October 18, 2015

Getting cold.

It is getting colder, real autumn days with unfortunately rainy days.
Good excuse to stay warm inside and stitch!
Happy stitching!

October 10, 2015

Send a smile exchange - update!

Hello ladies!
Sorry I have been M.I.A., too many sleepless nights over here... For too many weeks =/ And I thought having a newborn was the hardest, such a fool :p My boy is 19 months old and still doesn't like to sleep much, he prefers to play and watch the world, doesn't want to miss a thing!!!

3 parcels to check on our exchange:

. Waiting to hear from Judith, about her parcel to Lentochka and Heather's parcel too
. No news from Lentochka either... Maybe Judith's parcel was delivered, no idea!
. And Noni is waiting to receive too, I know if it was already delivered, Noni would have written an e-mail to me ;)

How about everyone else? Was everyone happy with our exchange? Many smiles? :D
Feel free to write anything you would like to say about our exchange :) we can always learn how to do better.
I know I want to be more active, it hasn't been the same since I have my baby... And I still think all partners should interact more! When you receive your partner's address, you also receive her e-mail, talk to each other! Get to know your partner and friendships will grow, you'll see ;)

Hugs&smiles to all,