May 31, 2011

SAL 1st finish

Hello ladies :)
I've been waiting for some more updates on our SAL, no one else has finished since Alda?

Only 4 (from 11) stitchers have stitched all cats, what happened?!
Didn't you enjoy our SAL? Do you think time was too short?
Let me know your thoughts about this, so next time we can do better ;)

I've finished my first piece, a recipe ring binder :)

You can read more about how I finished this on my blog, here and here :)

May 29, 2011

Purrfect Partners

I have recently been stitching a number of quilt squares for Quilts 4 Kids so I haven't stitched much of anything else of late!  After finishing my last quilt square, I decided to stitch something small, or even finish off a small UFO (of which there are many to choose from) before carrying on with my Margaret Sherry Culinary Cats.  So I went through the basket of UFO's and had a quick look at all the freebies in the box.. and what did I decide to finish... well another Margaret Sherry design!  Just to warm me up for my culinary cats!

I can't remember when I started stitching the "Purrfect Partners" cats.  They came as a freebie with Cross Stitcher issue 196, February 2008, but I do know that I didn't start them that long ago!  I think I started them around this time last year and for some reason put them away... as you do!  So I decided that they would be my next finish! I finished off the last of the backstitch this morning while waiting for my brother and his family to come and visit.
Purrfect Partners - Margaret Sherry
Cross Stitcher, Issue 196
Purrfect Partners finished 29 May 2011
No longer a 2010 UFO!
Another 2011 finish to add to the list.... now I will go back to my MS Culinary Cats and work on them for the next couple of weeks and get them finished off. 

Til next time when I wow you with my finally finished Culinary Cats,

Stitching Noni

May 11, 2011

Two cats together

Here's my second work with the cullinar cats. I hope you'll like it.
I will be waiting for another SAL.

May 10, 2011

My culinar cat

Hi all, I'm new here and this is my first post on this beautiful blog! (Thanks Nia for the welcome!)
Like you, I'm a MS lover and this is one of my finish: a book for a friend of mine where she can write a lot of recipes

Have a nice day!

May 3, 2011

My cullinar book

An original cullinar book. I used an old ring binder oh my daughter and I cover it with this original tissue. I changed the blue colour of the cats to green to fit with the tissue colours. I enjoyed very much doing this work.I hope you like it.

My third cat is done

Finally I finished my third cat. It was a great experience to stitch with so many girls the same draws.
I've already the project of my first cat ready to show.