January 29, 2013

First time

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy :D

I'm really thankful for adding me to this group :)

For the first time I saw Margaret's charts I fell in love with them by all my heart. I especially admire cats so of course when I saw "Calendar cats" I wished to stitch it.

So... in december 2008 I ask few girls from my country (Poland) to stitch it with me as a Round Robin project. At last (after more then 4 years ^^) in last week my very own cat calendar came back to me :)

Every calendar was stitched by 13 girls. Every one of these 13 girls had to stitch caption on her calendar and mail it to the next person :) 

Here are photos of Margaret's cats stitched by me on my 12 friends calendars:

From my other works there is another Margaret's cat. Stitched on a large pinkeep for a friend:


And now I want to stitch cooking cats for another friend (he works as a chief in a restaurant ;))

So that's all for now :D I hope you're not sleepy after reading this loooooooong post ^^ I wish everyone good luck with stitching, no broken needles and no knotting your thread :D

January 22, 2013

Something tells me you already know this pattern...

With some friends I am working on a secret project and due to this reason, I can't show this work on my blog yet, but I can come here and show it to you, can't I? :-)

And... I think this pattern isn't exactly new to the blog! LOL

Since almost nobody knows I also have an English blog... I think I will post it there too ;-)

January 21, 2013

Tennis Partners

I stitched "Tennis Partners" on a tea towel using waste canvas.   This is a gift for my mother's birthday.  The trick is to stitch without catching the waste canvas thread in the needle while stitching so I can remove the waste canvas when done. 

socialsue, "Tennis Partners", Margaret Sherry

Little mice and cats.


I also wanted to show some of the MS stitching i have done before.
Personally i really love the mice pattern!

Have a great week!

hugs Angele

September 2008 Calendar

Here is my finish of September 2008 Calendar.  I chose to use coloured fabric for the background instead of stitching all of it and I think it looks good.  Of course, my camera, being what it does, did not pick up the colour of the cloth which is a couple of shades lighter than the DMC 964 stitched for the bottom blue stitches.  Also I had to change all the colours of the design into DMC, since I only have a small assortment of Anchor threads, mostly for Tatty Teddy designs.  I really enjoyed stitching this little cute hedgehog and am starting October already which I am doing on a yellow aida for the background.  It really does quicken the finish.  Some day, after completing I hope to make the whole calendar into a quilt.   :)

January 13, 2013

Previous years stitching

Hi all

Margaret Sherry stitching 

Here is a link to a page on my blog showing my previous years of fun!!

Most of it was for Round Robins but some of it was for myself or family.

Have a great day

Love Heather

January 10, 2013

Hello all!

Hi to you all!

I am delighted to be here and involved in all that is going on!

A little about me so you know who you are 'talking' to!  My name is Heather.  I am 42 in July and became a single mummy to 7 last May! Please don't be sorry for me because I'm not!!  My eldest is 21 then 16, 9,8,7,5 and 2!  Lots of photos on my blog

I have my threads and fabric ready to start the SAL which I will start over the weekend.  I plotted and planned the designs for the exchanges too ... just need a design for Easter but I shall drag all my magazines out over the weekend as the younger children Ryan, Conor, Mark, Katie and Cara stay with their father so i can look through my magazines without the kiddies adding to my to-do list lol!!

My current WIP is with Steph and is a Charlie Bear Alphabet kit SAL.  I just Love Charlie Bear :-)

Charlie Bear SAL as at 09 January 2013

I have stitched many Margaret Sherry Designs over the years, many before I started to blog, so I must get some of my previous works on my blog to show them off!

Thank you so very much for having me and I hope to become good friends with you all.  Sorry if I tend to waffle on and on lol!

Have a great day


January 9, 2013

Christmas cat card

Hello, it has been a long time from my last post.
I made this Christmas cat card for my fiance, last December 2012.
Christmas cat card

January 8, 2013

A little bit of sunshine!


Because there is no sunshine outside my house at the moment in the Netherlands i stitched this cute Archie bear to get a little bit of sunshine inside my house!


January 7, 2013

Exchanges Calendar for 2013!!

Ladies, I have a calendar for the whole year! :D

We can start planning our exchanges ;) We won't know our partners right away but we can start stitching for the theme. We will only know our partners when the sign up period finishes, then I can randomly make the partners list. I think this will help a little to finish on time, we won't need to run to meet the deadlines, no reason to miss the posting date either ;)
Be aware::: No failing excuses!!! ;) hehehehe

#1 Easter Exchange
Sign up until: February 15th
Partners published: February 16th
Posting deadline: March 1st

#2 Blogversary Exchange » free theme
Sign up until: June 15th
Partners published: June 16th
Posting deadline: July 1st

#3 Halloween Exchange
Sign up until: September 15th
Partners published: September 16th
Posting deadline: October 1st

#4 Christmas Exchange
Sign up until: November 15th
Partners published: November 16th
Posting deadline: December 1st

To sign up:
Send an email to msherrylovers@gmail.com and let me know in which exchange you'd like to join! Please, add your blog address and also your home address info ;)

What to send:
1 handmade » you can finish as you want!!
+4 extra gifts » fabrics, buttons, ribbons, threads, any craft supply! Or you can add stationery like pens, notebooks, anything pretty and cute that will make you partner smile :)

Posting deadline:
We have dates but each destination makes a diference. For example, I'm from Portugal, if I'm sending for a partner in Europe I know one week is enough to arrive safely. But, if I send to Brazil I know I need 30 days or more!! (Brazil is particularly slow on post service, we need to post earlier than usual).
So, please, think about the time you need to post, specially on Christmas!! Christmas mail gets behind everywhere!! hehehe See where your exchange parcel needs to go and make sure you'll send it on time, even if it's not exactly the same date we have writen here ;)

Please, if someone gets sick, if anything major happens in your life and you can't finish your commitment with our exchanges, don't stress yourself! We are all humans, we can understand good reasons!! Just send an email to msherrylovers@gmail.com and let me know, we will find a solution.
Exchanges are for fun, if you're dealing with something major in your life, don't worry, just let us know! The worst thing is failing and not telling anything, just write an email, takes 2 minutes of your time :) We are all reasonable people and remember that stitchers are the best ;) eheheh

Any question? Feel free to comment here on this post :)

2013 SAL kick off !!!

I'm so glad to read your feedback for our SAL this year :D
Truly happy to see that everyone was happy with my suggestion!
We are going to have fuuuuuuuuun :D Let's start!!

