June 30, 2012

My Summer Exchange arrived

 A HUGE thank you to Francesca for my summer exchange gift,  I just love it sooooooo much.  It couldn't have arrived on a better day, as I've had a bad week, so thank you for cheering me up too!

Here are the photos:

The bag is just wonderful, will be using that to transport my small stitching around when I visit friends and relatives. The thread is just my colour, I love the "antique" colours and I promise to make good use of it.  A lovely little lavender bag, how did you know that lavender is my favourite plant?  I have a lavender patch in my garden so I am never out of lavender for making my home smell nice!

Thank you again Francesca, you are a real angel. xx

June 29, 2012

Another summer exchange has arrived =D

Hi girls

Let me show you this cute cute cute and definitely cute Swimming Duck I received from Rita for the summer exchange =D
I love it and the way she put it on a photos album
Hope the sun will come back to make summer pictures and put them in my wonderful album =D
Thank you so much Rita
I love your  stitching and your finish
big hugs

Swimming Duck

Swimming Duck

June 27, 2012

Wedding sampler

Hi girls !

I stitched this design a few days ago.
I wanted to finish this work by July. Be cause in the middle of July my husband and I are going to celebrate our wedding day. 10 years !

Have a nice day!


June 22, 2012

Nia's Summer Exchange Gift

Here's the pic of little parcel I sent to Nia.  Glad you liked it!

June 21, 2012

Summer exchange update

Hi everyone!! :D
Today is the deadline to post our exchange parcels, how is everyone doing?

Noni, Simone, Marcinha and Valérie posted :) Becky also posted and I have received it already!! :D You'll see my gift very soon ;)
My little package is ready to go, just needs to take a little travel to the post office!
Lija, Francesca and Judith are a bit behind but they are finishing their parcel. I think no one will be upset for waiting just a few more days, the weekend is coming, extra time to help everyone to finish ;)

Don't forget to let me know when you post your exchange parcel. Or, if you're a little behind it's ok, just let us know that you're working on it ;)

Update Jun22
There's a list on the sidebar with all the names and in front you can read:
. sent = posted the exchange parcel
. received = parcel from friend received
. ok = a bit behind but working on in
Just missing info from Olli, Olimpia, Dinny and Lu! Everyone else is ok, some are a bit behind but it's ok, they are working on the parcel and will send next week :)

June 13, 2012

Ballerina Hedgehogs "Pirouetting"

Earlier today I posted a request about a chart that was misprinted in Quick&Easy magazine.

Looks like it's a responsability from Future Publishing and not even Margaret Sherry has a copy of the published designs. Also, I realized that there's a lot of stitchers seeking for the same chart because they had the same magazine mistake =/

So, without any intention to inflict copyrights, I'm sharing here the 'Give us a twirl' chart - only the one that was misprinted.
This way it will help everyone, whether it's a member of this group or someone else that just fell in love with these 3 ballerina hedgehogs and it's sadly missing one of them.

Click on the image

Again, no intention to inflict copyright issues, just trying to solve a problem for those who bought the magazine and couldn't stitch all three charts!

PS: Thanks for the help Valérie! =)

news update #12

Summer Exchange
Becky and Simone posted their parcel! Good job ladies :D
Our deadline is June 21st but if you need a little more time, relax! Just make sure you send something pretty to your partner and try to post as soon as you can. If you need a couple more days it's ok, I believe no one will be mad =) hehehe

New authors
Since our last update, three new stitchers joined our group: Anastasia (Nastenka) from Russia, Rosa from Italy and Joey (Littlestar) from Malaysia :D
Welcome ladies!! =)

SAL #3 Cool Cats
Valérie and Becky finished Summer cat :) And how is everyone else going? Have you finished too? There are a few stitchers behind on the first cat... I hope no one is giving up =(
Anastasia is joining the fun too, one more stitcher on our SAL!
I can't wait to finally start my next cat :D

Ballerinas charts

Hello ladies :)
I'm catching up on emails and I'm also behind here on the blog, sorry =/ I'm taking care of that right now, soon everything will be up to date! ;)

I'm trying to help another stitcher who is looking for a missing chart from Quick&Easy magazine (issue 126). It was published a set off three ballerina hedgehogs: 'Pirouetting', 'Jumping for joy' and 'Give us a twirl'. But there was a misprint and one of the charts was printed twice in the place of 'Give us a twirl' =(

I saw here on the group that Bunga Rosa stitched two of these charts so I guess she's also missing the third one..
Can anyone help? Do you have the missing chart?

June 8, 2012

Gardening Snail

I finished the small towel to GabyAbi, I adapted the alphabet of MS but I kept the letter "B", after 20 hours (equivalent to two weeks), we have done and my little daughter may wear his towel in kindergarten

June 1, 2012

Summer Sun brings out another Cat!

As you can see, I've finished the second cat from our Cool Cats SAL.  I think it was the lovely sunny weather we've been enjoying that brought him out of hiding.  So pleased with how it is looking so far - still holding fire on the final decision on the colour of the words!

Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend in the UK x