October 19, 2011

SAL part 1 and Pumpkin Pie

Hi All,

I just finished the last backstitches on my cute Santa. I love this pattern!! =))))
I also Finished the Pumpkin Pie from Margaret Sherry, this patterns was on my to do list for a long time...
Now only need to finish them off
I so love the MS patterns..
Nia thank you so much for this great SAL.
Next month I will stitch the next part.

Hugs Annette



cucki said...

hello dear, i really both of them they are so cute...
well done..
big hugs xxx

cucki said...

oops..i really love both of them..
more hugs again:)
cucki xxx

Valma said...

They are really cute :D
Bravo Annette
I like very much the fabric you chose for the cat


cecyliarodzinaidom said...

Snowman and cat in pumpkin super.

Ana said...

They´re gorgeous Annette! :)



♥ Nia said...

I love them both!!! :D
Great work sweetie!! Huge hug to you :)

escargopotte said...

beautiful Nia, adorable !

♥ Nia said...

escargopotte it's not mine! It's Annette's!! :D LOL
Dear, this is a group blog, not my personal blog ;)

Olli said...

Anneette, they are gorgeous! :))))
wat ga je maken?


Rita said...

sooo cute!!:))