March 31, 2014

Calendar Cats: March


This kitty absolutly got me! I love used fresh spring colours of the floss threads. This design is so cute, kitty started spring cleaning with laundering :-) Lovely... Btw, I love March. It´s month of nature waking in my country. The blossoming of trees, the first flowers and gorgeous scent of the air and yes, buzz of bees :-)

Have you nice evening (or day :-)) !

Original post with lot of pictures here...

March 21, 2014

Easter is coming!


I stitched 2 patterns of MS for easter and i will like to get your opinion about the purple chicken!
Because i dont like the french knots that much i only made the eyes with french knots and did not made them on the eggs.
I think it seems allright without them but what i am curious to your opinions.
Do you think it would look nicer with french knots on the eggs or does it look cute just the way it is right now?

Have a great weekend!

March 20, 2014

Cattitude Horoscopes: Pisces

The new horoscope sign will come tomorrov so it´s time to show this one. I love these rusty cats more than gray :-D They are more cheerful :-) Btw, the pisces is moveable female and water sign which is guided by Neptune.

Original post here 

Have a nice evening/day!

March 18, 2014


I have great joy :)
   Dear Gislene gave me such sweet gifts for christmas ,,,
                             SO SWEET AND SO CUTE <3
i loved them all
   Thank you Gislene.....Thank you Nia..
           love and kisses
happy cucki xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

March 13, 2014

My progress on SAL #5

Hello ladies!

Here it is my update on SAL #5.

I'm really enjoying stitching this piece. I love cats and I love Margaret Sherry designs. I probably will not stitch much this month because I have other projects to stitch. You know how this woks. Deadlines, deadlines... :)

Hope you enjoy.


March 12, 2014

It's never too late for Christmas presents!

This week we came back home from our long winter vacation.  And I was very happy to find the package from my "Secret Santa" Julianne! My mom received it while we were travelling  and she did not want to open it and tell what was incise. And I was very excited to open it!

Julianne, thank you very much for such a beautiful pinkeep. I love these little kittens in mugs. I was going to stitch all of them for my kitchen. So, it's a good start for me! And I love all the presents that you sent to me!

(my little son already stole stickers with cats :)

Nia, thanks for the coordination and your help! It's my first cross-stitch exchange, but it's not last!

March 9, 2014

Hi again y'all!! This week is my spring break from school so I'm hoping to get a lot of cleaning (boo!) and stitching (yay!!) done.

I don't currently have any of the SAL patterns, but I found an older kit that is very similar to SAL #5 so I am working on that for the time being. This is about 5 nights of progress!

I hope to show more progress soon :)

March 5, 2014

2014 SALs

Hello ladies!! :D

I'm very happy to see some SAL updates here, you have started to stitch these adorable designs and I really want to follow you too =) But... my baby is coming very soon, this month I won't be able to start stitching any yet! After April, I hope to be as active as usual here on the group ;)

Meanwhile, don't wait for me to post, ok? hehehehe
It's the first week of the month, feel free to post your updates, no matter if you have done a lot or only a small start. Every little stitch counts, every little progress is a progress ;)
Keep those photos coming!! :D

And have fun!! :D

March 2, 2014

Hi y'all! I've gotten busy with school so I haven't been stitching as much lately, although I did finish 2 non-Margaret Sherry projects. A kitchen sampler and a cute pusheen picture!

Here are a few of my older stitchings :) Just to keep up!

Telephone Box

Some Horoscope cats

Graduation Cat
Thanks for looking!