May 31, 2012

My Summer cat

Hi girls

Lot's of finishes those days around here =D
That sounds great
Here is my Summer cat =)
I chose an apricot fabric I already had to stitch it, and I changed a bit the colours of the glasses to match with the fabric and ribbon I used for the finish =)
I decided to make a sun glasses case with him , perfect for the sun glasses I have and it seems that in fact we both have the same glasses =D
Let's go for the Autumn cat...but I think I'll wait a little....and enjoy my Summer cat

Happy stitching girls

Hugs from France

Summer cat from Cool cats

Life in a nutshell

Hi girls :D
I stitched this design last year but it was in my drawer with the other unfinished works... that happens when we stitch something just for fun, with no idea how to finish it :p Last weekend I looked at this little note pad I had at home and.. voilá!

Life in a nutshell by Margaret Sherry
(from Cross Stitcher 227)

One less UFO in the drawer, a new finish and a lovely gift for a friend :)
If you click on the image above, you can see a couple more pictures on my blog.

Hugs&Smiles to everyone!!

May 30, 2012

Gardening Snail

Gardening Snail, a mini project that I think of my summer exchange, but in the end my husband has convinced me of another design for my surprise gift.

The little snail is for our daughter Gaby Abi to wear a cloth travel.

I have not finished, I need the assembly name, which is an adaptation of the alphabetfrom the same artist.


Hi ladies!

This was a gift for my cousin. In the fabric I wrote a message and stitched this hedgehod! =)

You can find this chart on Cross Sticher issue 218.

Have a nice day!

May 22, 2012

My portrait.

At the end of February I again became a mother! I gave birth to the son. Now I have three sons and two daughters. Time for an embroidery and needlework hasn't enough, but nevertheless I embroidered this pretty girl!

May 21, 2012

A finish and a surprise =D

Hi girls,

Here is Fishing cat...

A little stitching I made on a little bag and sent to Noni for the Spring exchange
Remember Noni didn't received anything for the Spring exchange :(
It well arrived yesterday so I can show you now =D

Fishing cat

Happy stitching everybody
And hope some more summer cats and summer exchanges creation to come soon =D
(mine are started...)
Big hugs from France

May 20, 2012

A Finish and a Finish!

Hello again!

This month I have mainly been stitching on my Rose Garden Mandala, but I did take time out to stitch a little birthday card for the Craft Bubble "Crazy for Kitties" Birthday Exchange.

And this is the result!
Teacup Kitty - designer Margaret Sherry
Cross Stitch Card Shop issue 82
Stitched for Craft Bubble Crazy for Kitties Birthday Exchange
This cute little kitty was a freebie in the Cross Stitch Card Shop magazine, issue 82.  I used papers from various paper crafting magazines for the background and stitching surround.  The birthday greetings also came from a magazine.  The flowers and little butterflies were in my stash as was the gold ribbon that I tied into the bow.  The little bit of bling came from, of all places, the table decorations from my brother's wedding!  (Yes, I keep all sorts of strange things!!)  I made the 2 pins with beads from my stash.  This little cutie kitty will be in the mail to the UK tomorrow morning along with a couple of little kitty gifts.

I have also finished my Autumn Kitty into a little pillow.  I found the fabric for this a few weeks ago when we went to Handcrafters House.  Once I started to stitch the pillow I realised just how perfect the fabric was!  The pillow ended up being bigger than I had originally planned it to be....when I stitched the back to the kitty and looked at it I thought it actually looked nicer with the fabric on both sides of the kitty.... and so I continued along a different line!  Here is Autumn Kitty in all his glory!

Autumn Kitty - Cool Cats SAL
I haven't as yet started my next Cool Cat or my Summer Exchange, but they will be started in the next week.  I still have to "finish" off my Culinary Cats from the first SAL.  All the cats are stitched and I have now finally decided how to finish them off.  That may take a few weeks before I have another update on the finish.

Pop on over to my blog for further stitching updates!

