December 30, 2011

Exchange card - Rafa to Val

I'm fond of this little hedgehog you made Rafaela ♥
The design is so close to the mice :)
And the star....great !
And you wrote some words in French :D
Many many many thanks for the gifts with it, and the so kind words you wrote
Definitely this card exchange was a real pleasure :D
All my love

Hedgehog - Christmas card exchange

December 29, 2011

Stitch In Time

Hello girls!!!!

First of all: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! :)

Today I'm gonna show you a stitching that my boyfriend did. It´s called Stitch In Time from our greatest designer, Margaret Sherry, of course. :) He started last year and finished this week.

 It's a lovely design and I'm very proud of him. Hope you love it like I do. :)

Until next time.


December 26, 2011

Happy Christmas

Hope you have all had a good Christmas and got lots of stitchy goodies.

Here's a pic of the Little Kate design I stitched for my daughter's Christmas present.

MS Christmas Exchange - Noni to Nia

Merry Christmas everyone!

What lovely cards everyone has done.  My card to Nia arrived in time for Christmas, but unfortunately the postie has been a bit slow coming to Australia from Portugal - even though Nia posted a couple of days before I did!  Never mind I'm sure it will be in the post office this week :o)

So I have seen the photo of the beautiful card that Nia has sent me, but as yet you haven't seen what I sent Nia as she wasn't going to open it until Christmas Day.  Hopefully Nia has opened her envelope as I am now going to do the big reveal!!

I found my design in the "Best of  Margaret Sherry" bookazine and then did a 3D image to complement the stitching.  Actually the truth be known I saw the image first that I wanted to do as a 3D card and then looked in the book for a matching design.  The 3D image came from the Margaret Sherry "Snow much Fun" CD that was a freebie with a craft magazine.  (I only bought the magazine for the CD!!)

Both images were then layered onto a Christmas candy stripe paper and placed onto a gold card which I had already covered with a vintage Christmas paper.  The label also came from the CD collection.  The final step was to add some lovely shiny red rub-ons which I put in the bottom corner.

Christmas 2011 card for Nia
I do hope you like it :o)

Nia, thank you so much for organising the Christmas Exchange.  I hope that we do it again next year!

Thank you everyone for sharing all your beautiful stitching over the year.  I look forward to seeing what everyone stitches from the great Margaret Sherry designs in 2012.

Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year

Pop on over to my blog for further stitching updates!

Til next time, happy stitching

Stitching Noni

December 24, 2011

Exchange card to Rafaela

Then, here is my card to Rafaela
I changed the colours a little to use the threads I already had :D

 A little bit deceived that it didn't arrived on time, but no matter, it was so much fun doing it and waiting everyday for the postman :D
And also discover all the pictures today !
I didn't received mine neither, but I can see on the picture you posted Nia, that the hedgehog Rafaela made is so so so cute, and that the star is not stitched :D
Great :D
I don't tell more Rafaela, because there's a present with the card and then it will be a surprise, a surprise I hope you will like :D
Merry Xmas Rafaela, Merry Xmas everybody
Lot's of love

exchange card to Noni :)

Merry Christmas to everyone!!
Merry Christmas to Noni, my exchange partner!! :)

I know Noni is a cat lover ;) I stitched... a cat obviously!! LOL :D

I didn't have enough Lana thread to stitch the hat (like I did on Santa and snowman for our SAL #2) so I change a little detail. Instead of stitching the mistletoe on his neck, I made it with felt and beads :) And I added a bigger one on the top too! For the card, I used Kraft card.

Noni, I hope the postman won't take to long to take this little cat to his new house =)

:;☆;:*:;☆;:*:;☆ MERRY CHRISTMAS!! ☆;:*:;☆;:*:;☆;:

It's midnight in Australia!! :D

This morning I opened a little envelope from under the tree.. with the most gorgeous card!!! Thank you Noni :D What a lovely way to start my Christmas day =))) I wish I could make the postman run over there!!! ehehhehe

I hope you all had fun with this exchange like I did :D

I'm posting all the group exchange but everyone can make their own post here! Feel free to post more pictures and talk a little more about the card you made or what else you sent to your partner :)

From Nia to Noni

From Noni to Nia

From Rita to Olli

From Olli to Rita

From Eleana to Svetlana

From Svetlana to Eleana

From Isa to Malena

From Malena to Isa

From Rafaela to Valérie

From Valérie to Rafaela

From Laura to Judith

From Judith to Laura

:;☆;:*:;☆;:*:;☆ MERRY CHRISTMAS!! ☆;:*:;☆;:*:;☆;:

December 23, 2011

getting ready for tomorrow!!

Hello ladies :)
I'm a little behind here, I apologize for that =/ You all know how this season is always such a busy time for everyone :p

Next week I will update all about our SAL #2, now it's about our Christmas Exchange, lets get on track of that first :)

I got my card from Noni but I'm saving it to open tomorrow morning :)
Judith also received her card from Laura, and Olli received from Rita! Anyone else? Next year we have to start earlier :p ehehhe

Tomorrow we will have a big post here with all the pictures, so everyone can see their surprise card in time for Santa :)
Santa starts his trip in Australia, right Noni? You are the first one to have Santa's visit :D At what time should I post here?
I think Australia is 11 hours ahead from Portugal so... Santa will start delivering gifts when it's 1 p.m for me :)
Should I post exactly at that time? Earlier? What do you say girls?

PS: Anyone wants to wait and not see a picture here tomorrow??

