March 31, 2011

Birthday Princess

I've entered a challenge on MSCSG.  What we were asked to do was stitch one of Margaret Sherry's Sketchies and be creative, use painted fabric, coloured threads and add a little touch of yourselves! It can be a new saying, buttons, lace, anything you want.  We were given two weeks to complete the challenge which ends today.  So this is what I have come up with.  Adding Mill Hill glass seed beads 00553 and Metallic threads. 

Birthday Princess

Happy Stitching Everyone

March 26, 2011

"Kiss Me" Valentine Mice

I have had a letter published in Cross Stitcher Magazine Issue 238.  I sent them a picture of my "Kiss Me" Valentine Card.  They cropped the picture to show the mice only, and also reversed the picture, so that the heart shaped balloon was on the left and the rose on the right.

"Kiss Me" Valentine Mice.

Here is what my letter says in the magazine:-

Valentine smooches
When I received my copy of issue 236 I completely fell in love with Margaret Sherry's kissing mice (above) and dropped everything I was doing, so that I could find some fabric and threads to start stitching it straight away!  I've just finished it this morning and had to take a photo to share with you.  This will make such a great Valentine's card for my husband - he's going to love it.

And yes, he did love it.

Happy Stitching Everyone

March 24, 2011

Let's Bee Friends

Well, I've finally finished "Let's Bee Friends".  I stitched him for the March SAL on the Yahoo Margaret Sherry Cross Stitch Group (MSCSG).  I first started him in June 2010 as he was a free cover kit in Cross Stitcher Magazine 226.  I had a few problems with the kit as I like to do everything in 2 threads and not 1.  So I had quite a bit of unpicking until I got it right.  The flowers are in 2 threads and done in Anchor thread.  The cover kits threads were not Anchor, so I used what I had in my own stash.  Thanks to the group SAL, he is now finished and not a UFO anymore.

Some time ago I stitched an Archie Bear card for my friends Birthday.  I've just realised that I have not shared it with you, so here he is now.

Happy Stitching Everyone

My Ice-Skating Hedgehog - First Post Here!

Hi everybody -

Thought I would share my finish today.

This came out of Cross Stitcher, Issue 209.

Come visit me at my stitching blog, Crossroads of My Mind.

Thanks for letting me share. Love Ms. Sherry!

Happy Stitching,

Pam (USA)

1st SAL Completed!

Finally, I've finished my first cat! I think my problem was that I was trying to make it look more like one of my cats and couldn't quite get it right. Although it looks like there is a stain to the left of the cake, there is something wrong with the camera, not the fabric! 
 Now to decide what to work on for the second cat...

March 23, 2011

Hi everyone!
Here is an Archie Bear design I stitched for my brother-in-law's birthday. It was a freebie from Cross Stitcher. I used aida and DMC threads. Archie is such a cutie, don't you think?
I hope you like it!


March 22, 2011

March 19, 2011

3nd Cat ♥

Girls I finished the third cat SAL. Yes, I know I am well advanced by one month to be quite accurate. But this is so, or I take when I have to loosen the strain of work and keep things on time, or run the risk of work increase and slow me down. I chose to move forward!Now I'll decide what to do with the fat cats and cute!
While deciding, I'm looking forward to the progress of the kittens who is participating in the SAL, so go all missing the blog! A good weekend to rest, walking and many embroidery.

My blog

March 18, 2011

♥ Cat

Hello, good night girls!
I know I'm early in the third cat SAL, but they must be well enjoy the time together and the commitment, otherwise I risk repeating the late February, I prefer doing my xxxxx go =)
How are you with your embroidery?
I still have not decided what to do with my 3 cats. Who is not in the SAL have any suggestions?

March 17, 2011

Easy ABC

Hello! This is Isa, the iguana.

This beautiful name was chosen by my youngest son, Rafael, because that begins with I, as iguana. It's fun, isn't it? 

This is the 19th letter of Easy ABC. Did you like it?

March 16, 2011

Let's Bee Friends

Hi everyone~~
I finished this one in early of this year. i LOVE this cute creature landak and lebah. In Malay, landak means hedgehog, and lebah means bee. And i put this picture as my signature too

Visit my original post: Landak Cute

Birthday Gifts

Hi girls!
It's been a very busy week... My 11 y.o. daughter have two birthday BFFs : Nabila and Tasya.
So I chose two simple and not-time-consuming charts to make birthday gifts for them both.

This one is for Nabila, a Cat Bookmark made on 16 count, 2 inches wide, white Aida fabric. I've made her a framed piece last year, so I decided to give her something for daily use.

And this one is for Tasya. I chose her the Make a Wish chart from CrossStitcher magazine #215. I also downloaded the mount from the provided website.

Pfffiuhhh... Next? I think it's about time to start my 2nd cat for the SAL..
Happy stitching everyone!

