July 7, 2013

blogversary exchange update

Well, I thought today's update would be a celebration, I was ready to pop the champagne bottle because all parcels would be posted...
... waiting for 3 more confirmations :p

. Valma - Posted!!
. Joey - Posted!! (no pic sent)
. Heather - Posted!!
. Lentochka - Posted!!
. Cucki - Posted!!
. Amber - Posted!!
. Simone - Posted!!
. Judith - Posted!!
. Angel - Posted!!
. Olli - Posted!!
. Gislene - Posted!!
. Rita - Posted!!
. Fara - Posted!!
. Noni - Posted!!
. Anne - Posted!!
. Deb - Posted!!

Total sent: 16/16

I have some more info to post about our previous exchange (Easter) and also our next exchange (Halloween) but I'm waiting for everyone to post their parcels. I don't want to mix things up :p hehehe Better to post one thing at the time ;)

Update 08.07.2013
Rita posted last week but she wrote to a different email account, I missed it! Sorry Rita, my bad =)

Update 09.07.2013


Musicwoman said...

Hi Nia,

I post my parcel tomorrow.

All the best

Rita said...

Nia i've sent you an email last friday saying i had posted on thursday!! Didn't you received it?? ai ai

Deb Jochim said...

Hi Nia....
Sorry for the little delay...posting tomorrow morning! :)

♥ Nia said...

Rita, sorry sweetie, I missed your email! All good now :)

Judith and Deb, ok ladies, let me know when it's posted and don't forget to send photo, ok?

One week after deadline but we will have all parcels posted! Not bad :)

Rita said...

hehe you are forgiven! ahaha Just kidding sweetie;)****

♥ Nia said...

*** ohhh shame on me!!! :p ***
Thank you sweetie =)

Musicwoman said...

I posted today and tomorrow I'll write to you, Nia.


Valma said...

I just received a shipping notification from Deb =D
woooo I'm so impatient....
to answer you Deb...I'm sure I'll be in love with everything =D

♥ Nia said...

Judith, ok sweetie ;)

Valérie, I'm glad!! :D

Stitching Noni said...

Fantastic news - it's great to hear that all parcels are on their way and that a couple have already arrived even :)
Brilliant news!! Well done everyone :)