March 12, 2016

Domestic Goddess done!

Well, I couldn't wait to show you.  I started this a year or two ago, and as I'm working on started items, I stitched a few remaining stitches and then the backstitching so here she is!  Margaret Sherry, 2008-2009 calendar, this one is October 2008.  Happy Stitching all! :) 

December 26, 2015

Send a Smile from Russia

Merry Christmas everyone!!

I had a lovely early Christmas present.... after months of thinking that the package Lena-Lentochka sent from Russia had been lost in the mail I finally received the package!

It took over 4 1/2 months to travel from Lena in Russia to myself in Australia... one very slow boat indeed!

Thank you Lena for the smile.... I am so pleased that it finally arrived safe and sound as when I was checking with the Post Office they had no record of it arriving in the country....

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas... all the best for 2016

Hugs xx

November 17, 2015

MS Stitching Update

Hi everyone!  Long time no posting... and long time no MS stitching!  But finally I have something to show you...

I have just looked back over the blog posts and noticed that the last time I posted on this blog was February 2015.... oh my goodness - I am hanging my head in shame!!

So who wants to see what MS stitching I have been doing over the last few months?

First up of course was the "Send a Smile" Exchange that I sent to Angel.  Link to Angel's post is here...

(Unfortunately I am yet to receive my exchange piece that Lentochka sent to me... given the length of time since it was posted I suspect it has been well and truly lost in mail - oh well these things happen)

While I have a couple of MS design in my stitching basket at the moment I haven't been very good at stitching on them....

Update below:

Spring Bouquet - last stitched on in April 2015

Merry Christmas Kitty (free kit) - last stitched on in July 2015

Trio of Christmas Mice (Free Kit) - finished in November 2015 (yippee!!)

As I said, not a lot of MS stitching done this year but at least I do have some finishes!!!  Hopefully next year will be a better year for MS stitching.

Til next time, happy stitching!
Hugs xx

November 11, 2015

Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since I posted on this blog. I can't believe my last post was in November 2013!
So, hello lovely ladies! Here's a warm greeting from Indonesia. I miss you all very much.

As of my latest finish of Margaret Sherry's design, here's a bookmark I stitched for a friend last week.
Chick lit bookmark from CrossStitcher magazine #231.

It's soooo nice to be back here again. Until next time!
Happy stitching!

October 18, 2015

Getting cold.

It is getting colder, real autumn days with unfortunately rainy days.
Good excuse to stay warm inside and stitch!
Happy stitching!

October 10, 2015

Send a smile exchange - update!

Hello ladies!
Sorry I have been M.I.A., too many sleepless nights over here... For too many weeks =/ And I thought having a newborn was the hardest, such a fool :p My boy is 19 months old and still doesn't like to sleep much, he prefers to play and watch the world, doesn't want to miss a thing!!!

3 parcels to check on our exchange:

. Waiting to hear from Judith, about her parcel to Lentochka and Heather's parcel too
. No news from Lentochka either... Maybe Judith's parcel was delivered, no idea!
. And Noni is waiting to receive too, I know if it was already delivered, Noni would have written an e-mail to me ;)

How about everyone else? Was everyone happy with our exchange? Many smiles? :D
Feel free to write anything you would like to say about our exchange :) we can always learn how to do better.
I know I want to be more active, it hasn't been the same since I have my baby... And I still think all partners should interact more! When you receive your partner's address, you also receive her e-mail, talk to each other! Get to know your partner and friendships will grow, you'll see ;)

Hugs&smiles to all,

September 17, 2015

Send a Smile Exchange: Nia to Ysa

Hello Ladies!! Just to show that I received  the smile exchange sent from Nia.. First my apologies but I couldn't posted before, I received it about a week ago.  Nia thank you very much for your wonderful package!!!

Look this cute notepad with a lovely design of Margaret Sherry Sketchbook, I love it!!!


And all these beautiful goodies that I just start to use it!!

Thanks again to all of you for this wonderful exchange!!

September 9, 2015

Send a smile exchange : from Olimpia to Preeti !:)))

I was so glad to receive Olimpia's parcel all the way from Mexico to India and she has been successful in sending a smile to me :) I loved it !! Thank you, Olimpia!!:)

Here is what I got :

A cute Margaret Sherry kitten design coaster!! I am not going to use it as a coaster and spoil it instead I will put it on my craft room notice board. I was touched when I saw she stitched my name on it :) So sweet!!

These are the goodies :

Mexican handicrafts- bookmark, miniature dolls, appliqued purse; 
lovely designer buttons

letter, postcard, tissues and lovely fabric

I loved the applique on the purse and the miniature dolls are my daughter's favourite too!!! Buttons are my weakness, I love them!!!

She also generously shared a sewing themed fabric which I had earlier seen and liked on her blog once. I love sewing/crafting themed fabrics and they are not easily found in all the stores.

Olimpia wrote a sweet letter to me and she has drawn a plane (see envelope in the image) from her house in Mexico to my house in India...that's very cute !!:))
Perhaps, I should ask my hubby to buy a house with helipad so that my parcels will land sooner because I was getting impatient about my parcel ;)

My hubby is in U.S.A. right now and I am missing him badly and I was sad but when I received my parcel, it brought a smile on my face and made me very happy:))

Thank you again, Olimpia!! :))

I am delighted to have been part of this exchange and look forward for some more in future :)
Thanks for hosting, Nia!!

Sending and receiving smiles completed for me !!!:))

September 2, 2015

Send A Smile Exchange - Ysa to Heather

Hello ladies!

My lovely exchange parcel has arrived!
I am totally delighted ... Thank you Ysa :)

Lots of lovely goodies to accompany the beautiful stitched hedgehogs already to hang up on my wall ... certainly 'made me smile' :)

Have a great day all