December 28, 2010

We with the husband have got married in October 1998, by an anniversary I have embroidered these lovely chickens. Has issued just now in a kind on a window. The Basis - a dense cardboard.

December 26, 2010

It never stops!

Hi everyone!

The MS Alphabet doesn`t stops!
Now I show you the "L" with a lovely lion.

Happy new year!

December 19, 2010

just a tip

Today I bring something 'old' to share with you, one Christmas ornament that I stitched last year :)

xmas ornament

I chose part of the design from Cross Stitcher Issue 192.

CS 192

So, here's an idea, sometimes we can make something different without having to use the complete design. Just let your imagination flow! ;)

December 14, 2010


This remarkable cat has been embroidered last year for the son of my friend. He leanrs to play a violin.

December 13, 2010

Mouse Ornament

Here is an ornament that I have made for my Secret Santa partner at work - it is a Margaret Sherry mouse from the UK magazine 'CrossStitcher':

December 6, 2010

Easy ABC

Hi everyone!

Starting this week with more two letters of the MS alphabet! It is the "C" and the "K". It isn't realy cute?
I think my prefered letter is the "K" now! Lol

Nice week everyone!

December 2, 2010

Santa Claus

Cross Stitcher issue 233




November 30, 2010

Stitch in Time

Maria has shown us her finish, I'm also stitching this design but with Christmas nearly.. time hasn't been much!
I hope I'll be able to finish mine by the end of the year :)


November 28, 2010


Finally the pad is ready! It took me to sew it, the picture is no filler, just to ease the picture.
Liked? Despite the unusual colors, I found that they matched well with the cats!
>>> Forgive me for possible errors in the text, I used Google translator for Portuguese / English.

November 27, 2010

Easy ABC

Hi, everyone!

Today I want to show two more letters of the MS'Alphabet: Q and B.
Gislene had great fun embroidering this letters, don't you agree? lol  Now, we have 13 already embroidered letters!

An amazing weekend to all!

November 26, 2010


Hi !

My name is Maria. I'm from Russia. Pleased to meet you. I love the designs of Margaret Sherry. They are adorable. I believe these mice are so similar to each stitchers.


Have a nice week-end !

November 24, 2010

more stitchers here!

We have already welcomed Svetlana to our fan blog :)

And now one more friend is joining us, also from Russia, let's welcome Maria :)

November 23, 2010


Hello. My name is Svetlana.I live in Russia. I love to stich Margarett Sherry designs. They are very emotional and cute. I take chart for my stich in Russian " Crossstitcher" as a rule.I select threads by myself as the choice in our town's shops is not really big. Sorry my english,please.

November 17, 2010



Remember those penguins (this and this)?

Here is the final application! =)

Easy ABC


We followed with the ABC's Margaret Sherry. The "X" and the "E" were embroidered by Gislene. It's cute, isn't it? Gislene chose the "X" as her preferred letter. I'm in doubt between the "X" and "E"... What's your favorite letter?

Good weekend everyone!

November 13, 2010

handmade postcards

Hi girls!
I'm happy to see that our blog has been growing :) I hope everyone is enjoying it!

Are you stitching for Christmas yet?
I made my first set of Christmas cards to send to friends :)

The pattern is from Cross Stitcher Issue 232 :)

Have a nice weekend!!!

November 11, 2010

Easy ABC

Hi, everyone! The alphabet continues. The "M" was embroidered by Gislene. I adore the monkeys and his bananas! =)

I embroidered the "H" for my husband, because his name begins with this letter. It's so cute, isn't it?

Who likes frog? I like! To embroider this "F" it was so fun!

November 9, 2010

My MS finishes

Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for the warm welcome :)
I have finish a total of 4 Margaret Sherry designs but have many more in my to-do list :P . Bellow you can see photos of all of them.

This is the first one I stitched, it was featured in Cross Stitcher magazine 158 (March 2005). It's Archie bear and I think his adorable ... I really like his roundness :P


The second one is Clever You!, also from Cross Stitcher (issue 163 - August 2005). It was a gift for a classmate.

Clever you!

This one I have it in my room and it's from The World of Cross Stitch # 122 (April 2007)

Charlie Bear

And finally, Pumpkin Pie (Cross Stitcher # 232) that I finished a couple of weeks ago. I stitched this one for my boyfriend

Pumpkin Pie

That's all for now...hopefully soon I'll have more Margaret Sherry finishes to share!!

Happy stitching ♥

November 8, 2010

A is for Archie

I was reading your comments on Simone's post, about the letter 'A' and the cute bear besides it. Why a bear with an 'A', right?

Ladies, I have the pleasure to introduce to you, one of Margaret Sherry's popular characters: Archie, the Bear :)


Mystery solve? ;) LOL