July 13, 2013

From Judith to Angele


I had fun opening the parcel Judith made for me!

She made a pretty cushion for me (i love little cushions) and guess who was on it?
It was me...haha...although she was blond instead of brown hair...i really liked the idea she had when she stitched this for me.
One of my daughters said....hey mum that is you on the cushion :-)

Thank you so very much for this beautiful parcel Judith....really love the cushion you made!!
Also loving the little book with patterns and the fabric!
Big  big hugs to you!!



Olli said...

Lovely work, Judith! You are lucky Angele! Geniet ervan!

cucki said...

Aww sweet...yup you are so lucky..
Hugs x

Wiktoria Bojda said...

Piękna paczka, pozdrawiam :)

Fara Azmi said...

Congrats Judith on your finish, lovely indeed.
Angele, you are so lucky..nice gifts!!

Valma said...

awwww lovely gift =)
well done girls
the gifts are beautiful too
that sounds super here =)

♥ Nia said...

So, sooooooooooo sweet =)
A lovely gift from Judith!!! :D

Stitching Noni said...

Gorgeous! What a great cushion :)