July 15, 2013

packages delivered! :D

After gathering all info, this is how things are so far:

. Valma - Received :)
. Joey - Received :)
. Heather
. Lentochka
. Cucki
. Amber - Received :)
. Simone
. Judith - Received :)
. Angel - Received :)
. Olli - Received :)
. Gislene - Received :)
. Rita - Received :)
. Fara - Received :)
. Noni - Received :)
. Anne - Received :)
. Deb - Received :)

Did I miss anyone?? Please, let me know ;)
I'm happy to see so many packages arriving quickly!!! You did a great job ladies, very proud of you all!!! :D


Valma said...

yeeeeeeeeees, this is so super
hope all the other parcels will arrive soon !
this is a real chain all around the world ! I'm so happy to be part of this...
big hugs from France ladies

Stitching Noni said...

I have now received my package from Fara too :)
Will do a post in the next day or so to show you the lovely package that Fara sent from Malaysia :)

Fara Azmi said...

I've received my parcel from Rita, Portugal. :)

Thanks, Rita for the lovely exchange.

And Noni, hope you like your package..hihi.

♥ Nia said...

Wonderful to see so many packages arriving in time :D This is what happens when we post until the deadline ;) hehhhehe Well done ladies!! :D

Fara, have you written to Rita? Please, send her an email too, it's nice to let our partners know by email ;)

Unknown said...

Valma, Thanks your lovely gift... Later i will post up the picture and blog... i'm just very busy on house shifting....

Valma said...

that's so great it well arrived =)
hope you enjoyed
good luck with your house shifting sweetie =)
hugs from France