July 23, 2015

Send a smile exchange, Angele to Olimpia


Oh, just got the good news from Nia my little package has arrived in Mexico!
Because Olimpia is busy this week i will post the photo's.
Hope you like everything Olimpia, loved making this for you!
Hopefully all the exchange packages will arrive safely!

big hugs to you all!

July 17, 2015

Send a smile exchange - Preeti to Valma

Hi Ladies :)

Am I really the first to have received my exchange ??? :D
HO MY !!!

I sent a mail to Preeti to thank her but I think my words are going to be a bit weak regarding to what I'm now feeling :D
I've been spoilt ! over spoilt !!!
Preeti knows me well hehehe..purple, butterflies and ..... MICE !
Wow , I'm so happy !
This needle book is so cute and all the pages are embroidered !
And all those goodies...

Target : to send a smile --> TARGET REACHED :D

My exchange is going to leave on Monday, let's hope it will generate such a smile than the one I'm having right now ;)

Thank you again Preeti, you're a sweetheart.
Lot's of love

the over cute needle book

the same needle book with a beautiful handmade garland 

5 goodies !!! :D
Typical Indian gifts

July 15, 2015

Send a Smile - posted parcels :)

Hello ladies :)

Two parcels are already travelling across the world! We have some quick stitchers on our group :D awesome!

I'm keeping track on how things go, you can check the list on the exchanges page :)

Please, let your partner know when you get your mail, let me know too ;)

July 9, 2015


A cute card to celebrate summer!
Happy stitching!

June 15, 2015

Send a Smile - exchange partners :)

Hello ladies!
By now you've probably read your emails, you know who will get your parcel but.. who will you receive from? heheheh Here it is, the full chain:

Nia » Ysa » Heather » Judith » Lentochka » Noni » Angel » Olimpia » Preeti » Valma » Nia

Theme: Free
Itens: At least 5 itens + 1 handmade - Margaret Sherry design, always!!!
Post: until July 31st

Thank you for voting chain ;) It would be a lot harder to make partners that had never sent/received from each other :p

Last week I started asking for addresses but I'm still waiting on Olimpia's reply. Ysa and Heather have new addresses, anyone else changed in the last couple of years? Please, let me know ;)

Don't forget the main rule: have fun!!!!
Let's start sending smiles :D

June 13, 2015

Calendar Cats: June

Hello everyone!

I hope you have/had a nice Saturday. It´s June so it´s time for June cat from Calendar cats. June is my favourite month. My life is full of events in this month (etc today´s - Concours d´Elegance in spa town near to my place :-)).

Original post here.

Have a nice Saturday!

June 8, 2015

A cat and a cow with flowers!

Hi MS lovers!

Thought i should share 2 of my stitching i made a while ago.
Oh, sooo looking forward to this exchange!
Have fun!

June 7, 2015

Cattitude horoscopes: Gemini

Hello everyone!

I´m going with the next sign of zodiac :-).

Original post here.

Have a nice evening!

June 4, 2015

Poll » pairs or chain?

Hello everyone!!
Looks like I'm always a bit behind these days =) I used to be better here, I know.. Well, if a baby at home keeps your hands full, a toddler walking everywhere (and fast!!) it sure keeps you busy as well ;)

So, on our exchange, we have 10 stitchers:
Judith (Musicwoman)

I'm taking votes to decide if we exchange in pairs or chain.
Pairs: A < > B, C < > D...
A sends to B and B sends to A, C sends to D and D sends to C...

Chain: A > B > C... > A
A sends to B, B sends to C... the last one sends to A

How do you prefer? Vote until Sunday, I will post the list as the majority of votes ;)

New partners:
I always try to make new partners, so everyone gets the chance to exchange with everyone :) So it won't be in the order of the list above ;)

May 18, 2015

Completed Bags of Fun today!! Yay!!

Hi all.  I completed Bags of Fun today. Whew! It was lots of backstitching, and I bet you may notice I didnt stitch the whiskers.  I actually prefer the design without them.  I hope MS doesn't mind! :))  I'm now debating whether to make into cushion or frame it.  Happy Stitching to everyone!! :))