July 1, 2013

exchange deadline closing!!!

Ladies, today our posting deadline closes, so far only half the group has posted. More 3 friends are working on their parcels too and will post soon, along this week. Just a few days more it's ok :)

But I really mean a few days, not weeks. I'm on red alert with Joey, I know she's behind but... I don't know how long =/ I'm waiting for her reply and carefully taking this on my attention.

Heather, Lentochka, Judith and Gislene, let me know how things are going for you. Even if you're not posting today, write to me, I need to know how long it will take to post your parcel, ok?

. Valma - Posted!!
. Joey - Delayed... I'm waiting too know how long
. Heather - Posted!!
. Lentochka - Will post this week
. Cucki - Posted!!
. Amber - Posted!!
. Simone - Posted!!
. Judith - Will post this week
. Angel - Posted!!
. Olli - Posted!!
. Gislene - Posted!!
. Rita - Will post this week
. Fara - Posted!!
. Noni - Will post this week
. Anne - Posted!!
. Deb Jochim - Will post this week

Update July 2nd
Total sent: 10/16
Will send until Friday: 5/16
Waiting for email reply: 1/16
Come on ladies, let's ship all parcels until the end of the week :D


Musicwoman said...

Hi Nia,

I think I will send my parcel during this week. I will tell you exactly when I know itand send you the photo.

Rita said...

just one more day and i will post it!! tecnical problems lol

♥ Nia said...

Thank you for the feedback ladies :)
Still waiting to hear from 3 friends, hope to have all solved by the end of the week! :D