October 7, 2011

Cucki's SAL No.1 is done

Good afternoon dear friends,
here is my first christmas sal completed :)

it was really happy and fun stitching..now me running towards my second one..
watch the space :)
till then..
keep well
happy stitching
and love from cucki xxx


♥ Nia said...

hahahah :D that's so cute!! I those the pompom on his hat! :D
Great work Cucki! :)

Olli said...

very lovly and I like that green pompom! hi-hi-hi

xxx Olga

Rita said...

soooo beautiful!! Congrats!! :)
That pompon is so cute!
I've started with the snowman eheheh But i sitll dind't finished it!


Annette said...

beautifull... great stitching!!

Valma said...

very great stitching :D
he is so cute with his green pompom