October 28, 2011

Margaret Sherry's Blog!! :)

I just left a message on the new Margaret Sherry's blog and I wrote about our fan group! Maybe we will have a special visit one of these days! :)

Stop by our favorite designer's new blog and leave a kind message too! I bet a warm welcome to the blogosphere will be nice to read :)

»» Margaret & Cathy's Blog

Happy weekend to all!!! :D


Dolci Fusa said...

Thank you for the news,
I'll go right now!

Valma said...

Many thanks for the info Nia
I'm now following the facebook page
it would be great to have a visit of 'the master' one day indeed :D

cucki said...

thank you for the news dear..me running there just now :)
love xx

Rita said...

Great new blog! Thanks for telling us :)