February 28, 2014

SAL #6 - I've Started Stitching

One mouse down, and many stitches to go...

I was snowed in on Monday so I finally had some time to get started on our SAL #6 picture. Luckily I had already bought the fabric, and I was happy to find I had all but one of the colours in my stash already, making it easy to begin.

I'm not as far along as Debbie yet, but I have been able to find a bit of time to stitch each day this week. By last night you could see the little mouse's big buddy taking shape:

I'm really enjoying working on this picture and I'm glad we chose it for one of the stitch alongs this year. I can't wait to see how everyone finishes off their Sunday Snooze pictures!

February 26, 2014


I thought I would let you all know how my SAL # 6 is coming along.

My stitching on this one has been slow, mainly because it has been incredibly hot here and I have been too tired by the end of each day. As in all Margaret Sherry designs, there are lots of colour changes and little details, which have slowed me down too, but the end results are worth it.

I did the backstitch on the little mouse last night and it really helps the picture to come alive.

Happy stitching everyone! I hope to see your progress on your SALs soon.

Christmas Exchange 2013: Debbie’s gift from Ysa in the Dominican Republic.

Thank you so much, Ysa, for 2 beautiful parcels that were full of lovely goodies. Although it took a long time to reach me, it was worth the wait!

As you can see from this photo, my parcels contained two cute pieces of Christmas fabric, some sparkly mounting ‘paper’, a Christmas stocking set (which needs to be made up), beautiful Christmas cord and a lot of shiny, sparkly goodies like sequins, beads, pompoms and buttons.

My favourite items, of course, are the set of 4 beautiful coasters, which my daughters helped me to unwrap. They are so useful and are beautifully stitched. I haven’t seen anything like them before.

Once again a huge ‘Thank you’ to Ysa! I am sure you were worried that your parcels had gotten lost along the way. I’m so glad they weren't.

With love,

February 24, 2014

My Christmas 2013 Exchange Received by Rita

Rita said:
Thank you so much!!! It's all so beautiful!! And red is one of my favourite colours! I loved everything.
The little stitched notebook is sooo cute! Love the Margaret Sherry design! Beautiful! 
And the bookmark and pencils are too cute..

So happy Rita that you love it all!!    Enjoy!!  :)  Anne

My Christmas Exchange for Natalya


2013 Christmas exchange update!

Hello ladies!
I'm catching up on our Christmas exchange, please, let me know if there's any information missing on the list below:

Parcels received: 15/18
. Valma - Received :)
. Olli - Received :)
. Angel - Received :)
. Anne Fraser - Received :)
. Heather - Received :)
. Gislene - Received :)
. Judith - Received :)
. Noni - Received :)
. Rita - Received :)
. Lentochka - Received :)
. Maria Ysabel - Received :)
. Jules - Received :)
. Natalya - Received :)
. Amber - Received :)
. Camille returned to sender =(
. Debra Vermeulen - Received :)
. Julianne - Received :)
. Cucki note: Cucki was away during Christmas, she went home in January and there was no exchange on the mailbox yet. But, she had to travel again so maybe there's news.. we will wait until she returns ;)

Camille and Debbie, still nothing on your mailbox??? =(
Two months after Christmas.. it's too long...
By now we can reveal that Ysa sent to Debbie and Lentochka sent to Camille. Ladies, please, confirm your sent packages, do you have any tracking number? Can you get any info with your post office?

Note: Lentochka's parcel was returned to sender. I wrote to Camille, now we will have to wait for her feedback and try to find out what happened =/
Note 2: Debbie has received Ysa's parcel :)

February 19, 2014

Cattitude Horoscopes: Aquarius


Are you Aquarius? Today is the last day of this horoscope sign. I almost forgot to write post :o). I must wait for my sign for so long time... :-) I love this design with rainbow water.

Original post here.

Have a nice evening!

February 13, 2014

quick note!

Hello ladies :)
I need to apologize for being so behind here on the blog, I know I need to update everything from the last 2 weeks (also emails to reply!!) =/ sorry ladies! Those who follow my blog already know the reason why I'm missing some time :p There's a baby boy coming soon to my world =)

I will try to update and organize everything until the weekend but I'm already apologizing in advance if I may continue a bit behind during the coming weeks.. it's for a good 'little' reason =) I think everyone can understand :)
Thank you ladies!!!

February 3, 2014

My lovely gifts!!!

I have great joy!!!)) Natasha from Russia gave me extraordinarily beautiful embroidered decoration with funny story! Lovely and neat work!

But how many different wonderful gifts was sending! Here and retro otkrytochku as childhood with good wishes, and a set of embroidery, fabrics and pieces of Christmas, and beautiful buttons with interesting chips!

Many thanks to Natasha for this beauty, for the wonderful gifts and a fabulous holiday!!!

Nia, thank you so much for organizing the exchange of magic!!!

February 1, 2014

Calendar Cats: February


The first day of February and this is my the first February embroidery. It´s the next design from "Calendar Cats" (and from my blog project 2014). This little kitty give you a bouquet of flowers and heart full of love with a big smile :o)

I wish you a beautiful February!

P.S.: My original post with a lot of pictures here.