* Rita received her card from Olli too!! :)

2012 Diary

Postman did not bring me a card from Brazil today :(
But he brought me my 2012 Diary:D
I'm so happy :D

And just before sending my needles on holidays, I stitched Hedgehog :D
I find him so cute (but I did him....! )
Will make a birthday card :D

Happy stitching
And merry Xmas to all of you

December 21, 2011

My Card

Judith has received today my postcard for the exchange, so I can show it to you all!
The hedgehog was taken from a pattern on "The best of Margaret Sherry" book

Judith has told me that it's her preferred pattern I'm so glad that she appreciated it so much!!!! you soon

I did it :D

Hi girls,
I'm so happy to show my 2nd apron finished :D
The last design is from Hey Diddle Diddle
I'm satisfied with the result, and I'm sure these 2 presents will be appreciated :D

Hey Diddle Diddle

I wish you all a Merry Xmas
Hope my card for the exchange will arrive :-/
Big hugs from France


December 19, 2011

Waiting for Christmas

I couldn't resist taking advantage of the lovely free cross stitch chart Margaret Sherry posted on her new site. I can't wait for the new patterns coming in 2012. But for now, I'll have to satisfy myself with this adorable kitty waiting for Christmas.

Both cats were stitched over two strands on a 32 count Belfast Linen in cream. The top one that's been made into a tree ornament I'm going to be keeping for myself. The bottom one, placed in a sparkly red stand-up frame will be a stocking stuffer for my mom, who is also a major cat person.

Sorry the second one is looking a little blurry. To get the pictures I set these on my scanner and since the second kitty is recessed a bit in the frame, it comes out a little blurry. I assure you in real life he's quite clear, and adorable!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

6 days left before Xmas !

Hi girls

6 days left before Xmas and my apron is not finished :-/
But here is You're my cup of tea :D
I started the last design and I'm doing my best to finish it tonight or tomorrow !
Still his face and ears to stitch :D
And backstitch to do of course....
It will be ok :D
Big hugs from France

You're my cup of tea

December 15, 2011

My coffee addict cat

Hi Ladies,

I would like to present my first MS-cat, which is the part of single RR,to you.
He is Coffee addict on Hubert-linen with 2 strands.
The sample was a gift.
Happy stitching for everybody.
Hugs from Hungary.

Alice7610's blog

December 12, 2011

Couch Potato on my apron :D

Hi girls,

I finished the 1st part on my apron :D
Couch Potato from calendar 2008 (or 2009 ? November month) comes and joins Puppy Love around the dish :D
I still have 2 designs to stitch and my second apron will be ready for Xmas !
I can be on time , I think !

Couch Potato

Hope you like them
Hugs from France


Hi everyone!!

About our Christmas Card Exchange, not everyone has sent me the confirmation =( If you haven't done it already, please, send me an email to let me know when you posted your card and also a photo from what you sent. Thank you!

Quick reminder to our new authors, please, don't forget to check the rules for posting, only 7 simple rules and it's so easy to follow :)

To our new followers: Welcome!!! :)
If you'd like to join the group, we would love to have one more friend stitching with us!! Just send an email to ;)

A great week to all!!! :D

December 11, 2011

Hugs from Berlin !!!!!

Hi friends, this is my first posting here with you. I am in very fresh love with the pattern of Margaret Sherry. I embroider this design for my daughter, it should be a cushion. I really hope that I can still emroider a SAL motif.

Best regards

My Blog!

December 10, 2011

SAL#2...1st part done!:)

Hello girls!I finally managed to finish my snowman from SAL#2! :D Before Christmas...yeah! lol

I already started the Santa...maybe i will finish it this year! ;)
Kiss to all and have a great weekend! ;)

December 8, 2011

Second apron

Hi everybody

I started my second apron then, and here is the 1st dog, from Puppy Love :D
I reversed it because of the design I want to stitch besides.... :D
I think it can be a funny / cute scene !
Hope the result will be as good as the first !
I finally find that its 'face' doesn't really look like the original design....but it's done o_O
Happy stitching girls
Hugs from France

Puppy Love

December 7, 2011

postcards on their way!! :D

Congrats to Valerie, first one posting her card to Rafaela! uhuuuuu :D
I also know that Rafaela has her card ready to post and so is mine! Ready to fly to Australia :)

I had some trouble with emails going to spam =/ Please, ladies, let me know if you have all received my email with your partners address, ok?

I added a list on the sidebar so we can keep track on all postcards sent/received. Everytime I get a new email, I will update that list ;)

I hope everyone is having fun!!! Happy stitching :D

I sent my card today!! :D
Rafaela and Svetlana too!! :)
Rita and Laura sent their cards!! :)

SAL #2 and a new finish

This is the snowman

and this is Santa

I have stitched for the Christmas SAL! I put small pieces of cinnamon stiks and star anice inside to scent these small cuschions! Now they smell of Christmas!!
Thank you very much, Nia, to arrange this SAL!

And this is a small bag I stitched and sewed. It may contains make-up!

Merry Christmas!!!

December 2, 2011

here I am

Hello every one I'm Laura I come from Italy and I want to shoe you some stitching I do in the past
two cats from a Crossstitcher Calendar...(maybe...)

and an Archies's pattern from The Crosstitcher that I've stitched on a bath towel for a little girl!!!

and now...can I tell you a little secret??? Today I've receive my issue 184 of WOCS and I'm alredy waitingnor next issue with the 2012 stitcher's diary...the theme...Margaret Sherry of course!!!! see you soon