February 28, 2011

Chick Lit BookMark

Hello to all :)

I really needed a book mark so I could not resist embroidering this Chick Lit Bookmark which was published on Cross Stitcher magazine. I think it was a treat and was very quick to stitch...

First cat started.... but not finished

Hi everyone!  Wow, there are some lovely MS cats out there for February!

I have started my first cat.... on the last weekend of the month... I am not normally slow at starting these things but February has been an extremely short month for some reason....  I have also been very busy trying to finish off something for a charity here in Australia (Quilts 4 Kids) - see my blog for details on what I have been stitching throughout February.

So anyway, on Saturday morning I went off to Spotlight (local craft shop) and bought my Aida and the missing colours that I needed.  Must be the "Stitchers Law" that no matter how many colours I have I never seem to have the right colour for the design that I am about to start stitching!  I did manage to get a couple of hours stitching in on Saturday afternoon and another couple of hours on Sunday afternoon - but unfortunately not as much as I would have liked.  Never mind!  I will get my sweet little cat finished in time to make a start on March's before the end of the March!!!

As you can see from the picture below, Oscar Bear decided that he had to be in on the action.  Felix was also there but decided to be camera shy at the precise time the flash went off.....

MS SAL - February cat (cat with recipe book)
Look forward to seeing more of what everyone has stitched for February

Til then, happy stitching

Stitching Noni

My First Cat Done !

Hi girls!
I finally got my first cat done 4 days ago, but I haven't had a chance to post a picture of it. Now, here it is....

SAL in progress!

I know it will not be ready tomorrow, sorry girls, much work, but at least I started today and was happy with the progress! =)

February 25, 2011

Finish =D

My kitty is also ready :)
I think it turned out even prettier than I was expecting on the beginning!

Now, I’m waiting for Tuesday to start the next one!
Have a nice weekend.

February 23, 2011

SAL update

Hello ladies! How is everyone doing? :)
We have new members on the blog, also joining our SAL!

Who has finished stitching the first cat? Me, Joanita, Rafa and ...?
Who has started? Alda, Dinny, Svetlana, Paty and ...?

February is almost finishing, I would like to ask everyone to post something about the SAL. Even if you won't finish it until the end of the month, please, post your wip picture. Let us know which cat you chose and how is your stitching progress :)
I had to remake my backstitch because I wasn't totally happy with it! Now it's all done and I also finished my piece.. about that I'll only tell you more in April ;)

February 21, 2011

Anchor vs Dmc

Good morning everyone!
Dinny asked if anyone else was stitching our SAL with DMC threads, I am :)
These are my DMC colors for the table runner pattern:


I use conversion tables from the web, normally I start using CyberStitchers Conversion and if I have doubts I check on other webpages ;)

Coffee and Cuddles

Hello fellow Margaret Sherry Fans!  This is my first post on the MS Lovers Blog, but hopefully there will be more from me soon!!

So, what MS delight have I recently finished....

Well, it is this cute little MS cat that I stitched for a Valentine's Swap.  The design came from the UK "Cross Stitcher" magazine, issue 198.  The full design features 4 cats in coffee mugs in various poses; I decided to stitch the one in the red mug with the hearts - quite appropriate for Valentine's Day!  Seeing as I wanted to finish it off by putting it into a coaster I decided to stitch the design on 16 count aida so that it would fit into the aperature of the coaster.  At some stage I will probably stitch all 4 cats as they really are so cute!

I am finally about to start my first cat for the MS SAL - I know it is nearly the end of February and I haven't started yet.....  WIP photo to follow by the end of the month!

See you then,
Stitching Noni

February 18, 2011

My First Cat

Hello, fellow stitchers!

I have finished the cross-stitches of my first cat for our SAL.
Next task is doing the back-stitches, my favorite part.. yaaay...!!

Is there anyone, like me, using DMC instead of Anchor? I would like to compare it, because I am not quite confident with my color conversion.. :)

Cat #1

 First cat done!!! =)

February 17, 2011


Good morning everybody :D

Here is my second mouse
I thought it was called Daffodil but it's Dandelion
It's hanged just beside Party Animal, so we made the same frame  :-)


This one is my favourite...for the moment

I started the Sailing Mice two weeks ago, but it's really still in progress ! :D

Have a nice day girls


February 16, 2011

First cat done! :)

Good morning ladies :D

I've finished my first cat for our SAL, here he is:

And how's everyone else doing?
Has everyone started the first cat? Which one did you chose? :)

February 14, 2011

Introduction and my MS finishes

Hello to all Margaret Sherry lovers stitchers!
I'm Veronica (aka Dolci Fusa) from Italy.
I'm a huge fan of this designer, I've also opened a Flickr group to collect all photos concerning her works time ago.
In these years I've stitched many MS characters, let me show them.
The first ones: zodiacal cats, gifted to my dearest friend.

Libra Cat

Gemini cat

Cancer cats

These were for two charity project, a violinist cat...


... and another zodiacal cat (mine!).

Capricorn Cat

A seasonal stitch: it welcomes my guests every Christmas.

Santa & Pals

A welcome baby with Charlie bear, for my cousin's second born.

Charlie bear per Santino part

To finish with a flourish, and consistent with this peculiar day,
two Valentine's gifts for my fiance: a little and tiny pendant for car stitched 1 over 1...

Little Cats

... and a chocolate box mouse. He loves Margaret Sherry patterns very much too.

San Valentino 2009 ad Alfredo

I will show you my MS Sport & Hobbies SAL next time, I've stitched eight characters until now.

Cat #1

Hello girls!

I would show you my wip!

What is your opinion?

Good week =)

February 12, 2011


Unfortunately, I yet haven't started to embroider cats from SAL. I embroidered a charming cat-photographer for my friend. Darling, isn't it?

February 10, 2011

I have jelly!

Hello ladies :)
I haven't been stitching much this week, extra time working = less time for my needles and threads =/ But I have a little start from last Sunday, at least I 'made' some jelly :D LOL

MSherry SAL

I hope to have some progress to show you next weekend ;)
How about your SAL? How is everyone doing?
Let's see some pictures!!! :D

February 7, 2011

Garden Gossip

I've finally finished "Garden Gossip" and am very pleased with the outcome.  I'm glad I stitched him on blue.

"Garden Gossip"

Christmas Mouse

Here is another Christmas Mouse that I stitched earlier. 

Happy Stitching

New fan :-)

Hello everybody,

I'm a new fan of Margaret Sherry Lovers :-)
I'm from France and my name is Valérie.
My blog is not ready yet but even so, here is a picture of one of the mice I made.
Originally the baloon was blue, but I changed it in green, in regard with the colour of the room in which I hanged it :-) 


I'll post another picture of another mice called Daffodil.
I'm found of these mice, and thanks to Nia I started this week-end the Sailing Mice
I'll post you pictures of my work :-)

I'm very pleased to meet you 


February 3, 2011

My first cat

I've already started my cat. I'm very ansious to see the result.

February 1, 2011

SAL #1

We are officially starting our SAL today! :D

On the sidebar you can see who's stitching and if you're not in yet, there's still time ;) Join us, read this post and leave a message!

Do you have your needles ready? :)
I'll start with cat number #6, the one with the Jell-O, last cat on the pictures from the original post. I'm not starting today, probably during the weekend.

I hope to see lots of pictures here, don't be shy! Write, share some pictures, show us your wip ;)
Whenever you post something about our SAL, please, add the label 'SAL'. Thank you :)

Main rule::::: Have fun! :D