February 25, 2015

A cute little bunny!


Also a long time that i posted.
So lets show you something i made recently.
The little bunny is from the alphabet.
Loved stitching this cutie.
I made this present with felt for  a friend.
Glad she loved it!

February 24, 2015

Stitching along..?

So, yesterday I thought I had read everything but then I realized there were even more posts to read :p To make sure I wouldn't miss anything, I went back to March 2014!! hehehehe Now I know, all posts read and commented :)

I was a bit surprised... didn't see as many w.i.p. photos as I expected for our SALs... I've updated our list, so far it goes:

SAL #7 » Bags of Fun

. Amber
. Anne Fraser Stitching
. Noni
. Angel DONE!
. Ana Ferreira
. Debbie Vermeulen DONE!
. Laura
. Judith
. Zurainny Stitching

SAL #6 » Sunday Snooze
. Amber
. Noni
. Angel DONE!
. Debbie Vermeulen
. Preeti
. Judith

SAL #5 » Spring Bouquet
. Mónica DONE!
. Lija
. Julianne
. Preeti Stitching
. Noni Stitching
. Heather
. Ana Ferreira DONE!
. Judith

Did I miss something?? Please, let me know ;)
Congrats to Angel, Ana and Monica, all ladies have projects completed :D

So many stitchers wanted to start these 3 designs.. no more photos to show?! =/

UPDATED 10/03/2015

February 23, 2015

◦。◦ ゜ ♥ Bubbles of Love ♥ ゜◦ 。◦

Hi everyone!

I´m little late with this design. I wanted to post it on Valentine´s Day. The last year I finished this cute hedgehog design called Bubbles of love which was published in the issue 136 of Quick & Easy Cross Stitch. I decided do it with pink frame and I changed bubbles´ thread. I hope I will do also design Heart Topiary which was published together with this :-)

My original post here.

Have a nice day!

Admin back to service! ;)

Hi everyone!!! Oh! I missed this group so much :)

Sorry for my long absence =/ I'm pretty sure all moms out there know well how a newborn changes our life and schedules :p Well, my boy is not a newborn any more, he will turn 1 year old in a couple of weeks :D

I tryed to keep up with the group during the first few months but.. I lost track! Sorry ladies, I should've had asked someone to take my place for a while, never thought I would stay away for this long. But I'm so happy to see you've been active here :D New posts to read and photos to comment!! Thank you ladies :)

February 15, 2015

Hello again....

Goodness me, it has been so long since I posted here.... and so very long since I have stitched a Margaret Sherry design!  Last year my stitching plans went slightly awry as my job went super crazy and I went back to working 5 days a week.... with less hours to stitch each week, and even less energy not a lot got done!

But 2015 is getting off to a great start and I sort of have some updates for you.... no finishes yet but who knows what the next couple of months will bring!

So here we go for a bit of an update on my MS stitching:

SAL #5 - Spring Bouquet
My last update on this lovely design was way back on 27th April 2014..... and this is what Kitty looked like then

SAL #5 - Spring Bouquet
Status as at 27th April 2014
and after a little bit of love and attention courtesy of the Crazy January Challenges I was doing last month, this is what Kitty looks like now! Actually this is not all because of the January challenge - I had done a little bit more in between my April post and January, but not a lot!

SAL #5 - Spring Bouquet
Status as at 20th January 2015

During January I also started stitching on the some of the MS free gifts that I had sitting around.  Pics below:

Cross Stitch Crazy Issue 171 - Free Gift
Free Gift - World of Cross Stitching - Issue 220

Free Gift - World of Cross Stitching - Issue 220

Free Gift - World of Cross Stitching - Issue 220
So after a rather lengthy absence of stitching on Margaret Sherry designs I am certainly trying to make up for it now!

Hopefully I will be back again in a very short space of time to show you some finishes of the small Christmas designs above!

Til then, happy stitching