September 27, 2012

I fly on a sphere!

Small gift for the friend:))))

special gift to a friend


This is a special gift i'm going to give to a dear friend of mine.
I thought this would be  appropriate because we chat a lot on the phone just like these two!!:-)
Do you think she will like it?
Hugs from  the Netherlands!

September 26, 2012

One more Autumn cat

And here goes my Autumn Cool Cat:
More details are in my blog.

September 25, 2012

Winter Exchange

Who's ready for some Christmas fun? :D
For this exchange let's agree on the finished piece, everyone will make an ornament! :)

If you've never made an ornament before, don't be scare, it's really easy, as easy as making a card :) Really!! There are many tutorials online, you can even find one on my blog (DIY round ornament), just search a little and you'll see there are many pretty ways to make a cute ornament ;)

Choose any Margaret Sherry's design you'd like!
+ add 3 extra items for your partner (threads, ribbons, buttons, stickers, etc)
! Do not post photos before your partner receives your parcel, in your blog or here (let it be a surprise)
! When you post it on the mail, send an email to with a photo of all items you've sent
! Let me know when parcels have arrived so I can keep track of every parcel posted/received
! Make sure to say thanks to your partner too ;) As soon as you get a message from your partner, you can post pictures everywhere! :)
! If it's your first exchange here on the group, please, send me your address to
!! PLEASE make sure you only sign in for this exchange if you are sure you will NOT miss the deadline to send, don't let your partner with an empty mailbox on Christmas season, OK?

Secret partners? Yes or no?
If we choose to go with secret partners, you'll know who to send but not from who you'll receive. And we will only post photos when all parcels are delivered or on December 24th (just like we did last year)

❄ October 12th to enter, leave your name on this post
❄ October 14th list of partners will be published here
❄ November 16th to send over seas or November 30th » for example, if you're posting from Europe to Europe, posting at the end of the month it's enough time to be delivered before christmas BUT you should post earlier if your partner is far away

Who's in:
Nia ⁂ Caixinha de Pirlimpimpim
Valma ⁂ Fée le point
Svetlana ⁂ записки курицы
Judith ⁂ (no blog)
Cucki ⁂ Cucki Stitching Cove
Verónica ⁂ Viver por amor
Olli ⁂ Olli's Blog
Noni ⁂ Fireflies & Cats in the Garden
Amber ⁂ Cthulhu crochet and cousins
Brenda ⁂ Binky's Stitching and Stuff
Anne ⁂ Stitchnkey
Angel ⁂ (no blog)
Joey ⁂ Miss Joey Craft
Eleana ⁂ Enhebrando el blog
Rita ⁂ Il Mio Mondo a Colori
Francesca ⁂ Violetta a cross stitch lover
Olimpia ⁂ Olimpinpin...mis labores
Denise ⁂ My stitching corner
Lentochka ⁂ Вещички из чуланчика
Tracey ⁂ Craft, cook and live
Gislene ⁂ Coração em Ponto Cruz
Camille ⁂ (blog??)

Another Autumn cat

Hello ladies

Here he is, my Autumn cat...
I'm still working on the finish but I'm only one day late for the stitching =D
He is my favourite for the moment
Here, Summer took its time to arrive and had great difficulties to stay...but Autumn... !!
it was written on the calendar 'Autumn' and bang ! It arrived ! Wind, cold, rain, and wind, and wind... :(
Outside it's like at the cat's feet !
Full of leaves ....
A perfect weather to stay at home and stitch =)
Happy stitching everyone
Hugs from France

September 24, 2012

Summer Exchange flashback

Flowers, sunglasses, goggles and duck buoys, our Summer exchange had it all! :D Thanks to everyone who gathered gifts and smiles to send to a friend :) Specially thanks to all ladies who put their pixies shoes to make up for the parcel that never arrived to Francesca, thank you for your friendship and good heart =) I hope you had fun!!! :D

Eleana to Marcinha

Marcinha to Lija

Lija to Cris

Cris to Francesca
--- ??? ---

Francesca to Becky

Becky to Nia

Nia to Dulcinella

Dulcinella to Simone

Simone to Rita

Rita to Valérie

Valérie to Olli

Olli to Noni

Noni to Olimpia

Olimpia to Judith

Judith to Dinny

Dinny to Lu

Lu to Eleana
!!!! Replacing missing parcel, we will update soon !!!

