October 31, 2012

Culinary cats part 1

Hello ladies.
This is my first post here. And this is my first culinary cat that I ended just yesterday. It was stitched on aida 18, DMC floss. Size of finished piece is 7x6.5 cm
Hope you like it!


October 23, 2012

A little bear peaking :)

Hello girls!
Today i want to show you a diaper that i've stitched for a son's friend :) The original colors of the design are in blue, but as I did not found any diaper trimmed with blue and also thought that my friend likes the orange color, i changed to orange :) It's not perfect, but I think it could be worse ehehe

I hope you like it! Let me go now stitch a little more of my christmas exchange ehehe
Have a great week! :)


Winter Exchange in full progress!

Ladies, everyone should have their partner's info now, even our 3 friends who signed up later. Please, check your email box ;)

If you have questions, feel free to write to me anytime!
Go stitch, make beautiful ornaments and wrap everything with love and friendship =)

Have fun!!!! :D

More joining the fun!

Ladies, we have 3 more friends on our Winter Exchange :D
Tracey, Gislene and Camille are joining us! I know partners were assigned already but I think no one will mind, right? :) With good hearts we can fix everything ;)

If there was only one friend, I could easily add her between me and my partner. Since we have 3 and we are playing with secret partners, I'm mixing things a little more ;) After drawing numbers to add our friends in the middle of the chain, I sent a new email to those who are changing partners so check your email box ;)

Not everyone is getting a new email, just 3 peoples (to add another 3).

Is everyone working on their parcel to send? :D
If you have questions, feel free to write to me anytime! ;)


Hi all!
Just had to let you know I was ecstatic today.  A friend of mine picked up the WOCS mag issue 195 for me.  There were only two copies left, one for her and one for me!  Yay!!
I love the new designs and hope to start them soon, or most likely in the New Year.
Happy Stitching everyone!!  :)

October 17, 2012

Pixie parcels for me!

I'm really sorry that I haven't been around for awhile but, as some of you know, I've lost my dear Lucy, my dog, some days ago. She had a surgical operation on Sept.20th and after it seems she was getting well and I was very happy, I thought she was over the hump but suddenly in the morning of Octber 5th she got worse and she died... I miss her so much and as my dear Noni told me, I'm sure I'll meet her again on the Rainbow Bridge... Thanks to all of you that have left a comment for Lucy on my blog.

Now it's a pleasure for me to show you all the wonderful pixie gifts I received from my dear stitching friends!!
From Nia, Portugal

from Marcinha, Portugal

from Valerie, France

from Olga, Holland

from Rita, Portugal

from Dinny, Indonesia

from Judith, Germany

from Noni, Australia

All is lovely and beautiful but above all the pixie gifts are full of friendship!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

Winter Exchange:: last call!!

Names have been drawn, everyone has their secret partner but we have a request from another friend who wants to join the fun! :)
The more, the merrier ;) hehehe

So, I'm opening a last call!! Anyone else wants to join our Winter Exchange?? Here's your chance, speak now or forever hold your peace! LOL :D

Click on the image to check the original post about this exchange ;)

October 16, 2012


I just finished stitching Archie from Britain's No1- Cross Stitcher, Issue #167, pg 95, year 2005.  I will be making this into an ornament for one of my exchange partner. 

socialsue, Margaret Sherry's Archie

Good Luck Cat

Good Luck Cat special for my sister who newly graduated from university.
My original post is HERE

Winter Exchange:: secret partners

Ladies, check you email box! :) Remember, it's a secret!! :p

Don't forget, after posting your package (and after receiving your partner's parcel), send me an email so I can keep track on parcels sent/received. Also, take a photo and add it to the email, ok? Later I will publish our exchange flashback as usually ;)

Just like we did last year, I know who will send to me but I won't receive any photo. This way I'll still have my surprise when opening the package ;)

I hope everyone will post in time and all parcels will be delivered before Christmas! But, in case there's any package behind, I will publish all photos on Christmas - same thing as last year, do you agree? :)

Have fun!!!

October 15, 2012

news update #19

Winter Exchange
We have 19 stitchers! :D I'm gathering all names and addresses but.. no partners list will be published :p Why? It's a secret partner! :D hehehehe Everyone likes that idea so we will keep it a secret (except for me! LOL someone needs to draw the names hehehe)

Later today, I'll send emails to everyone with your partner's name and address. Remember... keep it a secret ;)

Once I finished sending all emails, I'll publish a new post here on the blog ;)

New author's
Please, welcome to our group: Lentochka from Russia :)

October 1, 2012

news update #18

Summer Exchange
Cris has written here on the blog telling us why she failed our exchange.
Unfortunately, Cris lost her father, we can all understand that she was with her family and away from the internet. Cris, we are sorry for your loss and you don't need to worry with anything for our exchange, Francesca had lots of gifts from a few Pixies ;) It's all taken care! Don't worry!

Winter Exchange
You can sign in until October 12th, just drop your name on the original post! On the same post, the list of participants is being published :) Secret partners will be assigned on October 14th, you'll receive an email with all info about your partner ;)

SAL #3
Mónica, Nia (me!), Valérie and Fara have finished 3 cats! :D
I know Noni is half way on her 3rd cat too :)
Anyone else is working on their next cat?

New author's
Please, welcome our new authors: Verónica (Portugal) and Brenda (USA) :)

My Summer Cat

Hi Girls
Presenting my finished Summer Cat ;)