March 30, 2015

new group exchange :)

Hello ladies :)

I was giving some time for more stitchers to join our conversation here but looks like everyone has been pretty busy and still working on last year's SALs. So, I won't overwhelm you more, let's wait a bit to star new project as a group. Of course, everyone should continue to stitch everything you'd like, we all will love to watch it here :)

Let's move on to the group exchange, what about...

'Send a Smile Exchange'
... sounds fun? :)
Free theme, just a package with fun goodies that any stitcher would like to receive ;) At least five itens and one handmade - off course, that's always the star on our exchanges :)

As always, this is a group exchange, only for members. If you want to join, sign in here, leave a comment on this post.

Theme: Free
Sign up: until April 20th
Post: until June 1st

SAL #5 Spring Bouquet completed :)

Finally, I successfully completed my SAL#5 Spring Bouquet :)
I know I am shamelessly late to post but I guess it is just in time for spring !!

I enjoyed stitching for this SAL and look forward to next one:)

Have a nice day!

March 10, 2015

2015 stitching plans

Hello everyone! :)

I'm still waiting for more updates on our SALs from last year. If you haven't read it yet, please, check this post here and let us know how you're going on your projects too :)

Those who have finished it all, are waiting for new projects and ideas to stitch so... let's brainstorm :D

1. Debbie is going to stitch "Coffee and Cuddles" and suggested it could be an idea for a SAL too! (posted here) Anyone up for it? :) I know the pattern is on the book 'The best of Margaret Sherry' and also on an old Cross Stitcher magazine (I will have to check the issue).

2. Any more suggestions for a SAL?

3. How about an exchange? We haven't done any in a long while! Maybe we could make a 'happy exchange', nothing about a theme, just some fun stitching and goodies any stitcher would like to receive :)

4. More ideas? Share! Let us know ;)

March 8, 2015

Easter is coming!


Something a made for myself this time for easter.
It is hanging by my window, but i could not make a good picture that way.
I love springtime!

Enjoy your stitching!

March 3, 2015

SAL #7 Bags of Fun

I finished my stitch-along just before Christmas last year and then subsequently lost my post!

I am soon going to start another Margaret Sherry project, so I thought I had better post my finished SAL.

Here is a photo of my WIP:

And here is the finished piece:

I loved working on this project so much, even the backstitch was a joy. I plan to frame it sometime during the year.

This will be my next Margaret Sherry project. As you can see it is similar to bags of fun. I just need to buy some new material and get my threads out. I have a friend who I think will love it!

Happy stitching!

February 25, 2015

A cute little bunny!


Also a long time that i posted.
So lets show you something i made recently.
The little bunny is from the alphabet.
Loved stitching this cutie.
I made this present with felt for  a friend.
Glad she loved it!

February 24, 2015

Stitching along..?

So, yesterday I thought I had read everything but then I realized there were even more posts to read :p To make sure I wouldn't miss anything, I went back to March 2014!! hehehehe Now I know, all posts read and commented :)

I was a bit surprised... didn't see as many w.i.p. photos as I expected for our SALs... I've updated our list, so far it goes:

SAL #7 » Bags of Fun

. Amber
. Anne Fraser Stitching
. Noni
. Angel DONE!
. Ana Ferreira
. Debbie Vermeulen DONE!
. Laura
. Judith
. Zurainny Stitching

SAL #6 » Sunday Snooze
. Amber
. Noni
. Angel DONE!
. Debbie Vermeulen
. Preeti
. Judith

SAL #5 » Spring Bouquet
. Mónica DONE!
. Lija
. Julianne
. Preeti Stitching
. Noni Stitching
. Heather
. Ana Ferreira DONE!
. Judith

Did I miss something?? Please, let me know ;)
Congrats to Angel, Ana and Monica, all ladies have projects completed :D

So many stitchers wanted to start these 3 designs.. no more photos to show?! =/

UPDATED 10/03/2015

February 23, 2015

◦。◦ ゜ ♥ ゜◦ 。◦ Bubbles of Love ◦。◦ ゜ ♥ ゜◦ 。◦

Hi everyone!

I´m little late with this design. I wanted to post it on Valentine´s Day. The last year I finished this cute hedgehog design called Bubbles of love which was published in the issue 136 of Quick & Easy Cross Stitch. I decided do it with pink frame and I changed bubbles´ thread. I hope I will do also design Heart Topiary which was published together with this :-)

My original post here.

Have a nice day!

Admin back to service! ;)

Hi everyone!!! Oh! I missed this group so much :)

Sorry for my long absence =/ I'm pretty sure all moms out there know well how a newborn changes our life and schedules :p Well, my boy is not a newborn any more, he will turn 1 year old in a couple of weeks :D

I tryed to keep up with the group during the first few months but.. I lost track! Sorry ladies, I should've had asked someone to take my place for a while, never thought I would stay away for this long. But I'm so happy to see you've been active here :D New posts to read and photos to comment!! Thank you ladies :)

February 15, 2015

Hello again....

Goodness me, it has been so long since I posted here.... and so very long since I have stitched a Margaret Sherry design!  Last year my stitching plans went slightly awry as my job went super crazy and I went back to working 5 days a week.... with less hours to stitch each week, and even less energy not a lot got done!

But 2015 is getting off to a great start and I sort of have some updates for you.... no finishes yet but who knows what the next couple of months will bring!

So here we go for a bit of an update on my MS stitching:

SAL #5 - Spring Bouquet
My last update on this lovely design was way back on 27th April 2014..... and this is what Kitty looked like then

SAL #5 - Spring Bouquet
Status as at 27th April 2014
and after a little bit of love and attention courtesy of the Crazy January Challenges I was doing last month, this is what Kitty looks like now! Actually this is not all because of the January challenge - I had done a little bit more in between my April post and January, but not a lot!

SAL #5 - Spring Bouquet
Status as at 20th January 2015

During January I also started stitching on the some of the MS free gifts that I had sitting around.  Pics below:

Cross Stitch Crazy Issue 171 - Free Gift
Free Gift - World of Cross Stitching - Issue 220

Free Gift - World of Cross Stitching - Issue 220

Free Gift - World of Cross Stitching - Issue 220
So after a rather lengthy absence of stitching on Margaret Sherry designs I am certainly trying to make up for it now!

Hopefully I will be back again in a very short space of time to show you some finishes of the small Christmas designs above!

Til then, happy stitching