January 29, 2012

January 28, 2012

First Part of SAL Finished

I finished the Spring cat this evening. I have decided to put them all on one piece, so there are marking lines showing for now. I am still not sure about the colour of the writing, so that may change (has already been done 3 times!).

Cat in a Teacup

Yes, it's a finish!  From Cross Stitch Card Shop issue 82.  It's also the free cover gift.

Until next time, Happy Stitching


January 27, 2012

From Rusian to El Salvador

Better late than never says an old adage, and it is true, the good wishes are always welcome.
Svetlana card at last came, and that gave me pleasure to receive

She made a friendly penguin playing with snowballs

And she added some snowflakes.

Very elegant truth.
One more thing to learn.

January 23, 2012

weekly news #2

Ready for the news from this last week? :)

SAL #3
We are starting a new SAL, 10 stitchers have already signed in! To join, just read this post and leave a comment ;)
Lu has already finished her first cat!! Congrats! :D

Christmas card exchange
Nothing to update =/ Eleana and Svetlana are still waiting for the mail to arrive...

New authors
Welcome Lu from Brazil and Tami from Polland!! :D

New freebie available on Margaret Sherry's blog :)

January 22, 2012

SAL #3 Cool Cats

My first cat!!!
I loved!

Cantinho da Lú

January 21, 2012

Rabbit terry tea towel

Here is the second rabbit tea towel to go with the first one. I mailed them to my mother and she was thrilled. She shows both set of tea towels off when visitors come over to visit her. She doesn't want to use them yet as she says they are too lovely to use. LOL


On a dutch Yahoo group we did a puppycard swap. I stitched this pup on light blue aida. It was fun making.



January 19, 2012

SAL #3 Cool Cats

Our first activity for 2011.. ops.. 2012!! ehehhe Who's up for a SAL??? :)
Four cool cats to stitch, one to celebrate each season :D

Cross Stitcher Magazine, Issue 194

Spring Cat » March 21st
Summer Cat » June 21st
Autumn Cat » September 23rd
Winter Car » December 21st

Or, if you're from the opposite side of the globe
Autumn Cat » March 21st
Winter Cat » June 21st
Spring Cat » September 23rd
Summer Car » December 21st

You're free to finish into whatever you'd like! You can make a bag like shown in the magazine, you can make cards to send to your friends, make something to decorate on your house, let your ideas flow!!
I'm curious to see what everyone will make! :)

Who wants to join??? :D
You know how it works, just leave a comment on this post ;)
Everyone can start stitching and it ends on December 21st :)

January 17, 2012

Two little cards!

Here are two cards I've just made up.

This one is for my Mum's birthday.

This for a SAL with a Valentines theme.

January 16, 2012

Margaret Sherry's Christmas Mice

I didn't get a chance to participate in the Margaret Sherry Christmas stitch-along, but that doesn't mean I didn't get a chance to do some Margaret Sherry related stitching for the holidays. I put together two sets of these Christmas mice, (plus an extra mouse with stocking for myself). These adorable little guys come from The Best of Margaret Sherry collection.

The first set I stitched on 18 count aida cloth, which seemed like a good idea when I started (and don't get me wrong, they did turn out very cute!) But I hadn't thought ahead to all those tiny 1/4 backstitches that are used to create details on the mice, and they were quite a challenge to stitch on such a small fabric.

The frames on this set are woodgrain flexi-hoops, which I love because I was able to stitch the designs right in the frame. I made these ones as stocking stuffer to go with our Christmas gift for a friend.

This second set I made for my brother-in-law's girlfriend. She's from Japan and decorating the family tree is one of her favourite activities when she gets to spend Christmas with us in Canada. This time I stitched the designs over 2 threads on a 32 count linen, which was much easier to work with! The frames are 2.5 inch in diameter ornament frames that I found at Michael's. I was so happy to discover them since they were the perfect size for these little mice.

Wishing all my fellow Margaret Sherry stitchers all the best for 2012! Happy stitching everyone,

January 14, 2012

weekly news #1

One of my goals for this year, as an admin on the blog, is to post a weekly update :) Welcome new authors, post about any news, updates about our activities, etc..
So, when a new week starts, you can come here and see what's up :D

Wrapping 2011's activities:

Christmas card exchange
Two cards still travelling to their destinations, Eleana and Svetlana, coincidently both partners so I can imagine there was some issue with the mail between their countries =/ I hope both will get their cards soon!!

