May 10, 2014

Sal #5 - Second Update

Hello girls!

Here is my progress on Sal # 5 so far: 

It's almost done. Yupi! :) It's been a real joy stitching this piece.

Well, hope you enjoy it. Until next time. Kisses

May 8, 2014

SAL #5 update !

Hello all,
Here is my update on SAL #5 Spring Bouquet.

Click on the pic for clear view

Almost done. Just the backstitching is left but my eyes are getting tired after I am done with my routine stuff. I guess it will take few or many days to complete just the backstitching.

I am happy I got until this much done :)

Thanks for looking!


May 6, 2014


Hi everybody,

I have to confess something.
I am gonna cheate on SAL6, sunday snooze.
The chart is cute but i decided i just wanted to stitch what i think is the most fun part of the pattern and gonna leave out the rest.
I know it, i am cheating but i hope you will forgive me when
you look at these little cuties!

hugs, Angele