July 15, 2013

Little Kate

I know many stitchers (including me! hehehe) are used to see cute animals on Margaret Sherry designs :) But it's not all, Little Kate is also a character by Margaret Sherry, as you can see on Judith's stitched gift to Angel =)

You can also see other designs on 2005 Calendar :)

The perks of having a free exchange! I bet many stitchers are meeting Little Kate for the first time ;) ehehehe


Stitching Noni said...

I must admit I hadn't seen Little Kate before.... And now I so wish I had - she is gorgeous :)
Definitely a great reason to have a "free" exchange :)

Preeti said...

Cute little girl!! :) I have seen Kate before on some blog. I wonder why only animals are more popular and not her any more. Now there is a lot to explore more of Margaret Sherry!!

Annette said...

Never seen her before!!

Wiktoria Bojda said...

Śliczny haft :)

cucki said...

I love her *.*

Valma said...

I really didn't know her !! and must admit I was wondering with the gift Judith made for Angel hehehe =D
Thank you for telling us about her existence girls =D
she is so cute, and so different from our usual furry pets !

Heather said...

Oh she is lovely! Well done xxx

I have this calender ... somewhere :-0 I must find it as I got it for the designs lol!! Little Kate looks so much like my Little Katie :-)