February 25, 2013

Sailing Mice

Hi girls

Last week I finished a UFO...
I started this design 2 years ago when I started to blog and never finished it as I have been involved in a swirl of stitchings and by the blogosphere =D
There was not much left to do
They are now framed to suit,  in one of my rooms here,  with the 2 first mice I stitched ( Dandelion & Party animal)
A real delight to stitch and I find them very cute
They come from the issue of July 2007 of Cross Stitcher

Closer pictures here on my blog...
Happy stitching everybody
Big hugs from France

February 22, 2013

Scaredy Cat

As I have a bit of time ( I can't do my housework as usual because of my operation) I can show you another finished  pattern of M.Sherry.

I did this last year but I haven't yet shown to you.
Now I will  do some more stitches for EASTER Surprises.

I hope you all have a good day

Puppy Love

Today I want to show you my SAL.
As a friend of me needed  this square   for a quilt I stitched this some time ago. I had shown you before.. It was such a pleasure to do it and the little dogs made me laughing.
All these personal Patterns of M.Sherry makes my days .

Hoping that you all have a good day

February 21, 2013

Easter exchange * Mail post alert

Hello ladies!!
I think everyone is on track for our exchange, all info was sent, some of us have our parcel ready to post and others are stitching their gifts! :)

I just want to leave you a small note about our deadline to post.
Please, consider to where you will be posting your parcel and manage your posting time. If you have to send to a country far away, post soon please!! If you have to send somewhere close, same country our same continent, in that case you can wait a little more so it won't arrive too soon ;) heheheh
Manage your delivery time, ok? Let's make an effort so everyone will receive their gifts on time, before Easter bunny arrives!! LOL :D

Hugs to all!!

February 19, 2013

Easter exchange * Partners list

Here is the list for our Easter Exchange!! :D
(1 sends to 2, 2 sends to 3... 12 sends to 1)

1. Lentochka
2. Joey
3. Cucki
4. Eleana
5. Annette
6. Olli
7. Nia
8. Heather
9. Angel
10. Valma
11. Judith
12. Noni

I want to share with you how I assign partners for each exchange, I don't choose who gets who, I use random.org to make a random list (list randomizer option).
I also have a list of all our previous exchanges where I keep track of all our partnerships so far. I check the new random list with our history and I make sure no one repeats again. This is just to assure that everyone gets a chance to exchange with a new partner.
It's a big list by now, looks something like this...

...and it goes on to the right! :p hehehe
Curious about colored rows? It's just a note of failed exchanges and that kind of thing. I think there's no need for this to be public but if everyone would like to see this on our group, let me know, I will work on a way to publish somewhere.

Now, you will receive your partner's address by email and you can post anytime :) Make sure you will do it before the deadline March 1st!!

Don't forget the rules: don't post any photo before your partner receives your gift. Send an email to msherrylovers@gmail.com, let me know that you have posted you parcel + attach pictures so I can post our flashback in the end ;)

Have fun!!! :D
Hugs to all!!

UPDATE 19-02-2013 18:16
Emails sent! Everyone should have all info now ;)
Please, if someone didn't receive my email, let me know!

PS: Olli is right :) No photos from Olli for me hehehe not before I receive her gift ;) LOL

February 17, 2013

partners coming soon!!

Hello ladies!!
I'm sorry for being late with our list of partners but I'm still waiting for a couple of email replies =/
I need 2 confirmations before assigning partners...
Hope you won't mind to wait a little longer... More 24 hours, is that ok? =)

So far, we have:
. Nia
. Valma
. Cucki
. Olli
. Angel
. Heather
. Judith
. Joey
. Noni
. Annette
. Lentochka
. Eleana

Hugs, Nia

February 13, 2013

All you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust!

That pleasant surprise, I really did not expect this.
I think I knew that in the past I lost my exchange gift.
As the group was put together a committee and I have rained very cute and unexpected gifts.
The first came on Monday from Holland. Thanks dear Olga, I commented that it saved my first needles and is being released with needles that you sent. Hearts will go to some clips of Friendship Day.

As for Valerie, WOW! how nice embroidery, stitch detailing and hidden, I have to imitate. You're an expert! In fact it is the favorite blogs I discovered while learning embroidery and embroidered with its part of me did this nice blog. The ribbons and buttons I have saved for future projects.

Thanks to the group by actually lift my spirits.
In each exchange learn wonders of you, by the readiness to resolve conflicts, the finesse to pull us ears when we were late, and his perseverance in maintaining unity.
Kisses to all!