Til next time, happy stitching

Stitching Noni

May 8, 2012

Summer partners

Hello ladies!
This time I waited a little more to publish our partners list because there's always someone who wants to join at the last minute heheheh This time was Lija, one more friend joining the fun, makes a total of 17 stitchers. It's an odd number so we will do it as a chain again (and I really liked Lija's answer on my previous post hehehe)

If you haven't read our post about what happens if someone fails to send a package, please, take a moment and read it here. Also, Noni commented on the post, check it out =) Stitchers are the kindest ♥ Thank you ladies!! :D

Here are our partners for the Summer Exchange:
. Eleana
. Marcinha
. Lija
. Cris
. Francesca
. Becky
. Nia
. Dulcinella
. Simone
. Rita
. Valma
. Olli
. Noni
. Olimpia
. Judith
. Dinny
. Lu

This means:
Eleana sends to Marcinha, Marcinha sends to Lija...
(end of the list)...Lu sends to Eleana :)

Don't forget:
!! Post until June 21st
!! Take a picture of your parcel and send it to (except Becky, save your photo until I receive your parcel ;) heheheeh)

In a few moments, you will receive an email with your partner's address :)
If you have questions or need any help, you can leave a comment on this post or send me an email ;)

Have fun!!!! :D

* emails sent to everyone, please, check you inbox ;)

May 7, 2012

weekly news #11

Spring Exchange
Olimpia got Judith's parcel! Uhuuu :D
This exchange is almost finish, unfortunately we still don't know anything from Lorraine =/ but Noni won't have to wait much longer to receive a surprise on her mailbox :) Stitchers are the kindest ♥ Thank you ladies =)

Summer Exchange
We have 16 stitchers :D For our Christmas exchange we made double partners and for Spring exchange we had a chain... how do you prefer? Doubles or chain? Let me know and I will publish the list the way the majority votes ;)

New Author
Welcome Lija from UK!!! :D

May 6, 2012

Cat cool summer

Hello friends okay with you?
This week I went to embroider my cat cool summer and got away, as I showed you a few days early, I gave up embroidery on white screen and our friend decided to search the Internet, which teaches us many things to be dyed with tea :) Black. Since I signed that I stitched both at the same time divide the days of the week for each one, and do you do when you stitch more than one?

Now is a cat in the hands of autumn.

Have a good Sunday, and continuing good sewing :)

May 5, 2012

Spring cat finished! yeahh:D

Hello ladies:)

How are you doing all? Great, i hope :) So, a little bit after the deadline ("just" almost 2 months later:p), i managed to finish the Spring cat:)

I used Mill Hill Beads for the eyes:)

Now i will work on our Summer exchange and then i'll start the Summer cat!:)

Have a great weekend girls!

Spring Exchange

Hi girls!

Today the postman touched my door, my exchange spring arrived after a long wait.

I want to thank Judith so sent me, everything is very nice, thank you very much.

As always, the photos do not do the work justice, but Judith's work is impeccable.

Thank you very much again, I'm thinking about the place where it will look like my crazy cow.

Happy weekend.


May 2, 2012

weekly news #10

Spring Exchange
Olimpia and Noni are still waiting to receive their parcel =/
. Judith (aka MusicWoman) please check on your post office, try to know something about the package you've sent. More than one month later, Olimpia should have received your package already. Try to get some information with your post service, please.
. No news for Noni, unfortunately I didn't get any reply from Lorraine, I sent more than one email, wrote on her blog and nothing back =( I will put on my pixie shoes and send a Spring parcel to Noni ;)

Summer Exchange
If you haven't signed in, there's still time until the weekend! To read the original post click here :)

SAL #3
We still have stitchers joining the fun! :D I hope to see some more Spring and Summer cats soon ;)

New Authors
Please, welcome Kat (Portugal), Cris (Portugal) and Ariena (Malaysia) who joined our group on the last couple of weeks! :D

What if someone fails on their exchange?

There was no rule before because I didn't expect for something like this to happen, unfortunately, we have one friend who didn't receive her exchange parcel. More than one month has passed since the deadline so I think we can give that as a lost situation.

You all know there are no restrict rules on deadlines for our SALs, the date is set to motivate everyone to stitch and for us to have fun knowing that our friends are stitching the same thing. But life happens, we all have jobs and other things to take care, hobbies come next. So, if you can't reach the goal it's ok, just try to catch up as soon as you can. The only rule is to stitch and have fun while doing it :) Remember, I'm talking about SALs.

When it comes to exchanges, that's different. We are not stitching for ourselves, we are assuming a commitment to send a gift to another friend. A friend who will do the same thing and who will be waiting for the mailman to bring her something too :) It's important to respect the dates, that means you're respecting your partner too.

Again, life happens! I know! If you can't do it on time, just send an email to me or to your partner. Takes only two minutes to write an email and let someone know that you weren't able to post on time but it's not forgotten.

But.. if nothing is said, what should we do?
I will assume the responsibility and send a parcel to our friend who's waiting with her empty mailbox. No sad faces around here =)
I also think that the person who failed, should not sign in again for any other exchange, do you agree? She can continue on the blog, post her works, stitch for SALs but no exchanges allowed. What do you think? Please, it's a group blog so feel free to share you opinion too :)