October 7, 2011

A new cat :D

I started an apron for Christmas
Two of my aunts are found of cats and I'll offer them an apron with MS designs on them
Here is one of the first I made :D

You can follow the whole apron here  http://feelepoint.blogspot.com/  :-)



Olli said...

very nice! I like it!

xxx Olga

cucki said...

aww so cute..i love her so much xx

Valma said...

Thank you Olli, Cucki
I was not sure when I began that he will be nice, because the linen is not very regular....but I like him too :D
Thanks again

Rita said...

Ohh it looks so cute!! I understand what you mean about the linen..mine it was a little like your linen, but yours become beautiful!:)


Anonymous said...

Cat super!

♥ Nia said...

Cute =) Looks very pretty with that linen color :)

Lesley said...

I love these design,such neat stitching

Annette said...

What a great idea