October 30, 2010

Last day..

.. to enter our Giveaway!!! :D
There's still time, if you haven't entered yet, click on the image and read the rules ;)

MSherry Giveaway #1

Meanwhile, I have a picture to share with you, my current w.i.p. :)

'Stitch in Time' (MSH0016)

Enjoy your weekend! I'll be here on Monday to tell the winner's name :) Good luck to you all!!! :D

October 28, 2010

Birthday Hedgehog

Hi Stitchers!
I have finished stitching my Birthday Hedgehog at the end of September, but then I didn’t have much time to finalize it. The chart is from CrossStitcher magazine #230 (October 2010).

I decide to give the piece to my daughter’s classmate, Siti Alifa Aulia a.k.a Ifa. She will have her birthday coming up in November 11.

After downloading the mount from this link, I decide to frame it instead of making birthday card.

It has been quite a challenge stitching this piece, because it has so many fractional cross stitches to form the flowers at the hedgehog back… My eyes really work hard… LOL…

October 26, 2010

Fat Cat

Thank you, Nia, by invitation! I´m glad to be here.

I stitched this cat many years ago... It was a gift for a chubby and dear friend. Lol

I always loved Margaret´s cats and that was the perfect opportunity.
But I wanted it large, so I've duplicated (actually, when you do that, you make the pattern 4x bigger) and I regretted A LOT while I was stitching it. Lol

But in the end, looks nice, right?!

The patterns name is: 2003 Catittudes Calendar (the month is August)


good news

Hi everyone! :)
Let me start congratulating Simone and Gislene for their idea, to stitch the freebies and create a quilt, it will be a beautiful work :)

We have one more friend on the blog, another stitcher from Brazil!
Welcome Paty!!! :D

I don't know if you have already seen our new badge, a small image with the link to our blog. Anyone can grab it and take it to your own blog, just look on our sidebar, copy de code and add it to your blog ;)
I have it on mine :D
If you have any doubt how to do it, feel free to write your question here, our send us an email ;)

Remember, our giveaway ends next Sunday!
Good luck to all :)

October 25, 2010


Me and my friend Gislene're embroidering all Margaret Sherry's alphabet. The idea is to make quilts for my two children. The "A" was embroidered by me and the "S" by Gis. Enjoy!

October 21, 2010

new authors :)

I'm happy to annouce that we have two more authors on our blog!
Welcome Simone and Gislene :D
They are both from Brazil and they share our love for Margaret Sherry's designs, in fact, I know they are stitching a special project... well.. I won't tell more! Let's wait for their posts and pictures ;)

Don't forget, 10 more days for our giveaway!

Have fun :D

October 14, 2010


A cute kitten so quick to stitch and that I finished even quicker! I only applied in a little paper mache box :)

It's that easy to make something useful and cute in a short time ;)
You can find this chart in the Cross Stitcher's Russian edition, Issue 9, November 2005. Because it's in russian.. I can't actually tell you the chart's name! Lol! :D

If you haven't done it yet, don't forget to join our giveaway!!

October 9, 2010

Second Penguin

Hi everyone!

My second penguin! =)

I need suggestions for the final application...


October 5, 2010

First Penguin

This is a set of four Christmas penguins!

It is my first =)

You can find this chart in Cross Stitcher Magazine Christmas 2004.

October 2, 2010