July 19, 2013

Blogversary Exchange from Cucki - Thank You!

I was so happy to open the mailbox last Friday and see that my Blogversary Exchange parcel had arrived from Cucki in South Africa. I already thanked Cucki via email, but now that I've had some time to take a few pictures I also wanted to post and show everyone the adorable stitching she did for me, and the lovely goodies she included:

I adore ladybugs and I had never seen this design before, so it was a wonderful surprise.

Also included in the package were a note from Cucki, some butterfly stickers, a pin cushion, embroidery needles (always good to have!), a pencil, some sparkly ribbon (wish I could capture its sparkle with the camera!), some rhino buttons (to remind me of South Africa) and cloth coasters. Later I'm going to see if I can cross stitch on the coasters, possibly Margaret Sherry's Coffee Cats.

Thank you so much to Cucki, who put together this wonderful package and took the time to stitch for me. Also, thanks again to Nia for organizing these exchanges for us.

Hope everyone else is enjoying this Blogversary Exchange too, and fingers crossed that my own parcel finds its way to Simone in Brazil very soon!


cucki said...

Aww I am so glad amber that you liked it.
Big hugs x

Angel said...

Congratulations lady's, everything looks very cute!
Lovely parcel of Cucki!

Stitching Noni said...

Wow, another fantastic exchange package and another new design! Great gifts too :) Well done Girls :)

♥ Nia said...

Sweet gifts from a sweet friend :)
Happy to see everyone enjoying their gifts! :D Well done ladies!

Valma said...

sweet sweet sweet, over sweet =D
I made a sketch once and I love them as much as the coloured charts, they are very delicate and Cucki made here a very beautiful gift
very well done =)