We had two but both are still open, a few stitchers are behind...
Are you stitching yet? Have you given up on the projects? Let us know if you'll finish or if you have abandoned the task, ok?
Here we don't give or take anything, it's just about stitching and having fun! So, no punishments for anyone, no one will have to sit on the corner of the room ;) heheheh But it would be great to have everyone done and the list completed :D


. Dinny ALL DONE!
. Joanita ALL DONE!
. Alda ALL DONE!
. Svetlana 2nd done!
. Noni 2nd done!
. Rafa 2nd done!
. Paty 2nd started
. Astrid 1st done!
. Rosário 1st started
. Susana 1st/2nd started
. Marta
. Luciana

. Mary Joan ALL DONE!
. Cucki ALL DONE!
. Valma ALL DONE!
. Olli ALL DONE!
. Becky ALL DONE!
. Jolanda ALL DONE!
. Mónica ALL DONE!
. Francesca ALL DONE!
. Raquel ALL DONE!
. Eleana ALL DONE!
. Jane Marcia ALL DONE!
. Susana 1st done!
. Noni 1st done!
. Annette 1st done!
. Rita 1st done!
. Joanita ..stitching..
. Luciana ..stitching..
. Isabella ..stitching..
. Sari ..stitching..
. Xeihua
. Alda
. Ilka
. Jutta

New author!!
Lorraine, from USA, welcome to our group!! :D

January 12, 2012

Hi everyone!!! HAPPY 2012!!! :D

This is my first post of the year so let me just take a moment to say goodbye to 2011 and welcome all stitchers who joined us! He have 63 authors on the group and 260 followers :) I hope you are enjoying the group!! :D

If you're not an author yet and you'd like to become one, just leave a comment here or send an email to msherrylovers@gmail.com ;) And if you're an author and haven't posted even once here... what are you waiting for?? heheheeh Come on, feel free to introduce yourself, let us get to know you too ;)

I loved our Christmas Card Exchange, I think it was so much fun to have a special surprise on our Christmas =) Did you enjoy it too??
Has everyone received? The mail service disappointed a bit, right? =/
Next time we just need to make it sooner ;)
I'm waiting to know if everyone got their cards so I can close this exchange and bring to the group something new for 2012! Stay tuned, coming soon ;)

Happy stitching!! Happy New Year!!
Have fun!! :D

Exchange Card - Rita to Olli and Olli to Rita

Hello ladies!:)
To start, i wish you all the best in 2012!;)
Today i'm showing you the card i've sent to Olli, my Christmas card exchange partner, and also some things from my country and city :)

 Then i received from Olli a beautiful postcard and other great stitching things :) Thank you again, Olli :)

That's it...i just want to thank Nia, for organizing this great exchange and tell her to, please, do more things like this soon, if you can!!:)

Kiss to you all:)


January 4, 2012

1st post

My 1st post here and my first MS cross stitch embroidery are unforgettable... lol
I stitched this pattern to compose my son's diaper's dump... He was born on June 15th and is almost 7 months of age!
Hope you enjoy it and I'll try to post more times...
I still owe Sal #2... despite the delay, I hope to show you soon...



First finish 2012!

I love this little design and I am very pleased with the way it turned out.
I downloaded the design from Craft Circle (as advertised in Cross Stitcher)

January 3, 2012

Sal #2 & Swap together

Had been on vacation two weeks ago, but here I am ready to show my card and culminating MSLovers SWAP salt thereof my first blog.

And further details ...
I added some onyx hearts as buttons

Shakira and few eyes, as the French knot is not my specialty.

Unfortunately did not get my little card Christmas, but I had fun doing mine.
Thanks for everything.

My first SAL


Margaret Sherry's designs are so cute, it's a pleasure to stitch!!!
Everyone who saw my work, said it looks pretty...

Rabbit terry tea towel

I am stitching on a pair of terry tea towels using one of Margaret Sherry's designs from Britain No 1 Cross-Stitcher magazine, Issue No. 237, pg. 24. I haven't decide which design to stitch for the second tea towel yet. I am using waste canvas to stitch onto the towel which makes the rabbit stands out.