March 30, 2012

Spring cat

Hi girls!
this is my cat spring
I do not know yet where I will use, more will certainly have a good destination!
kisses and until the next cat!


March 29, 2012

Spring Exchange Arrives - Thank You Valma!

Just wanted to send out a big thank you to my gift stitcher Valma. I didn't know where my partner was from, but when I saw mail from France in the box on Tuesday I knew it could only be my present from the Margaret Sherry exchange. What a lovely card to brighten my day!

Thank you Valma! I really appreciate the time you took to stitch this and make it for me. Valma included a beautifully written personal note in the card. I thought I'd have to recall the high school French I learned many, many years ago and, I have to admit, I was somewhat relieved to find Valma's note was in English! (French being our second language here in Canada, we all learn it for a few years of grade school and high school, but here on the West Coast it isn't used as much as in eastern Canada, so I haven't spoken or read French in quite some time!)

I love my card and the beautiful spring ribbon and other notions that were included with it. Thanks again!

March 27, 2012

My first cat Sal!!!

I present my first kitten Sal!!!
I'm enjoying embroidering these cats and now I will start the second.
Hope you enjoy!!!


Another present in Spring Exchange

Last Saturday, a package arrived in my mailbox from Portugal.  Dear Marcinha , that is so cute! Funny cat on a lavender sachet, and it smells nice.
Thank you dear!

Hugs,  Olga (Olli)

Spring Exchange

Hello, this was the gift I received from Francesca. I enjoyed everything, even all. Butthe most special was the bag embroidered with the mouse. I loved, beautiful, beautiful.
Thank you Francesca.

March 26, 2012

Spring exchange - A new card received

Hi girls

Today is a wonderful Spring day, full of sun and friendship
I received my 'card' from Olli , and it's absolutely wonderful, isn't it ?
I find this cute mouse wonderful =D

Spring exchange

Still can't find the words to thanks Olli =D
Happy stitching , enjoy Spring...
Hugs from happy Valérie 

SAL #1 - Culinary Cats update

It's me back again!  This time with an update on my somewhat slow progress on SAL #1 - Culinary Cats.  As I have previously mentioned I stitched the first 2 Culinary Cats a few months ago and then got sidetracked stitching other things.

Now the time has come to finish the third cat in the series and finish the SAL.

I started stitching the sweet little kitty earlier this week and now here he is almost half way done! 
SAL #1 Culinary Cats - Kitty number 3
As you can now see I have stitched Kitty #3 next to Kitty #1 which probably means that you have guessed that all three kitties are on the same piece of fabric.  I am thinking of turning the finished piece into a table runner or maybe a hanging.  We shall just have to wait and see what unfolds....

Til next time, happy stitching

Stitching Noni

March 25, 2012

Cool Cats SAL - Autumn

Autumn is done, winter is coming!!

I have finished stitching my Autumn kitty, now all I have to do is actually "finish" him off properly.  At the moment I am tossing up what type of cushion to make.  I have the material but just haven't quite got the ideas flowing of which type of cushion to do.  But the inspiration will come and then all will be revealed!

But for now - here is Autumn kitty in all his wonderful autumn glory!

Cool Cats SAL #3 - Autumn

I will be back again soon once "Autumn" is finally a cushion.

Til next time, happy stitching

Stitching Noni

March 24, 2012

Mouse with Kite

I've a new finish to show you.  It's Margaret Sherry's free Spring Card Kit from "Cross Stitch Crazy", 
issue 163.
Mouse with Kite by Margaret Sherry
I should have stitched the grass in 1 stand of thread, but I did not like how it looked, so stitched it in 2 stands instead.

Until next time, Happy Stitching Everyone

March 23, 2012

Spring exchange update!

Hi ladies! I hope you are all having a fun Friday!! :D

Did everyone have fun making this exchange??? :)
When your partner receives your parcel, feel free to post it!

Olimpia and Laura will send next week, Lorraine is a bit behind but working on her parcel too, just missing to know something about Lu and Judith. Ladies, please, don't forget to send me an email and also a picture from what you're sending ;)

Let me just say that I've seen really pretty parcels! You did a great job ladies!! I was thinking on something that would be easily shipped on an envelope or a small package but.. I've seen parcels to fit a nice box! hehehe
Mine was smaller.. looks like I will have to make it up to my partner and learn to make it better next time :p Judith got mine:

I stitched three bunnies for myself and I picked my fave to stitch again for Judith :) I made an ornament and in my house I will have ornaments too, for my Easter tree! It was a small package but I hope it made my partner smile =)

March 19, 2012

A cat embroider hard

The cats and I have never been good friends, and I think this time was no exception.
To begin with I could not find all the colors and had to avail myself of some who were at home.

