May 18, 2015

Completed Bags of Fun today!! Yay!!

Hi all.  I completed Bags of Fun today. Whew! It was lots of backstitching, and I bet you may notice I didnt stitch the whiskers.  I actually prefer the design without them.  I hope MS doesn't mind! :))  I'm now debating whether to make into cushion or frame it.  Happy Stitching to everyone!! :))

exchange update and tips :)

I posted yesterday but already have news and I thought I could share some tips for our exchange :)
First, Angel is in for our exchange too, she will make it work to go along with our dates :) (happy you can join sweetie!!)

Judith (Musicwoman)

What to stitch:
I wanted to share some tips with you, about what to stitch and what piece to make.
First, you don't need to stitch a huge pattern, you can pick something small or even a piece of a pattern (we have done it here before). That's ok, your work will be different but also unique :) Make the pattern your own!!
For the finish, don't stress about it, don't over do it to make something you don't feel confortable. Go simple, make something nice and pretty. Of course you can make a big and complex gift if you want ;) but for those who don't have much time or amazing skills (we are all different), go simple and pretty, it's ok.
The import here, is to have fun making your gift/parcel and make your friend smile!!! :D
Enjoy!!! Have fun!!!

Theme: Free
Itens: At least 5 itens + 1 handmade - Margaret Sherry design, always!!!
Sign up: until May 31th
Post: until July 31st

If you haven't done it yet, you can still sign up ;)

May 17, 2015

exchange update!!

Hi everyone!
Again, sorry for taking so long to update here.. it has been difficult to have some free time with my boy walking everywhere! Only 14 months but he walks too fast!!! I spend my day running behind him :p

I gave a long time for everyone to sign up but not many stitchers joining.. probably not having as much free time as they wished? I know how that is :p well, but I will still try to participate and do my best :) So far, 9 friends for the exchange, I still have to check with Angel because everyone else prefered a later deadline..

14 more days to sign up here!!

May 9, 2015

Calendar Cats: May

Hello everyone!

It´s May and it´s time for May cat from Calendar cats.

Original post here.

Have a nice day/evening!

May 3, 2015

Coffee & Cuddles

"This cute scene has real "ah" factor and looks great decorating a kitchen or hallway."

Hello everyone!

What about cup of coffee? Or cup of cat? :-D These cats sitting in the cups are so lovely. Two ginger and two grey cats make me smile and what about you?

You can find this design in the book The best of Margaret Sherry.

Original post here.

Have a nice Sunday!

May 1, 2015


Oh, i love springtime! And i believe these two are enjoying it too!
Happy stitching everyone!