゚・。.。・゚゚・。.。・゚゚・。 Pixies 。・゚゚・。.。・゚゚・。.。・゚
Thanks to Rita, Olli, Valérie, Dinny, Noni, Judith,
Marcinha and Nia (me! hehehe)

Happy Autumn!! :)

Hello ladies!
Yesterday was our deadline for our Autumn Cat (SAL #3) and I finished mine just in time!!! Here he is to wish you all a happy season :)

I spent my weekend stitching so I didn't have time to post about our next exchange, sorry! I will do it soon, very soon :)

September 19, 2012

my chubby cat's cousin :)

My chubby cut has a cousin! :D LOL
After stitching that cute cat with a big heart, here's another one also from Summer Fun Pack (Cross Stitch Crazy 167)

Has anyone else stitched any design from this pack of patterns? :)
Summer is almost over but I may stitch some more heheheh All so cute! =)

September 17, 2012

news update #17

Summer Exchange
Francesca is still receiving her Pixie parcels :)

I have an update from Lu, she sent her package to Eleana by registered mail but after waiting too long and getting no info from the post office, Lu will send a new parcel to replace the missing one.
So, making and shipping a new package, we will have to wait a little more to close our exchange =/

I thought we could start our next exchange because time is flying away! But I will keep my attention until this situation is solved. Does everyone agree with me? Should we start planning for Winter Exchange?

New page on the blog
I created a new page just for our exchanges history, you can check it here. It will be always available to read, just click on the top menu 'Exchanges' :)

Below each title, you have an image and by clicking on it you'll be directed to the original post about the exchange. On the right, there's a link for each flashback and above the list with all participants.

SAL #3
Deadline coming!!! September 23rd, don't forget :p

New author's
Please, welcome our new authors: Angele (Netherlands) and Christiana (UK) :)

September 14, 2012

chubby heart :)

If you follow my blog, you've seen my little bag of ♥ already :)

Pattern from Summer Fun pack
(Cross Stitch Crazy 167)

I was waiting for Francesca to receive it and now I can share with everyone that this chubby cat was my Pixie parcel for Francesca =)

Wish you all a great weekend!!! :D

Puppy Love

Today I can show you another finish  of M. Sherry.
I found the pattern in the book: The Best of M.Sherry.I was so excited to see how it works after doing the backstitches.
This is for a friend of me who will make a pincushion of it for a little boy.. Now I am wondering how she will do this.
I had a great fun doing this square.

Have a nice day all over the world.

September 13, 2012


Well, after five tries, lol, I think I may have gotten this pic and post to you all!  :) Thank you so much Nia for your wonderful knowledge!  It really helped!   I had this little Snowman half done for so long in my stash, and when I saw your wonderful group a week or so ago, I had to finish him.  Thanks so much for the motivation!   Happy Stitching!  :)

September 10, 2012

SAL #3 - Cool Cats - Winter Kitty

Hello!  Gosh it is a long time since I managed to finish a Margaret Sherry design!  Finally I have a Cool Cat to show you...  Winter Cat is done and dusted!

I started this little Cool Cat on the plane trip to and from Hong Kong and put in the last of the back stitch over the weekend.  That is 2 down, 2 to go!  My plan is to start the third cat (Spring) this week while I am at home puppy sitting our new puppy.  That is assuming I manage to get some stitching done this week... last week was a complete wash out during the day for stitching... puppy just wanted lots of cuddles.  This week she seems to be a bit more settled and independent.

Winter Cat will be finished off as a cushion similar to the one I did for the Autumn cat.  Stay tuned for the final finishing flourish of Winter as Spring rolls into the Northern Hemisphere - just like our weather here in Perth!!

Cool Cat SAL - Winter finished Sept 2012
Pop on over to my blog for further stitching updates!

Til next time, happy stitching

Stitching Noni

September 9, 2012

news update #16

Summer Exchange
Marcinha received Eleana's parcel so it's only Eleana who's waiting to receive now. Lu sent her package with registration, it's taking too much time to arrive, she's looking for more information on the post office.

Francesca is back from vacation and a few Pixie Packages were waiting in her mailbox :) There's more on the way! :D

Autumn Exchange
Glad to know that you all agree with me, we will skip Autumn exchange because we're already short on time :p Our last exchange took too long, let's hope that won't happen again!

Winter Exchange
New post on that coming soon... ;)

SAL #3
Congrats to Mónica!! The first one to finish our 3rd cat :D
How's everyone else going? I still have my Autumn cat to stitch but there's time ;) Deadline is 21st September!!

New author's
Please, welcome our new authors on the blog: Anne (Canada), Tracey (UK) and Eunice (Malaysia) :)

September 8, 2012

Cat cool Autumn

Hello friends okay?
It's been three months from my last post here I show my cat cool Auttumn thought coseguia not reach the limit.

Cat Cool  Autumn
 I apologize for the photo is too light can hardly see some colors,do not know what happened to my camera.
Kisses to you and to the next. :)

September 6, 2012

My first entry

This morning I could manage to see how I can write in the blogg.

Shame on me, that I couldn't do it before although beeing a member here for so long.

Now I will show you a square I did for a friend of me.
I changed the pattern a bit with German word belonging to KINDERGARTEN. (Music,Play,Children,Ball and Heart )
It will be a part of a little quilt.
Now I hope that you all can see the photo.

Love and thanks a bunch NIA for this blog.

September 1, 2012

chubby heart...

...full of love to wish you all a happy September!! :D

Design from Summer Fun pack, published on Cross Stitcher Crazy 167.