October 28, 2011

I like......... and you?

 News, news, news............  http://www.margaretsherrykits.co.uk/   I like that very much!  


cucki said...

yup! i love it too :)

Mary Joan said...

And of course there is the freebie "Kitty waiting for Santa". I've just started mine. It's just so cute.

♥ Nia said...

I saw it too!! I love it!! :D
Very good news and I bet it will be a great website for us to follow!! :D

amber said...

Squealing loudly, and crossing my fingers in hopes that there will be more kitties (I'm obsessed with Margaret's kitties right now) , and maybe, just maybe a reprint of some of the old pony designs.

And I thought waiting for Christmas was hard, waiting until February is going to be even harder! Thanks for sharing the news Nia!