July 22, 2014

You remember our last year's SAL? I embroidered the puppies in March, here the such: )) )
And still we have a family addition, at the end of April I gave birth to the daughter! Now I have three boys and three girls! :))
I will sew later a pillow with these puppies for the senior daughter, she very much loves dogs. All good Svetlana.

July 21, 2014

Sal #7

At last, I managed to stitch my Bags of Fun!

Admittedly, I am a late starter, but watch out folks - I may impress myself with this! Hehehe...

Seriously, I really salute our friends who have finished their Sals.  I'm trying to tap into their super stitching spirits now....  For the rest of us, let's stitch together - yeay! :D

July 12, 2014

Cute Kitty

My friend, lover of cats had a birthday. So I decided to do this cat with a bunch of flowers. I love this Kitty, she is really cute as her name :-). I called a picture "Flowers for you" and I sent it to her as surprise. I was so affected when she received a package and wrote me how she is thankful and happy.

My post in my mother languge is here. The chart was in The World of Cross Stitching issue nr. 188.

Have a nice Saturday!

July 6, 2014

in the mood for Halloween


I have been in a halloween stitching mood so i wanted to show you these two (not the best pictures i know).Hope you like them. How are the SALS going? I must say i really miss the exchanges. Enjoy your stitching everybody! hugs to you

June 13, 2014

Cattitude horoscope: Aries

I know, I know... I´m sorry for longer break. I did a lot of designs, so I have to improve my posting. :-)

I´m coming back with horoscope sign Aries. It´s funny, a ram hasn´t horns so it´s a sheep in fact :-D. I said, it´s a little ram and horns are too little that they haven´t been visible yet :-)
The aries is basic, male and fire sign which is handled with Mars.

See you in the next post, original Aries post with another photos you can see here.

Have a nice Friday!

June 11, 2014

SAL # 5 - Final Update

Hi girls!

I wanna show you all my first Sal concluded on this blog last month, but unfortunately my PC crashed. Had to wait to buy a new one. :(

So, no more delays, here it is. Hope you all enjoy it. I did. :)


May 10, 2014

Sal #5 - Second Update

Hello girls!

Here is my progress on Sal # 5 so far: 

It's almost done. Yupi! :) It's been a real joy stitching this piece.

Well, hope you enjoy it. Until next time. Kisses

May 8, 2014

SAL #5 update !

Hello all,
Here is my update on SAL #5 Spring Bouquet.

Click on the pic for clear view

Almost done. Just the backstitching is left but my eyes are getting tired after I am done with my routine stuff. I guess it will take few or many days to complete just the backstitching.

I am happy I got until this much done :)

Thanks for looking!


May 6, 2014


Hi everybody,

I have to confess something.
I am gonna cheate on SAL6, sunday snooze.
The chart is cute but i decided i just wanted to stitch what i think is the most fun part of the pattern and gonna leave out the rest.
I know it, i am cheating but i hope you will forgive me when
you look at these little cuties!

hugs, Angele

April 27, 2014

SAL #5 - First update

Well hello, long time no post!!!  It has been a little while since I last stitched on a Margaret Sherry design, but last night I finally started on my SAL #5 - Spring Bouquet.

Now, I know there isn't a lot to show at the moment, but I really wanted to let you now that I have finally started on this really sweet design.

April update - started 26/4/2014
SAL # 5 - Spring Bouquet

The fabric that I am stitching on is a 14 ct Aida - white with pink spots.  I think that this cute design will look really lovely on such a feminine looking fabric.  As you can see I have started in the middle... which unfortunately means I will be hitting all that "lovely" white on the kitty very soon!!

Hopefully I will be able to come back again real soon to show you more of my stitching on this cute design.