I repeated four times and once embroidered cloth ended minced (you know, when they become temperamental cats tear it all).
But we made up and the latter were not so bad.

I'll watch for the next challenge in May.
And I hope the kitten is better summer flea me.
Until next time.


Cool Cats

This is my kitty

Cool Cat

Hello,Ladies :)

Here is my first cool cat.
I am so happy! :D

Have a nice day.

weekly news #7

Good morning everyone!! I wish you all a great week :D
Here some updates about our group:

Spring Exchange
I didn't get any reply from Jodi so I add to move our list =/ Judith is sending to Olimpia instead of sending to Jodi.
Parcels already sent: Amber, Noni and mine :)
Who else has finished? Look out, deadline coming on the 21st ;)

SAL #3
Another deadline coming in two days and only 5 stitchers have finished the first task :p Come on ladies, let's grab those needles and stitch this cute Spring cat =) He is so adorable that you will want to start Summer cat right away too :p hehehe

Authors and Followers
No new authors on the group this week but our blog followers keep growing and growing! Welcome all visitors :D We hope you're enjoying our blog and feel free to join too, just send an email to :)

March 16, 2012

March 15, 2012

Cross Stitch Crazy - Issue 163

I picked up the new Cross Stitch Crazy today and here's what was inside!

A large chart

AND a free complete card kit

AND - a free giveaway for 2 MS kits - "London Bus" and "You Make Me Smile"

Me So Happy!!!

March 10, 2012

weekly news #6

Latest design
Is anyone stitching this cutie?? :D

He's adorable!!! =)
From the current issue of The World of Cross Stitching magazine! :D

Spring Exchange
Is everyone on track? Getting ready to post your parcels? :)
I'm still waiting to hear from Jodi, if I don't get a reply during the weekend, we will have to move the list. We can set that MusicWoman (Judith) will send to Olimpia instead of sending to Jodi.

From time to time, someone asks about our SALs from last year, so new friends are stitching those charts and joining the stitchers who haven't finish yet! We may see some new finishes from Culinary Cats soon :)
You can see the lists with all participants on the right sidebar.

Spring Contest
Remember my idea for a contest? It's on stand by for now, I'm waiting to see some magazine with a Margaret Sherry's design that it's not a cat :p hehehehe Just to change a little, we've stitched cats for all our previous activities, it would be fun to pick something different this time :)

March 6, 2012

Spring Cat is finished

Hello Girls,

Here is my Spring cat for SAL#3
I should have begun with the Autumn cat to match with the weather we have here :(
I stitched on lilac linen and I made a little bag with pot-pourri inside =D
Mice (and hedgehogs) are my favourite designs from MS, but I must admit that this cat has something cute that I like =D
Happy stitching
Hugs from France

Cool Cats

Cool Cats

March 4, 2012

Spring partners

Good evening ladies! I'm writing this post for the second time, I lost the previous one (bad blogger, bad bad blogger!!)

I prefer to make exchanges with pairs but we're missing one more friend so this time we will make a chain. I hope that's ok for everyone! =)

Random list with and we have:
1. Olimpia
2. Francesca
3. Marcinha
4. Olli
5. Valma
6. Amber
7. Lu
8. Lorraine
9. Noni
10. Laura
11. Nia
12. MusicWoman (Judith)
13. Jodi (please, send your address to Olimpia

This means:
Olimpia sends to Francesca, Francesca sends to Marcinha...
(end of the list)...Jodi sends to Olimpia

Don't forget:
!! Post until March 21st
!! Take a picture of your parcel and send it to (except Laura, save your photo until I receive your parcel ;) heheheeh)

In a few moments, you will receive an email with your partner's address :)
If you have questions or need any help, you can leave a comment on this post or send me an email ;)

Have fun!!!! :D

* emails sent to everyone, please, check you inbox ;)

March 3, 2012

weekly news #5

New authors
So many new friends with us!! Let's welcome Fara Azmi (Malaysia), Precidis-Kamila (Polland), Maria (Sweden), Sâmia (Brazil), Bruna (Brazil) and Luciana (Brazil) :D

SAL #3
The list of stitchers keeps growing and growing :)
Please, if you have signed for this activity, check the list on the blog sidebar and let me know in case your name is missing!

Spring Exchange
13 inscriptions until today :D This is going to be fun!!!
We need one more to make pairs, do we have one more friend with us???? :D

March 1, 2012

Love you Mum...

...or just a part of it....
Indeed, I did not stitched Mum but only made Baby hedgehog for a thank you card =D

Love you Mum
Back to my Spring cat =D
Happy stitching everybody

Hello March :)

A cute Spring bunny to welcome the new month :D

Egg-stravaganza, from Cross Stitcher 327