April 26, 2012

Cat cool spring

Hello friends
How long, my cat just cool spring.:)

Cat cool Spring
I had some problems fooled me twice I'm not very good to do the outline and the French but I managed node. A lot of apologizing for the delay and for my English.
Kisses for you.

If you want to follow my blog is  http://oesconderijodamonica.blogspot.pt/

April 21, 2012

a little help, please

Hello ladies! Valma and Olimpia told me that the photos on the below post are black and that it's impossible to see them.
Now I posted again the two photos so please can you tell me if now it's possible to see the beautiful items I received from Olimpia?
thanks a lot!

April 20, 2012

Spring exchange

Hi! I received a yellow big envelope directly from Mexico from the dear Olimpia and these are the beautiful items she sent to me!

Look at the towel, I love this spring bunny, so cute! Olimpia took for me a purple towel, she find out that it's my favourite colour!


Hugs and kisses from a wet Italy....


April 16, 2012

Spring Exchange

Hi girls!
Mr. Postman came by today!
Look how beautiful thing I received from Amber, of Autralia.
I loved all the presents!
Thank you!

Cantinho da Lú

Spring Cat Finally Finished

Yeay!! I've finally finished stiching up this Spring Cat.
I had trouble doing up the cats' eyes.... It was my 1st attempt doing French knot.
I am very very happy indeed finishing up this piece as this is also my 1st SAL ever.
Now, next to the 2nd cat.

Love always,

April 15, 2012

Summer Exchange

What to stitch?
Choose any Margaret Sherry's design you'd like and finish as you wish too!
+ add 3 extra itens for your partner (threads, ribbons, buttons, stickers... something that says 'Summer'!)

! Do not post photos before your partner receives your parcel, in your blog or here (let it be a surprise)
! When you post it on the mail, send an email to msherrylovers@gmail.com with a photo of all items you've sent
! Let me know when parcels have arrived so I can keep track of every parcel posted/received
! Make sure to say thanks to your partner too ;) As soon as you get a message from your partner, you can post pictures everywhere! :)

You can sign up until May 5th
I will randomly make pairs and post them on May 6th (but you can start stitching today if you'd like)
Post deadline: June 21st

Who's in:
Expu (Eleana)
Musicwoman (Judith)

April 14, 2012

Summer Cat

This was my first April finish!!! :D I posted about my Spring exchange and I forgot to post my Summer cat... ops! Here is my little guy =)

Can't wait to stitch Autumn Cat!!!! :D

weekly news #9

Hello everyone! Let's see what's new this week :D

Spring Exchange
I'm waiting for Lorraine's reply to my email, I'm not sure if her parcel was already sent or not. Everyone else posted :)
Still waiting to receive: Olimpia, Francesca, Lu, Lorraine and Noni. I hope Mr. Postman will bring you a surprise soon!!

Summer Exchange
Who's ready for another exchange?? :D
Something but with a Summer theme, would you like to do it? :)

SAL #3
Lu, Alice7610 and I, we've all finished our second cat :) What about you ladies?

New Author
This week we have one more friend joining our group! Welcome Dulcinella from Belgium :)

Cool cat-Summer

I did it my summer cat! :D

It was very easy :))

Have a nice weekend :)

April 12, 2012

spring gift from Laura :)

Hello ladies! :)
Look what Mr. Postman brought to me from Italy:

Spring Exchange from Laura!! :D Thank you sweetie, thank you for this lovely needlebook and those pins are adorable too! :)

April 10, 2012

Calendar Cats

Hi Ladies,

Here is my July-Cat.
This pic is part of my Round Robin in 2012.

Have a nice day to everyone:)

April 9, 2012

Culinary Cats all finished - finally!!

I did it!!      

I have finally finished the third cat for the Culinary Cats SAL #1.  Yes, a big tick off my stitching list for 2012 - little happy dance happening here!!
Margaret Sherry Culinary Cat #3 - finished

MS Blog Lovers SAL #1 - Culinary Cats
Margaret Sherry design - Cross Stitcher issue 222

Now all I have to do is the final finish.... it will either be a hanger or a cushion, but no final decision has been made yet!
Pop on over to my blog for further stitching updates!

Til next time, happy stitching

Stitching Noni

April 6, 2012

SAL#3 - Summer cat

You will count my first cat? I sewed him a year ago, but so far I have not the other three. Can I join you?

weekly news #8

Hello ladies! Is everyone enjoying the holiday? It's nice to have a free day this close to the weekend, right? ;)

Spring Exchange
I'm still waiting for the postman to bring me Laura's parcel but it's still on time, it's not an Easter exchange and we still have a couple of months of Spring ;) but I hope it won't take that long!! :p LOL I'm sure next it will be here, from Italia to Portugal it's just 2 little steps ;)
Waiting to receive too: Francesca, Lu, Lorraine, Noni and Olimpia
Is that correct ladies? If I'm wrong, please, let me know!

SAL #3
How's everyone going with the first cat?
We are now going to the second deadline :)

Authors and Followers
One more stitcher is joining us this week! Welcome Svetlana! :D

Happy Easter weekend to all!!! :)

April 5, 2012

Spring Exchange arrived

This morning I was pleasantly surprised when the postman took to me a package from Australia...Bigger the surprise when I saw what Noni prepared for me!!!

Thanks a lot Noni 
Everything is great, the pillow is fantastic and the basket with its eggs drived my two little sons crazy!!!
I'm very lucky to be paired with Noni!!!
Now, I hope than Nia can say the same thing of me ;-)

April 4, 2012

My First Cat - SAL#3

Hi gorgeous ladies!!

I finally finished stitching my first cat, the Spring Cat.
It's quite overdue, but I'm very happy to be able to finish this cutie..

I haven't had any idea how am I going to finish this piece. I better do some research then...
Now, let's proceed to second cat!


April 1, 2012

Here is mine  small embroidery. I made this in the train en route home from workI always take small works along in the train, to spend time usefully.

hugs,  Olga (Olli)