September 30, 2011

Second half of SAL#2 Christmas ;)

Hello ladies, it is me again…

The second half of SAL#2 Christmas is finished !  I made the snowman on Evenweave 20 count too (4 stitches per 1 cm), but chosen the fabric in red. Therefore I changed the color of the hat to green (which I like), otherwise it becomes invisible. How do you like it?

Wait a while....when it is finished, I will write a story with pictures. And I may make a tutorial, so keep an eye on my blog.

With regards ,
Olga (Olli)

September 29, 2011

Santa is done :D

Hi girls,

I have now finished Santa Claus for the second SAL :D
I made it on a cloth that I'll use in my kitchen during the Xmas period....
I added a 'pompom' :-)

Hugs from North Pole of France

The red cloth - SAL#2

Santa - SAL#2

Kitty with Yarn

Hello ladies,

This is my first post on this blog. I like Margaret Sherry’s designs and I am happy to join you. I have several finished works, stitched some time ago and I would like to show one of them now.

Cattitudes "Purr One"

Heritage Crafts
18 count white Aida , DMC
Stitched by SilverCuteDwarf

It’s not framed. I still hope to stitch the other two kittens with yarn then framed all together. 

Thanks for looking!

September 27, 2011

My first posting

Hello friends
This is my first posting, I am very happy to participate in this blog already follow a few months.

My first project Photo Margaret Sherry

I've already started the second sal, but still do not know what will be the finish
If you want to follow me, my blog is  :)

My first post :)

Just wanted to say "hi" to you all and express how happy I am that I have found this blog :).

My first M. Sherry's design:

Unfortunatelly I don't remember where this design was published - if I'll find it I'll update this :).
I made this on DMC aida 14 ct with pink hearts printed on using DMC threads as well. Gave it to a dear friend  -  a huge cat lovers :).

September 25, 2011

SAL # 2

Hi everyone :)
This is my wip of my 2nd SAL Hope you like it :)
I don´t know yet what to do with them ... i´m hopen to suggestions :)

xxxxx Susana ;)

September 23, 2011


Hi everyone and Happy Autumn Equinox too!

Hot off the sewing machine this morning is this little cutie:

Pumpkin Pie from CrossStitcher magazine, issue 232
stitched on 28-count linen with DMC threads

OK, yes he's a cutie but I'm allergic to cats!!! and for those of you that know me already ~ bunnies are my thing SO Pumpkin Pie is up for grabs in my Autumn giveaway with a few extras.  If you'd like a chance to give him a home then pop over to my blog and leave a comment on the current post, a winner will be drawn next Friday ~ 30th September.

Have a good stitchy weekend

September 20, 2011

quick notes to all :)

Hello ladies!

It's nice to see some finishes around here, our second SAL is going well!! :D Well done!! ;)

I would like to ask everyone for a little attention on posting here, please, don't write on your blog, copy and paste here.. if you do that, the post will 'bring' your blog font and other formatting stuff =/ Please, right here on our panel, this way all posts will have the same appearance, ok? :)
Also, center only images, do not center your text ;)

I don't like to make too many rules, I like everyone to enjoy and have fun! But since the beginning that we have just half a dozen rules about how to post. It's very easy to follow them, ok girls? :)

Something else that I've been meaning to ask you for a while and keep forgetting! Who wants to receive comments by email?
If you'd like to receive all blog comments on your email, let me know and I will add your email for notifications ;) Be aware that this means that you will receive not only your posts comments but all comments in all posts on the blog, ok? :)

Thank you for your attention :)
Good night and a great week to all!! :D

September 18, 2011

First half of SAL#2 Christmas is ready

Hello ladies, I´m here again....

The first half of SAL#2 Christmas is ready! Now I will start with part 2 - the snowman. As soon as both are finished, I will make towel holders.

I stitch these on Evenwave 20 count (4 stitches per 1 cm), this is on purpose, so that they appear big - for a nicer end result.

With regards ,

September 17, 2011

Hi . . .

Hello everyone!

A big thank you to Nia for letting me join this wonderful Blog and here is my first contribution . . .

Archie Bear 'Chocolate makes my Clothes Shrink!'
stitched on 28~count natural linen with my choice of DMC threads

My favourite colours are burgundys and creams so Archie's jumper is stitched to match my kitchen colours and I finished it into a small bag which is known, on past occasions, to have the odd bar or two of chocolate inside it (just in case of emergency, you know!)

I'm working on a small Halloween design at the moment which will be part of a giveaway on my blog once it's completed.

Thanks for stopping by

September 14, 2011


My first SAL is ready. I framed Santa in a little stitching hoop and hang it in my christmastree. The tree is still a little bit empty. So there is a lot of work to be done before Christmas.


September 12, 2011

Hello ladies,

It is the first time I write here, but I read your fanblog for a while and admire your works. I applied for a SAL, so I can show you mine.

In the past I stitched multiple patterns of Margaret Sherry. Funny cats and mice, I even participated in a Round Robin with my own theme. You can guess... works of MS. Unfortunately the RR is not back home and I don´t know what the other RR stitchers made for me, so I can´t show you anything yet.

With regards from the Netherlands,
Olga (Olli)
Heritage Stitchcraft - MSPD608 "Purr Dicament"

Free gift from Cross Stitcher  in +/- 2004

September 8, 2011

two of my finishes

I'm just seeing the pretty Jolanda's hedgehog on previous post and I would like to show you two finishes I stitched some months ago.
Both charts are from Cross Stitcher and both are presents for two of my cross-stitchers friends.
have a great week end



The first step are crossstitches only. You can hardly see that it's a hedgehog.

After adding backstitches!


The finished card. I also used a coordinating stamp. I made this card  nearly a year ago for my sisters birthday.


DMC threads for SAL #2

Hello ladies :)

For those who want to stitch our SAL with DMC threads, here it is the conversion:


I used CyberStitchers Conversion but there's no Anchor 413 and I've been looking in other pages too.. nothing!
Does anyone have this Anchor color? Can you show us a picture of the thread?
Thank you!! :)

EDITED: Problem solved! This color was for another chart on the next page of the magazine! Thank you Becky :)

September 6, 2011

My First Post - Spike In Charge

Hello everyone! I've been browsing around the Margaret Sherry Lovers blog quite a bit the past month, but this is my first post. The pattern is Margaret Sherry's Spike in Charge. I stitched this, and my boyfriend helped select and pay for the framing. We gave the finished piece to a close friend as her graduation present when she completed her four year nursing degree.

Thanks for looking!

September 1, 2011

SAL #2

So, who's up for some Christmas stitching? :D
Following your suggestions, Christmas is the theme for our second SAL :)

Two cuties from Cross Stitcher Magazine Issue 233 :) Easy to stitch and you can finish like the picture or into a postcard, an ornament, as you wish!

I'm very curious to see the different ways each one will finish!!
The deadline is the end of November 2011, is that ok for everyone? :)

Are you in??? :D
Just leave a comment on this post so I can take note ;)

next SAL :)

Quick post just to let you know that I will post about our next SAL later tonight ;)
Work is calling so I can't do it right now but I will be back later!