October 8, 2011

cucki's 2nd sal done :)

i am so happy for this.
i finished it today...
i hope you all will like him too..me so excited for him..
lots of hugs from ME
cucki xxx


Olli said...

Wow. that's quick! I like your idea to use real buttons! :)))))))

xxx Olga

Valma said...

wooooo, He is so great
indeed, the buttons are a very good idea !
bravo :)

cucki said...

thank you..me so happy :)
cucki xx

Becky said...

Oh Cucki I love him, he's so much cuter than mine!!!!!

♥ Nia said...

So cute!! =)
Congrats Cucki!! Your SAL is all done! :D Good job!

Lesley said...

Lovely snowman, great colour choice too.

Rita said...

You were on fire!! :))
It's beautiful!! Loved it!! :)


Annette said...

Beautifull finish.. congratz..

Stitching Noni said...

Cucki, he is beautiful. Well done :o)