March 15, 2011

February - Clever

Ms Sherry's lover,,I wanna show you my MS Sherry's cat,,

Have a nice day

April - Cultured

Hi,,I'm a newbie,,so help me if I make a mistake. Here it is my first MS Sherry's cat

Please visit my blog to see the process of making MS Sherry - April Cultured in

With love

March 9, 2011

Hi everyone! This is a photo of my first Margaret Sherry Cat 'Purr-dicament'. I stitched it last year for my son's birthday. It was a kit so I used the evenweave fabric provided.
I framed it myself and added a little bee button.

Good night

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March 7, 2011

Easy ABC

Hello, fellows! 

Finally I downloaded the Picasa 3 on my home computer and with this incredible tool I could produce a mosaic with the photos of embroidered letters from Margaret Sherry’s ABC.

This project began in mid-2010 when I was making peace with the cross stitch, but still couldn’t do it very well... The first letters embroidered embarrass me tremendously today... lol

So let's see, are ready: Archie (the bear), Bees, Cat, Dog, Elephant, Frogs, Giraffe, Hedgehogs, Jaguar, Koala, Lion, Monkeys, N (?), Q (?), Rabbits, Squires, Tortugle , X (?). 

Lack do embroidery: Iguana, Owl, Panda, Unicorn, V (?), Zebra, Yarn, Wallet. 

Dear readers of other languages, could you tell me the name of animals showed by N, Q, V and X? You can see that picture in freebies. Thanks a lot!

March 6, 2011

SAL 2nd Cat

Yes! I know we're on the 6th of March, and am so happy with my stuff organized and on time!I finished my second kitten ... Yes, today I stitched for hours. But it was enjoyable.
Now I don´t know if the third go forward, not to risk a delay, hopefully in April or ... I think I'll wait a little, has more grace to keep pace of play!And as you walk with your cat?
Good Sunday, good carnival!

SAL - My 2nd Cat

Second cat started! And on time!
Have a nice weekend.

March 5, 2011

When is a "Couch Potato" not a "Couch Potato"?

Hi there!  I don't need to tell you Dear Readers how wonderful Margaret Sherry's designs look when they are stitched up - we all know and love her cats, dogs, hedgehogs etc.  Well, I think I may have a first for you....

My husband is now a Margaret Sherry convert/lover as well but he isn't a cross stitcher - he is a quilter!  Recently he was going through some of my cross stitch mags looking for a small, simple design that he could turn into an appliqued quilt block.  He came across a number of suitable designs and tried out a couple of them, but then I showed him the 2009 Margaret Sherry calendar that came free with the "Cross Stitcher" magazine and he went into raptures.... well, sort of!  I'm pretty sure that he nearly started drooling over the cute little animals though!

Margaret Sherry 2009 Calendar
Freebie from Cross Stitcher magazine 2008
He immediately picked out a number of them that he could transfer and use as an applique quilt block and the first one he has completed is the "Couch Potato" dog.

The orginal design looks like this.....

Couch Potato dog
However, if you want to see what my hubby did with the couch potato you will have to go and visit his blog - Mark's Quilts.  I promise you it is worth seeing.  I am really surprised at how well it turned out!

So yet another source of pleasure is derived from Margaret Sherry's designs!

Til next time

Stitching Noni

March 4, 2011

Coffee and Cuddles

I was stitched this Coffee and Cuddles in 2009.
I modified Geboo and Gembil color to match their fur color hehehe....

My First Cat

Hello girls!
Did not I say that February had 31 days would have finished in time. But the truth is that the month had only 28 days and I was late in the SAL.
Today I finished my first cat. Despite not knowing what to make of it, liked the result.
I changed the outline color.
Apron> DMC 825
Book> Anchor 401
Cat> Anchor 352
Mouth, eyes, mustache, eyebrows> Anchor 359
Hat> Anchor 400
Because I made a big change, but it was to my liking, and you liked?
The right eye will remake the French knot he was crooked. Arghhhhh weird! Scary! Hehehehe
Bring on the Cat 2!
Good night, Ana

March 3, 2011

My first MS piece and it's finished

Hi ever-one,

I needed to stitch something small between my big WIP's so looked for a cut MS pattern, it was done in two evenings.
I so love the cutie.Need to think how I will finish it a pillow or pinkeep!!
Will show it when it's done


Already missing very little. Yesterday I could not sew, but today finalized the cross stitch. I hope to finish it between tomorrow and Friday! Let's see.
Good night, Ana.

March 1, 2011

First cat

I did not do much, but already started.

Cake, but no cat...yet!

So I’m not as far along as I wanted to be on my SAL considering it should have been finished today!  I normally don’t start outlining until I’m done, but thought I should so it could be seen better.  Still unsure about the colours of the cat, I think keeping the suggested ones will be easier than trying to change it to one of kitties!
I'm hoping to finish this by next weekend, then I get to decide which one to pick next.


Onward! Onward!
If the month had 31 days I think I would do the trick, but in February ended today!
I'm late! : /