Design to stitch:

Puppy love

Pattern can be found on...
... Cross Stitcher magazine, issue 208
... the book "The Best of Margaret Sherry"

How to stitch along the year:
. Stitch at your own rhythm but be sure you'll finish until the end of the year!
. Post your progress on the first week of each month (first posting will be on the first week of February) and add the label 'SAL#4' to your post
. You can choose if you want to stitch the full piece or only some of the dogs, feel free to do it as you please :)

I'll stitch the full piece and frame it, it will decorate my house's entryway, this lovable puppy will welcome everyone who enters the house ;)

Who's in:
. Nia
. Noni
. Svetlana
. Marcinha
. Verónica
. Heather
. Eleana
. Joey
. Olimpia
. Judith
. Amber
. Lija
. Rita
. Pelasia
. SocialSue
. Anne
. Deb Jochim
... who else wants to join us?? :)

Main rule:
Have fun!!! Enjoy your stitching :D

January 5, 2013

Dog with French gifts!))

This funny dog trying very hard to have time for Christmas! She fled from France to Camille! And wanted to become an ornament for the Christmas tree!)

Brought the dog with a wonderful gift: there are a great card with a teddy bear and woolly yarn and embroidery floss and felt ornaments with ribbon, and another box with Christmas decorations for greeting cards and a great big lollipop!)

Camille,thank you very much for the Christmas miracles and unforgettable moments of joy.!!!))

January 4, 2013

Sal Cool Cats number 3

I was giving my time to post my 3rd SAL Cat Cool Cats, as it is the gift to Judith, but my mail as usual, slower than a mule, plan to arrive Epiphany.
A cute kitty for Judith

Judith, believe me I am yet to hear if parael January 6 will not get another, but the package that comes, comes, because for me the promised and long friendships are the result of out of debt.
So this post is to use the readers to witness my commitment and my commitment Judith 3rd kitten, which is now taking off the scarf so hot it is in the tropics.

Happy start to the year to all!

January 3, 2013

SAL #4 - Suggestion

Here is my suggestion for our 2013's SAL! :)

I've been thinking about our SAL for sometime, let me explain the reasons why I picked this design:

1) Something else than cats - we've stiched cats for 2 SALs already
2) I realize not everyone can afford to buy Margaret Sherry kits, I had to pick something from a magazine (London Bus would be pretty fun to stitch :D)
3) This chart can be found on the book "The Best of Margaret Sherry"
4) Many people have Cross Stitcher magazines, can be found on issue 208 from the magazine too
5) There's nothing new on TWOCS or Cross Stitcher from the last couple of issues (different from cats and with a good size for a SAL)
6) This chart can be stitched in a full piece or separated, you can choose to make different finishes with each dog
7) It's sooo adorable and easy to please everyone =)

How we would stitch along the year:
In a different way from our last SAL, we wouldn't have to stitch a chart every 3 months. We would all stitch at our own rhythm (but making sure that we can complete until the end of the year, of course! hehehe) and we would compromise to post an update on the first week of each month. This way, everyone would have the freedom to stitch as much as your free time will allow you to :)
Posting our progress update every month, will motivate everyone to stitch a little more ;) And that's the point of making a SAL, stitch together and motivate our stitchers friends to go forward :)

What do you think? :)
Please, share your thoughts and opinions!!
In case you're wondering, it doesn't matter if you have finished the others SALs you've signed up or not, everyone can join!

January 2, 2013

Finishing 2012 with a flourish....

Happy New Year!!

Well, 2012 is over and 2013 is just beginning....  I managed to get most of my Margaret Sherry stitching goals finished this year and I am now looking forward to seeing what the new year has to offer.

My final stitching for 2012 was my little Santa from our SAL #2.  That is now all finished.... yippee!  Just need to work out what to do with Santa - but that is for another day this week!!

I have only one more kitty to stitch and then I will be finished SAL #3 - Cool Cats....  I don't think I got around to showing you Spring when I finished him... so here he is...

So that's Autumn, Winter and Spring done... just have to stitch Summer.  I am hoping that I will get Summer finished in the next couple of weeks and then I will come back and show you the final finishes for Cool Cats.

Once Summer is stitched I will have completed all 3 of our SAL's.... wonder what the next one will be?

Thank you everyone for a great year on our group blog - the friendship that I have found through this blog is amazing.  I have loved being a part of the exchanges and SAL's.  The stitching and crafting are fabulous... the support and inspiration from you all has been brilliant.  Thank you Nia for hosting a great place for us to meet and for all the hard work you put in keeping us on track with our stitching... I look forward to another great year ahead!

Can't wait to see what new designs that Margaret Sherry has for us over the year as well....

I hope that everyone has a wonderful 2013 with lots of fabulous stitching and wonderful experiences to come.

Til next time, happy stitching
Stitching Noni