Easter exchange!

It is almost time for the easter exchange!
I'm so curious to see what everybody has made.

I thought that maybe a cute pictures will help a few people to sign in and participate in this exchange??? ;-)

hugs Angele

February 11, 2013

#1 february update

SAL #4
I'm so happy to see new starts here :D I haven't started my Puppy Love yet but after seeing your pictures... I really want to do it! :) That's the good thing about SALs: motivation! Seeing everyone else's work makes me want to start mine too :) Thank you ladies ;)

Old SALs
Rita finished her Santa from SAL #2, double congrats because Rita didn't give up even though she didn't have the chance to finish on time!! Well done :D
Has anyone else finished their works? There's a list for each SAL on the right sidebar, check your name and let me know if there's anything to update ;)

Easter Exchange
Mine is ready!! :D How about yours?
Since we have a calendar for the year, we can start our gifts early, we don't have to wait to know who our partner is. Exchanges outside fan groups it's different, we want to know who our partner is because we want to make something that our friend will enjoy. Here it's different, we alreay know everyone is a Margaret Sherry lover ;) So, don't want for the last day, ok? :)
My parcel is ready, if I have to send far away I can post next Monday; if it goes to Europe then I will wait a little so it won't arrive to early ;) I'm ready for any case! hehehe
Partners will be published next weekend!!! :D

Have a great week!!

February 10, 2013

It is still christmas? From 2011? :D

Hello ladies!
So, i was determined to end part of my UFO's in the beginnig of this year and i had started by Santa from our SAL#2...yes, from Christmas 2011! :p And for 2 weeks i didn't stitched anything else :) 
I enjoyed a lot to stitch this little guy out of his season:)

Meanwhile i also have finished another cat from SAL#3 and as soon as i take photos (let the sun shine, please!) i will show to you.

Have a great week and craft a lot!:)

Easy ABC Quilt

Hi ladies!

This is an old but lovely project that I really like but it was resting a little bit… Last weekend I’d decided to finish it. I had sewed 12 squares that I’ve stitched so far.

It’s a gift to a baby boy who had recently born to my dearest friend, Joelise.

I hope his mommy likes the gift and Victor can enjoy the colors and have lots of fun with it.

Have a great week!

February 9, 2013

Puppy Love

I just finished this "Puppy Love" which I stitched onto a tea towel using 14ct waste canvas.  The tricky part is taking out the threads individually when finished with the stitching.  My fingers are sore since it took me 3 hours.  I managed to remove the threads without using water or to dampen the towel.   This was a fun project.


February 8, 2013

SAL #4 Heather's Puppy Love Update

Hello all

Well here is my update but I'm afraid I have not managed to get much done.
In between exchanges and sick children my SAL got put away but I plan to do loads more ASAP!!

It did actually look more in real life ... honest :-)

Progress as 08/02/13

(its not much lol)

But I'm loving it all the same
have a happy and safe weekend all

Love me

February 7, 2013

SAL # 4 Puppy Love

Hello here is my first part of this SAL, is so cute. I'm really enjoying it.

Where are your puppy's? hugs


1st exchange in 2013!!

It's almost starting! Easter exchange is coming soon :D

Don't forget to sign up until February 15th!!!
Partners will be published on February 16th and we all should post our parcels until the end of the month. Go, go, start stitching!! :)

Who's in:
. Nia
. Valma
. Cucki
. Olli
. Angel
. Heather
. Judith
. Joey
. Noni

What is everyone else waiting for?? :p
Sign in, join the fun ;) ehehheeh

Winter and Spring coming together :)

Hello ladies! :)

If you follow my blog I bet you've seen my lastest finishes, I stitched 2 designs last month and finished both into ornaments.
For the cold winter, there's our friends Mr. Snowman :D hehehe

Happy Christmas, Margaret Sherry in Cross Stitcher 233

And already thinking about Spring and Easter, a little chick arrives! :D

Egg-stravaganza, Margaret Sherry in Cross Stitcher 237

Now I'm almost done with the piece for our Exchange but I can't share more on that yet ;) heheheh How's everyone doing? Have you started too?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check our post with the exchanges calendar for 2013. Everyone is welcome to join :D

February 6, 2013

All my cats

After A long time I have just found the time to show you all my cats.
It was such a pleasure to do these little cats and  stiching did my day in a hard time.
These little cats mades me smile so often during their finishing.Thanks M.Sherry for these characters.

I really enjoy being in this group. Although not writing so much I do enjoy reading all postings and it help me. Thanks for this.

All the best for you all