December 30, 2012

Christmas Exchange from Australia to Portugal :)

I should already showed to you all my christmas exchange, but i've not had enough time to turn my cumputer in these last days :(
Anyway, here i am to show you what i've received from Noni, from Australia :) She have made me a beautiful ornament...just lovely! Here's a picture of it hanging on my tree :)

And she also sent me some other beautiful things. Some bits and pieces for my scrapbooking hobby as cute stickers, some beautiful ribbons and some clothes pins with santa :)

Thank you ver much dear Noni..i loved it! :)
Kisses to you all and thank you again, Nia, for organizing this great exchange:)
Have a great 2013!!:)

December 28, 2012

Sal#3 ... and #4?

Oh my! We are a few days away to end 2012!!!
What about our SAL #3? Where are all your cool cats? :p

I've finished mine! So did Valérie and Mónica :)
Who else is still stitching? Hope you haven't abandoned your kittens, they would feel so sad!!! Come on, go get your needles ;)

I'm not sure what to do for 2013.. should we make another SAL?
Please, share your opinion, if someone would like to do it, we will do it! :)

more Winter Exchange! :)

Hi ladies!!
Today I received a surprise, my exchange parcel from Gislene just arrived to welcome me home :) I'm back from my Christmas holidays with family, I had no idea I would get such a delightful package on my hands today =) Not one but four stitched ornaments :D Who was the lucky girl? Who??? :D LOL

I wrote to Gislene to say how happy and thankful I am =)
Have you all written back to your exchange partners? I hope so ;)

Also a sweet thanks to everyone who comment on our flashback post, you are all sweethearts =) You girls make me smile, big time!!! :D

I edited that same post with more photos, only 2 missing now, from Eleana and Tracey's parcels. One of the rules was to send one photo by email but not everyone did it... I wrote today asking for photos, now waiting for reply.

For Tracey, I think there's no need to make Pixie Parcels, it wasn't a fail. Brenda did contact me saying her health was not ok and right on that moment I volunteered to send a parcel on her behalf. When this situation happens, if someone gets sick, please, contact me. I don't consider that failing on our exchange, life happens and we can all understand it. I only ask for you to write, take 2 minutes to write an email if you get delayed by any reason. Not saying anything and not replying to emails, that's bad. Not being able to make your exchange because you have a good reason, that's acceptable, this is just for fun. A commitment we make with our friends it's true, but it's a hobby, it's for fun :) Does everyone agree with me?

So, waiting to receive their parcels are Tracey, Gislene and Judith. Fingers crossed that everything will be delivered in the first days of January and soon we will close our Winter Exchange :)


December 27, 2012

from Canada with love....

I too received gifts! Look at what remarkable mouse I embroidered for me Denise! As it is healthy: both expectation of a surprise and receiving gift! The mouse brought with itself a set of treasures, thanks a lot of Denise.
 Long ago I dreamed of threads to embroider for the son and Denise guessed my desire. Many thanks for gifts!
Thanks a lot of Nia for the exchange organization. It is so responsible and disturbing.

December 26, 2012

Winter exchange flashback

How was everyone's Christmas??? :)
I had this post ready since last week and shedule to publish on Monday 24th but something didn't work =/ Sorry ladies!!

One last note about our exchange, on Monday I finally got an email from Tracey who told me she had posted her exchange parcel to Gislene. It will arrive late but it's on the way! So, this means I will make one parcel in behalf of Brenda to Tracey and waiting to receive is Gislene, Lentochka, Judith, Svetlana and Nia (me).

Without further ado, here are all the photos from our exchange!! :)
Ladies, please, send me the missing photos by email ;)

Amber to Denise

Denise to Svetlana

Svetlana to Camille

Camille to Lentochka

Lentochka to Angele

Angele to Eleana

Eleana to Judith

Judith to Brenda

Brenda to Tracey
--- delayed due to health issues ---

Tracey to Gislene
(didn't send photo)

Gislene to Nia

Nia to Verónica

Verónica to Joey

Joey to Olimpia

Olimpia to Valérie

Valérie to Anne

Anne to Olli

Olli to Cucki

Cucki to Francesca

Francesca to Noni

Noni to Rita

Rita to Amber

I hope everyone had fun and all your gifts made you smile =)
Thank you all for joining!!! :D

Snowman and little mouse

Hi everybody!
I hope you had a warm christmas.
mine was a really happy night, and day with family and friends.

Today i come here to show you my fantastic received winter by Nia

It is so pretty and perfect. I just love it.
And, it cames with lots of little presents that i love it.
You can see everything here.

And this christmas i give to a special cousine this little violinist mouse that i just love it. :D
She was really happy when receive it, and i am glad for her!:D

For everyone i wish a very special 2013, with lots reasons to smile everyday!

Verónica - Viver por Amor

December 24, 2012

Winter Exchange - The Netherlands to South Africa

Hooray! Package with Winter Exchange has reached South Africa (as updated)! I am very happy! Dear Cucki, I hope you like my little presents.  ...... little snow in the middle of summer for you ..... hihihi

Merry Christmas!

Winter Exchange - Italy to Australia

Back again.... this time I am here to show you the most amazing Winter Exchange package that I received on Friday from Francesca....

Oh my goodness I was absolutely blown away by what Francesca sent me....

The first picture shows you what I saw when I opened the box.... the second picture shows you what was inside all those pretty packages....

Close up of the beautiful "Trimming the Tree" tree skirt...

Can you believe that Francesca chose the same design to stitch that I stitched a part of for Rita... intergalactic telepathy!!

I am totally blown away by the gorgeous gifts that Francesca sent me... thank you so very much.  I can't find the words to explain how I felt when I opened this box and saw all these beautiful things...  there is fabric, a stocking with buttons & charms inside, a calendar, 3 more ornaments and a Lizzie Kate chart.

For a more detailed look at what Francesca sent me, please pop over to my blog.

Thank you Francesca for the lovely gifts, thank you Nia for organising another wonderful exchange and thank you to everyone who partakes in this wonderful blog - your friendship over the last year or so means a lot to me.  I have found some wonderful new friends around the world since joining this blog and I am grateful to you all for the support and inspiration... and thank you to Margaret Sherry for the wonderful designs :o)

Merry Christmas, Feliz Natal to you all... see you next year!

Stitching Noni

Joey for Olimpia

Joey for Olimpia

My exchange gift I received from Joey from Singapore!

Here is the beautiful ornament for my Christmas tree, aida fabric with some nice blue hearts, some beads and a beautiful ribbon.

Besides Joey Hand Embroidered Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, all perfect!

Thank you very much Joey, this precious gift.

I wish you a Merry Christmas.

December 23, 2012

Winter Exchange - Australia to Portugal


I am so loving this exchange.... the pictures of what is being sent and received are wonderful.  Well done everyone..

Now I am here today to show you what I sent to Rita in Portugal.

To choose my design I went to the trusty old "Best of Margaret Sherry" bookazine.  After much deliberation and too-ing and fro-ing I finally decided to stitch one of the hedgehogs from the "Trimming the Tree" design.

Along with the hedgehog ornament I sent Rita a package made up of Christmas inspired scrapbooking bits and pieces.

The package has now safely arrived in Portugal.

Thank you Nia for organising another fantastic exchange.  I look forward to seeing more photos of all the other things that everyone has sent and received.

For more info on my exchange package for Rita please head over to my blog.  I will pop back again soon to show you what I received from Francesca.

Til then, happy stitching

Stitching Noni