August 29, 2013

Two little cuties.

Hi everyone,

I wanted to show two little cuties i made recently.
Big hugs from the Netherlands!

August 28, 2013

Gifts from Heather!!

I have a good day! I received a very nice gift from Heather!! Small decorations with a funny cat in the cup is a joy and a smile.)) Beautiful, amazing job!! I love it!! Where's the cat, there's a mouse.)) Heather sending a wonderful card with good wishes!

I love bears! Heather probably guessed this ( )))) ) and gave me a whole set of embroidery with teddy bear from Margaret Sherry! He's so sweet and cute! But that's not all gifts. Heather are also sent me a canvas, buttons, beads, needles!

Dear Heather, thank you so much for the great joy, for the holiday in the heart, for the beautiful gorgeous gifts!!! I really, really enjoyed it!!!))

Dear Nia, thank you so much for such a wonderful exchange!!!))


Better Late Than Unfinished... - SAL#3

Hi gorgeous ladies!!
I've been away for a loooong time... :(

I've seen so many updates on SAL#4 which I don't participate...
Well, I'm still struggling to finish my SAL#3.
Work, family, chores, etc got in the way; but I'm back!

Let me celebrate my cat #3 from Cool Cats, the Autumn Cat.

Now I have 3 of them...

Once I started, I can't stop!
This will be my last cat, the Winter Cat...

Wish me luck!

August 27, 2013

August update!

Hello ladies!!
Sorry for the lack of updates during this month.. August has been a time for vacation :) I just finished replying all emails, sorry for the delay!! =)

New authors
We have a couple new members on the group, I will leave them the chance to post here and introduce themselves ;) A few stitchers also asked to join our exchanges but I had to say 'No' when it's someone who has no blog =/ We need to know something about the people who join, the least we can do is accept stitchers who have their own blog and often post. It's the minimum guarantee we can ask =/ It's sad to say 'No' to a stitcher but we had trouble before.. I hope everyone understands.

Blogversary Exchange
We are at the same point we were one month ago...
Lentochka, Cucki and Simone are still waiting to receive their parcels =/
I know mail from Lentochka takes a while to arrive (we saw it on the previous exchange) so next time we need to be more careful here. Maybe Lentochka could post earlier than the others, trying to make up for the delay on the mail service delivery from Russia.
Simone also has some trouble getting mail in Brazil, so that doesn't surprise me much either.. it's sad but let's give it a little more time, patience.
What about the parcel from Heather to Lentochka?! More trouble on mail to Russia..? we can only wait..
In all cases it's possible that this delay is all on the mail service =( Hope to have some news in the next couple of weeks!!

Halloween Exchange
Next exchange is coming soon!! Halloween theme!
We have only 7 stitchers so far, anyone else would like to join?
More details here on this page!
I have a suggestion for this exchange, about the design to stitch. Since there aren't many Margaret Sherry's designs for halloween, would you like to leave it a free stitching? You could make any design for any handmade piece you'd like, the halloween theme would be on the extra gifts in the parcel. What do you think? Does everyone agree?


August 21, 2013

SAL# 4

Hello Ladies, I came to show my last puppy. This was very quick and the embroidery looks just like my dog ​​when he does something stupid.
How are yours?


August 7, 2013

news to share and a gift received :)

Hello ladies!! How is everyone doing?
Many people on vacation this month? :) I'll be soon, working just until the end of this week :D

If you are a follower on my personal blog, you already now how my past few weeks have been ;) If not, let me share the news: I'm pregnant! :D Early pregnancy yet, which has given me a change of rhythm that I'm still adapting :p and that's not the only reason I haven't been around so much, I was also very busy unwrapping packages with lots of bday gifts :D heheh It was my birthday on July 27th :)

A couple of weeks ago, I've also received a surprise package :) Gislene, from Brazil, sent me sweet treats saying how happy she was with all her Pixie gifts!

Since her partner failed on the last winter exchange, some friends on the group gathered to send her Pixie parcels. I know it's not the same as receiving our exchange in time but I also think it's a wonderful joy to see friends gathering just for friendship, nothing in return :) So thank you, thanks to everyone who has send a Pixie parcel (not only to Gislene but in all our previous exchanges), thank you all for your kindness and friendship :)
You ladies are the best!!