August 30, 2012

news update #15

Summer Exchange
So long has passed since our Summer Exchange deadline... and there are still friends waiting to receive their parcel =/ It's hard to understand because our exchanges are so small, this shouldn't happen!

Cris will stay on the same list as Lorraine » those who failed their exchange and we still hope to hear from them someday!
But Lu and Eleana are not totally clear, ladies, you could have done better...

I promise I will try to make things work better next time!
I'll be more careful with everyone who wants to sign up for the next exchange and I won't leave so much time or room for waiting.

We want our exchanges to be fun!! I don't want our friends sad while waiting for something to arrive on their mailbox! If you assume a commitment, make an effort.

It's so easy to make something pretty, add a couple of treats and post :)

Autumn Exchange
We were supposed to make an exchange each season, just like we are making our SAL, one cat for each season :)

But our last exchange is taking so long to close, I'm not sure if we should start another for Autumn... What do you think?

Should we plan another exchange for September/October?

August 28, 2012

Autumn Cat

My Autumn Cat

Hi all lovely stichers..

It's been a long time since I updated. But finally I have finished up my Autumn Cat. Woohoo to  me.. yeay..

I was supposed to do up Summer Cat, but I had skipped and done up Autumn instead.

I will back track to Summer next. Happy weekend gals...

Lots of love,

August 23, 2012

Summer Exchange from Dulcinella

Hi ladies!

I finally had received my parcel from Claire (Dulcinella's Chaos) and I loved all of beautiful gifts she had sent me!

Archie Bear wearing red sun glasses is gorgeous or what??! Thanks, dear Claire, you've made my day!

Regards from Brazil!

August 22, 2012

A bookmark for a bookworm

Hi girls =)

I hope everybody is OK and is enjoying the Summer (maybe the holidays for the luckiest one =D)
I'm here to show you the bookmark I made for my Grandmother, who is a real bookworm, and who will turn 90 tomorrow =D

Cat bookmark

Cat bookmark

Have a nice day everybody
Hugs fromFrance

August 7, 2012

My Autumn cat SAL#3 in progress

Hello, my first post here, but not the complete SAL, it is still in progress...^^

Thanks Nia let me join in this SAL, my speed bit slow to make this... But I always use 20min of my office lunch time to stitch it a bit and a bit... Not sure when can I complete it? ^.^

August 6, 2012

Summer exchange:: checking again

Once again, let's check our Summer exchange!

Before the end of July, Eleana and Lu posted their parcels so we still have one missing... no word from Cris yet. What really upsets me is not getting any message, no email or comment on the blog saying anything... Everyone has work, life, problems! But we can manage everything if we just send a little message to our friends.
Also, I don't understand how someone receives a gift and doesn't say anything about it, not even a thank you?! My parents have taught me better than that.

So, waiting to receive: Eleana, Marcinha, Francesca, Simone and Dinny. Is that correct? Please, ladies, let me know as soon as you receive your partner's parcel, ok? I will be waiting to update our status list ;)

Francesca, I can only apologize for what's happenning, I feel responsible because I'm the one taking care of our exchanges and letting people in but.. for sure you understand that it's a risk, we have to give a chance to everyone until they give us a reason not to! But you also know that I will do my best to make you smile again :D Don't worry sweetie!! ;)