka, everyone else did all well, good job ladies :)

. Three parcels have been delivered - Angel, Preeti and Valérie: mission accomplished :D Great work ladies!!

Let's wait a little and all our parcels will be safely delivered!
I hope everyone is smilling already!!! :D

Let me know if I'm missing something:
. Nia - Posted!
. Ysa - Posted!
. Heather - Posted!
. Judith (will post this week)
. Lentochka - Posted! (No photos)
. Noni - Posted!
. Angel - Delivered :)
. Olimpia - Posted! (No photos)
. Preeti - Delivered :)
. Valma - Delivered :)